A Winter Tan

A Winter TanGet a winter tan with our hot tips!

Winter is here down under. For those wanting stronger rays for a sun-kissed complexion, they’ll either need to take a mid year holiday to the north, or head to a tanning booth and expose yourself to radical skin damage (which we don’t recommend as it hugely increases the risk of skin cancer).

The other more economical option is a tanning lotion.

Tanning lotions have come along way since the grotty orange carrot look. Technology has progressed greatly during the past 20 years in the cosmetics tanning industry and you can now find natural products available that can help nourish your skin while giving it that extra boosts of pigment.

Subtle bronzed skin is a hit no matter what the season is. You can now obtain that gorgeous golden glow in the winter by using safe affordable methods and by following these easy sunless tanning tricks.

If you’re in definite need of a little bit of color, you can turn your attention towards tanning lotions. Achieving that perfectly tanned skin look is no easy task. Applying a tanning lotion incorrectly can lead to the development of an irregular tan, which is your worst nightmare.

Use high-quality products for best results and try to take the following tips into account if you want to look amazing:

1) Invest in a high quality natural tanner
I wouldn’t speak for all products, but for a tanning lotion, you do get what you pay for. Stay away from cheap supermarket tanners. Not all tanning lotions will offer your skin the same benefits and results, so try to invest in a high-quality tanner that will provide a much more efficient tan without causing the skin to dehydrate.

2) Remove unwanted Hair
Remove unwanted hair before applying a tanning lotion as this way you’ll be able to apply the tanner much more even and the lotion will glide on easier. There are a variety of hair removal methods, but if you choose waxing it’s best to allow the skin a few days before you use a tanning lotion to avoid rashes.

3) Exfoliate your skin Beforehand

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