Accessories and Your Gown

accessoriesThere’s no real right and wrong when it comes to accessorising your gown for the big day; it really depends on the overall look you are setting out to achieve, your confidence, your sense of style, and the gown. There are, however, a few tips that I can share.

Firstly, you are centre stage, not your dress, so balance is required. In the nano-second of someone seeing the bride for the first time, I believe your eyes and face should be the first thing they notice. Adorning yourself with a few accessories will complete and complement you and your gown.

My favorite accessory would have to be earrings. I don’t believe any bridal look is complete without them; and, with so many options available, it’s a great way to finish your look. Vintage is a big trend, so the most popular style would have to be drop earrings. Diamantes and pearls set in a rhodium plating gives an antique-like colouring.

This can follow through to the headpieces available, with many pieces made to match. So much of a bride’s overall look is getting the hairstyle just right. Gorgeous clips of different sizes can really finish the look beautifully. Another stunning effect can be fresh flowers, woven into the hair or worn in a wreath. This works in well with the Boho look in slightly messy or plaited hair.

There’s definitely some truth to the statement “less is more”. The neckline is a great guide. Strapless or deep V necklines can certainly take a necklace or lace adornment around the neck.

Veils are another favourite of mine. A simple long veil can add such a beautiful statement to any look. What I love is how it moves and gives a sort of ethereal effect to the bride. When set more to the back of the head, there’s no chance of it ruining the hair do or being seen too much. Rather, it follows dutifully and provides a splendid effect. I see the veil as a prop, to be worn and enjoyed for the ceremony and the photos, then removed as the night progresses, allowing the hair to be on full display.

Other veil types are birdcage and fascinators – both can be fabulous. I suggest you try them once you have decided on your gown. You will then know which look suits you, your gown and your wedding the best.

I love bracelets! But please be careful with your choice. Diamantes or very ornate bracelets with claws can tend to snag delicate fabrics. There are, of course, pearl and rub-over settings that avoid this. Another cool look is a lace cuff ,or even a pair of gloves.

Shoes … every woman I know has a love affair with shoes. The pair you choose has to be beautiful and comfortable. Please don’t try and save money with shoes that aren’t made well, as chances are they will hurt! You have to be partying in these babies the whole day and night, so choose accordingly. Don’t be scared of colour either – but if you do decide to do this, they’re better with a full skirt so the shoes are not the first things you notice.

One very simple rule is not to rush things – you’ve taken your time choosing your gown; equal thought should be given to accessorising. Your gown designer will usually know what suits a particular gown, fabric, neckline or sleeve … but in the end, it really should be all about you and what you’re comfortable wearing.