Bid on Gemma Flynn’s earrings

Bid on Gemma Flynn’s earrings

Bid on Gemma Flynn's earringsGemma Flynn’s red carpet earrings to be auctioned off for New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation

New Zealand design studio Grae Jewellery will auction off earrings worn on the red carpet by Black Stick Gemma Flynn at the Chasing Great premiere. All money raised will be donated to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The bespoke earrings are a collaboration between Grae designer Charmaine Williams and couturier Grace Millicent and are crafted in diamonds, white topaz and sterling silver. The style is constructed to be worn as an ear jacket with the gemstones delicately framing the earlobe.

The earrings have a retail value of $2350.00

Williams says the idea to donate the earrings arose during the design process, stemming from both hers and Flynn’s shared support for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. Says Williams, “It’s a very special opportunity to support the community of women and families affected by breast cancer and get hold of a beautiful piece of New Zealand sport and film history.”

The $1 reserve auction will begin on Trade Me on Thursday 29 th September, running for five days before closing on Monday 3rd October at 9pm NZT.

Bid on Gemma Flynn's earrings

Dreaming of being a snow queen?

Dreaming of being a snow queen?

Dreaming of being a snow queen?This season, jewellery designer Farah Qureshi has been looking under the microscope at flakes of snow, producing decorative pieces that are rounded, cupped forms with geometric patterns. The source of inspiration came from a visit to Greenland.

The material she is working with is ethical silver. Some of the pieces are gold-plated with a mix of silver and black rhodium plating. The pieces will also include some semi precious stones.The key pieces this season will be rings, necklaces and bracelets. The collection will have around eight to ten pieces comprising of stud earrings, along with drop earrings, pendants and other pieces mentioned previously.

Dreaming of being a snow queen?Farah’s upcoming shows include The Society of Designer Craftsmen summer show at the Mall Galleries, The London Design Festival at the JeDeCo Gallery at the Oxo Tower, jewellery show Artisan 6 on Colombia Road (October/November 2016), and a group craft event at the Society of Designer Craftsmen Gallery on Rivington Street (December 2016). Farah will be showing her work at her gallery at JeDeCo Gallery and a larger collection of work at the Artemidorus Gallery in December 2016.

Farah Qureshi was recently chosen as one of The Guardian’s ‘Small Business 100’ (

To find out more about Farah Qureshi and her collections, visit


Book: The Caker

Book: The Caker

The CakerTalented baker Jordan Rondel presents her second baking book, The Caker: Wholesome Cakes, Cookies and Desserts.

This beautiful, modern, coffee table-esque book is a collation of 76 seasonal recipes, all with a focus on being wholesome and nutritious. Here you’ll find plenty of vegan, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free sweet treats, which are so delicious you’d have no clue they were good for you.

Beautifully designed and brimming with stunning and mouth-watering photography, this book is ideal to treat oneself or gift to a loved one.

By Jordan Rondel, published by Beatnik Publishing.

Available from Mildred & Co


Brogue Shoe Shine Kit

Brogue Shoe Shine Kit

Brogue Shoe ShineLondon brand Ted Baker not only creates designer clothing but also a smart collection of memorable men’s accessories. With attention to detail and a sense of humor, Ted Baker products are both practical and, true to the brand, stylish.

Ted Baker has created the ultimate shoe shine kit for men who like to ensure they are always looking prim and proper, especially when on the go. The brogue inspired bag includes two different polishes and brushes, along with a polishing cloth to keep your shoes looking shiny at all times.

Available from Mildred & Co


Sky Planters are HOT

Sky Planters are HOT

Sky Planters are HOTEncouraging abundant greenery in homes and workplaces everywhere, Boskke are renown for their innovative gardening tools and products for contemporary urban lifestyles. Their award-winning Sky Planter is no exception – creating a stunning feature in any interior.

Bosske’s unique upside-down ceramic Sky Planter not only defies gravity but also encourages abundant greenery at home or at work, without sacrificing floor space. The Sky Planter’s unique reservoir feeds water gradually to the plant’s roots so that water is conserved while simultaneously prolonging the life of the plant. Crafted from high quality stoneware ceramic, every piece in the range is made by hand and finished with a pure white glaze. Pot the Sky Planter with any common house plants, herbs or vegetables and watch your garden grow from the ceiling.

The Sky Planter is available in three sizes: Mini 12cmH x 9cmDia, Small 14cmH x 10.5cmDia and Medium 19cmH x 16.5cmDia.

The Sky Planters are available on their own, or you can purchase them with a Ceiling Extension (a 1.5m stainless steel rope).

Available from Mildred & Co


Refresh Your Skin for a Radiant Summer with PRP

Refresh Your Skin for a Radiant Summer with PRP

PRPLove the idea of rejuvenated skin but hate the thought of invasive treatments? Refresh your skin the natural way with Platelet Rich Plasma Transfer (PRP) to give your skin a boost ready for summer.

A natural method of facial rejuvenation available at Skin Institute, PRP can restore your youthful glow. The two-hour, in-clinic treatment uses your body’s own resources to improve the tone of your skin, and enhance radiance and luminosity.

The ideal choice if you don’t want a treatment that involves a dramatic change in your look, PRP gives your skin a subtle refreshment, harnessing your skin’s own healing powers for better looking skin without altering your facial shape or expressions.

Used by the Skin Institute’s own surgeons for years to accelerate healing after reconstructive surgery, PRP has recently emerged as a treatment to help improve the appearance of the skin. PRP is unique in that it accelerates the body’s own repair systems to heal your skin by using your body’s own ‘serum’ rather than injecting something else into your face. It’s a safe and simple treatment. Bottom line – you can relax knowing you are helping your skin to repair itself more effectively.

The PRP procedure uses your own blood (a small amount is taken from your arm, similar to a blood test), which is spun in a centrifuge to separate out the plasma from your red blood cells. The platelet rich plasma is then reinjected back into the areas of concern on your face and neck.

What can you expect? Just as your muscles need time to respond to an exercise program, it takes time for skin cells to manufacture new tissue. After a PRP treatment you’ll see a gradual improvement in texture, radiance and tone. Over time, as the plasma gets to work beneath the surface to activate your cells to manufacture new collagen, you’ll notice improvements in your skin quality.

PRPSkin Institute Appearance Medicine expert, Dr Sarah Hart, says clients love PRP because it uses their body’s own natural resources to achieve results.

“It’s the perfect treatment if you’re looking for refreshment and radiance rather than a dramatic change in shape and contour,” she says. “Many people are apprehensive about stronger wrinkle-removing treatments such as Botox or dermal fillers, and find the subtler results of PRP better for their needs.”

One of the better treatments available for improving neck skin, PRP is also a popular choice due to its minimal side effects. A simple, safe procedure, because PRP is extracted from your own blood, there is minimal risk of reaction.

Skin Institute offers three different types of PRP so you can choose the procedure that’s right for you. PRP is your own plasma injected back into the skin. Completely natural, with the subtlest results, it can make your skin feel softer and give radiance.

PRP plus dermal needling is also an all-natural treatment, which induces the production of collagen and reduces the appearance of pores and scars, smoothing the skin’s texture.

“The best evidence for visible results with PRP is when it is combined with other treatments like dermal needling or fractional laser” says Dr Hart. “PRP plus dermal needling gives you a double dose of collagen induction to maximize your result.”

If your skin is in need of more nourishment to combat dehydrated and crêpey looking skin, up the ante with PRP Matrix. Blood is collected in a ‘Matrix’ tube that also has hyaluranon in it. A potent hydrator which forces the skin to activate even more of its own healing properties, hyaluronic acid is mixed with PRP and both are injected back into the areas of concern on your face and neck. The addition of injected hyaluranon provides extra hydration to help achieve radiance and luminosity.

With more than 20 years’ experience in caring for skin health, Skin Institute are at the forefront of the latest and most innovative appearance medicine techniques. Dr Sarah Hart says the fact that a registered nurse or doctor must administer PRP is the reason why it is not available at mainstream appearance medicine clinics.

“At Skin Institute our clinics are unique in that they are all medically led. PRP is becoming incredibly popular at Skin Institute for exactly this reason; we have a team of highly trained medical practitioners and have the specialist centrifuge equipment available at a number of our clinics.”

PRP is the natural way to achieve refreshed, revitalised, beautiful looking skin this summer season and beyond.

For more information, visit or phone 0800 SKIN DR.


Sukin : 3 step facial pack

Sukin : 3 step facial pack


There’s only one thing on our Christmas wish list this year … Sukin’s Limited Edition Christmas 3 step facial pack.

Even the jolly man himself would be thrilled to receive this in his Christmas stocking! This simply stunning limited edition packaging is bursting with goodness inside. Including Sukin’s famous Foaming Facial cleanser, Hydrating Mist Toner and the Facial Moisturiser Pump – this Christmas is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Give your loved one something they’ll love – with this simple effective daily cleanse, tone and moisturise routine that will make your skin feel like Christmas everyday.


(Includes Foaming Facial Cleanser, 125ml, Hydrating Mist Toner 125ml, Facial Moisturiser Pump 125ml) 

Like all Sukin products, the Limited Edition Christmas 3 Step Facial Pack is free of sulphates, animal derivatives, parabens, propylene glycol, harsh detergents, mineral oils, triethanolamine, synthetic fragrances and parabens. That means it is jam packed with all natural goodies your skin will love you for. Sukin products are available at Farmers, pharmacies organic stores & health stores nationwide.


Linden Leaves In Bloom

Linden Leaves In Bloom

This Christmas Linden Leaves is proud to launch one of their prettiest collections yet. In Bloom encapsulates fun, femininity and frivolity at its very best. It’s a breath of sweet air, a posy of fresh spring flowers and offers the most exquisite gift ideas for mums, daughters, sisters and grandmothers alike. The In Bloom range comes in two stunningly lovely fragrances:

Linden LeavesPink Petal – A modern floral fragrance with top notes of pink petals and grapefruit layered over fresh florals, with ylang ylang, clove bud and base notes of white musk and moss.

Green Verbena – A modern green fragrance featuring crisp notes of verbena and bergamot with citrus highlights, layered over herbal middle notes with a touch of freesia and a clean woody cedar base.

Linden Leaves

Linden Leaves In Bloom Christmas Cracker

A fun Christmas gift for all containing a deliciously scented hand cream enhanced with butter to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin, and a lip balm enriched with manuka honey and sweet almond oil to soothe, nourish and repair dry, damaged lips.

Linden Leaves

Linden Leaves In Bloom Fragranced Candle

Individually hand poured in New Zealand using clean, environmentally friendly, natural soy wax and multilayered fine fragrance exclusive to Linden Leaves.

Linden Leaves

Linden Leaves In Bloom Fragrance Diffuser

A stylish and long-lasting way to fragrance your home, Linden Leaves fragrance diffusers contain unique fragrant oil blends to offer a sense of ambience and delight to your home or office.

Linden Leaves

Linden Leaves In Bloom Bath Bomb

Contains four fragrant bath bombs enriched with skin-softening sweet almond oil. Pop one into a running bath and swirl to dissolve. Hop in, lie back and relax!

Linden Leaves

Linden Leaves In Bloom Nourishing Hand Cream

Intensely nourishing, fast absorbing hand therapy.

About Linden Leaves:

For 20 years, Linden Leaves have focused on utilising the best quality, natural ingredients contained in beautiful,

recyclable packaging, made without animal testing, and in accordance with their sustainability policy, and a sense of

guardianship of the pure New Zealand environment.

• Linden Leaves has been handmade in Christchurch for 20 years

• No nasty chemicals in products, 100% cruelty free never tested on animals

• The Linden Leaves skincare range is 100% certified natural by NATRUE regulatory body

• The new Gold Range is a perfect example of how what we put onto our bodies is an important as we put into our

bodies, containing key ingredients – Chia Seed Oil, Amaranth and Red Rice

• Linden Leaves like to encourage women to take moments for ourselves to help us remain present and centered. To

relax and unwind and take good self-care of our mind and our bodies and to incite moments of bliss,

self-pampering and peace in our daily lives.


Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping

Yes, I know … it’s early; but being so busy, I do like to be organised. I start my Christmas shopping well ahead of time, ensuring I (a) don’t run out of money, (b) that I don’t forget anyone and (c) that I find great gifts that I’ve given plenty of thought to.

Here’s a handy list of goodies to help you find gifts for your loved ones this Christmas, especially for those who are notoriously hard to buy for. Check back often … no doubt we’ll update it as we discover more!


Get Excited for Santa
Let Santa know if you’ve been naughty or nice this year when you visit him at Snowplanet!
Auckland’s only real white Christmas experience is back for another season. Santa’s magic castle in the snow is the perfect location for your annual festive family photos, then have family fun tubing down the slopes after your pictures. Santa at Snowplanet sessions start 19 November and run right up to Christmas eve.
For more information visit
Christmas Gifts
Never Miss A Moment
Capture every moment with instax! Unfussed by a myriad of bells and whistles and a mammoth instruction manual, instax is all about simplicity. Press the button and take a picture. Beautiful, real, physical photos, full of perfect imperfections, where you never know what you’re going to get until the image develops.
Take a break from loading on to social media and actually give a photo to someone. We guarantee you’ll get a very different, more satisfying, kind of ‘like’.
FUJI instax cameras are available at leading retailers nationwide. For full stockist information, please visit;
Christmas Gifts
Don’t Let Leftovers Go To Waste
If ever there was a need for a foodsaver it is the festive season! Hands down the easiest way to make the most of
what you have, by both prepping in advance and prolonging the life of leftovers.
Food Saver saves more than just food. Keep essentials clean and dry for your summer camping trip. Matches, first aid kits,  … you name it!
Sunbeam FoodSaver Available now from all leading appliance stores, including Farmers, JB HiFi, Smiths City, Heathcotes, 100% Your Electric Store, and Harvey Norman.
Christmas Gifts
Pop the Cork on Something Special
Celebrations and sparkling wine go hand in hand. Akarua know
how to add the shine to any occasion. With three outstanding
Methode Traditionelle wines in their stable; Akarua Brut, Vintage
Brut and Rose Brut. Multi award winning Central Otago Akarua
winery has every special event covered. Akarua Methode
Traditionelle captivates judges the world over, but it’s how you
impress your friends and family that matters most.
Available at leading restaurants, supermarkets, Glengarry and
other fine wine retailers nationwide.
Christmas Gifts
The Ultimate Audio
ART by Tivoli Audio presents a new way of looking at wireless speakers for the home. The first offerings from their new release collection consist of two Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled speakers, ORB and CUBE.
These speakers offer an effortless mix of style and sound, enhancing home décor with cable free high quality music streaming. With their easy- to-use controls and full feature app, the ORB and CUBE allow you to stream music from your favourite services, such as Spotify, Deezer, and Tidal via any iOS or Android device. The ART speakers can perform in mono, stereo, or be used as a multi-room system, and with their optional rechargeable battery, moving speakers throughout the home, boat or bach has never been easier.
Available in dark grey, oak and light grey. ART will be available from Tivoli Audio stockists throughout New Zealand and online at from November 1st.
Christmas Gifts Christmas Gifts
Super Skin
Sukin knows skincare. Give the gift of a glowing complexion with Sukin’s limited edition Christmas gift packs. Buff and shine or detoxify and nourish with these two beautifully presented gift sets.
Sukin products are available at Farmers, pharmacies, and health stores nationwide.
Christmas Gifts Christmas Gifts
Shave Kit
Delivering a great shave and healthy skin with an exclusive three-step regimen that takes into account beard type, hair growth pattern and skin condition. Even Santa will want to go clean shaven with this value packed Dermalogica skincare kit.
Contains: • Daily Clean Scrub • Pre-Shave Guard • Soothing Shave Cream • Post Shave Balm
For further information, please visit;
Christmas Gifts
Pucker Up for Santa
Make a statement this holiday season. Let your pout make a bold impression with the Liquid Lip Paint range from Kiwi brand Mellow Cosmetics.
From dusky nudes to rich burgundies, there’s a shade for every mood and celebration, every colour as expressive as you are. Long lasting with a velvety soft finish that never dries hard.
Mellow Cosmetics are available online through
Christmas Gifts
Skin fit for Summer
Get all-over skin health benefits with the Dermalogica Body Therapy kit, containing cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating aromatherapeutic favorites for smoother, softer skin.
Contains: • Conditioning Body Wash (botanical soap-free cleanser) • Exfoliating Body Scrub (creamy skin polisher) • Body Hydrating Cream (conditioning body smoother) • Climate Control Lip Treatment (soothing lip shield) • Hydro-Active Mineral Salts sample (sea-salt polisher/bath soak)
For further information, please visit;
Christmas Gifts
Mix Something Fancy
Cointreau Noir is the ultimate blend of Cointreau orange liqueur and Remy Martin Fine Champagne cognac. It is a deliciously smooth drink with soft vanilla and nut notes, a golden amber colour and a clean long finish.
The perfect way to try Cointreau Noir is simply poured over ice, or create your own luxury masterpiece by mixing with lime and soda.
Cointreau is available where all quality liquor is sold.
Christmas Gifts
Perfect Coffee
First we drink the coffee, then we do the things. The Café Series Espresso Machine plus Multi-Capsule™ Handle delivers the best in home coffee options. Busy mornings racing out the door are pod mornings, and lazy Sunday’s are made for fresh ground espresso. Whatever the landscape of your morning, Sunbeam has the solution in one sleek machine.
Available now from all leading appliance stores, including Farmers, JB HiFi, Smiths City, Heathcotes, 100% Your Electric Store, and Harvey Normans. For further information please visit;
Christmas Gifts
Ice Cream Magic
Treats for everyone! Get the lick on the finest homemade frozen treats with the no mess Sunbeam Snack Heroes Ice Cream Maker. Create Gelato, Ice Cream, and Sorbet at home. Impress your guests with limitless flavor options. Your limit is your imagination.
Available now from all leading appliance stores, including Farmers, JB HiFi, Smiths City, Heathcotes, 100% Your Electric Store, and Harvey Normans. For further information please visit;
Christmas Gifts
Avoid the Crowds
Get all your Christmas shopping done without fighting for a carpark. With everything from jewellery to fashion, electronics to homeware, there really is something for everyone in your whole family, but beware, TVSN shopping is so much fun, it’s oh-so-easy to grab a little something extra for yourself.Christmas colour that lasts a lifetime!
The special woman in your life will love the stylish simplicity of this 3ct Brazilian Rosanite Garnet & Diamond Ring showcases a striking cushion cut Brazilian Rosanite Garnet centre stone with ten round cut diamond accents on a 9ct yellow gold band.
Shop online now at
Christmas Gifts
Year Round Must Have
Silk Island kaftans are created with love for women to experience pure luxurious comfort. Slip into an enchanting kaftan to feel instantly glamorous thanks to the high quality range of silk materials. Feel and look beautiful in the fabulous Silk Islands range of prints and diamante embellished pieces, whether you are on the beach, by a resort pool side, going on a fabulous cruise or to a summer wedding!
Shop online now at
Christmas Gifts
Sparkle & Shine
Diamonesque offers you stunning jewellery at a price you can afford. Using the finest quality simulated diamonds, these earrings will add sparkle to everyday wear, or transform evening attire into a Cinderella story (but this time you get to keep them after midnight!)
Shop online now at
Christmas Gifts
Sweet Dreams
For the ultimate in luxury sleep and loungewear from around the world Esalare is the name. Exhale is the meaning.
The Esalare ranges feature quality natural fibres, particularly silk, cotton, cashmere, linen and merino.
Enjoy the most luxurious sleep of your life with the highest quality sleepwear. You’ll be the best dressed in early morning Christmas pictures as you delight in family opening their gifts.
Christmas Gifts
Satisfy His Inner Child
Ford, Holden and Chevrolet lovers will be delighted with these die cast replica models. The range of limited edition 1:18 scale models include opening doors, hood and bonnet, complete with detailed interior, rubber tyres and a steering wheel that really turns! Icons any car enthusiast will adore are available exclusively. This is not a toy for children! Dimensions approx 26.5cm(L) x 8cm(H) x 10.5cm(W)
RRP from $54.95 – $289.00
Search collectible cars at
Christmas Gifts

Hair: Rock it short!

Hair: Rock it short!

Hair: Rock it short!Hair: Rock it short!


Consider cutting long locks and going short – then join the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign that provides invaluable support to Kiwis living with cancer and dealing with the effects of cancer treatment, while rocking a stylish new look at the same time. Approximately 5,000 ponytails have been donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and, as Barney says, there’s no better reason to go short than this. “I know how much women value their hair and being able to donate yours to help make a real-hair wig is such a generous gift.”

Short styles can work for all occasions and the recent celebrity trends for a pixie crop prove that there’s no better time to let your hairstylist sharpen their scissors!

Barney’s Guide To Short Styles For Every Occasion:

Boardroom: A cute pixie crop with a side part is the perfect grown up look to take you to the top in the boardroom.

Work event: Sweep the front of hair back off face to create a voluminous crown, and use pins to secure hair pulled back at the sides. The elegant look works well with chin-length hair blow-dried to turn in slightly at the ends.

Tip: Use the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Strengthening Collection to smooth hair and repair damage to prepare hair for this sleek look.

Night out: Up the glam stakes for a night out with a layered shoulder length cut, with waves and subtle side fringe.

Date night: Go smooth and sleek with a glossy cut finishing just below your chin. Complete the look with a blunt fringe sitting just above your eyes for maximum impact.

Tip: Use Pantene Styling Treatment Foam Smooth Straight before blow-drying for a smooth finish.

Music Concert: For extra edge, a bleach blonde undercut is an ultra-cool way to rock a short style.

Beach break: For the ultimate in easy holiday styling, make the most of a low-maintenance jaw-length bob tousled by salt and sun. Opt for an eyebrow-grazing fringe for a playful edge.

Tip: Use Pantene Styling Treatment Mist Soft Curls to keep waves soft and touchable.