Achieve a natural dewy complexion with INIKA’s Pure Primer

Achieve a natural dewy complexion with INIKA’s Pure PrimerOn average, it only takes 26 seconds to absorb chemicals found in cosmetics into the blood stream.

U.S researchers have identified 10,500 industrial chemicals that are being used as cosmetics ingredients. These ingredients include a number of known carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxics, endocrine disruptors, plasticisers, degreasers and surfactants1.

Creating a flawless finish starts with ensuring that what we apply directly onto our skin is as natural as possible. Primers not only provide a smooth canvas by sealing pores and smoothing imperfections, they also protect the skin against our chemical laden environments, says INIKA makeup artist and Education Manager, Rose Lentini.

“Our skin is the body’s largest organ so it is incredibly important to use an organic primer. INIKA’s Certified Organic Pure Primer contains aloe vera juice, jojoba and lemon myrtle which work in combination to both hydrate and protect the skin. Essential oil of lavender helps calm and soothe.”

INIKA’s Certified Organic ‘Pure Primer’ is setting a new standard for that flawless makeup finish. INIKA’s Rose Lentini, says the primer hydrates the skin for the current makeup trend of a fresh-faced dewy complexion.

“I love using the Certified Organic Pure Primer daily as it thoroughly prepares the skin for the perfect application of the Pure Mineral Powder Foundation or Certified Organic Liquid Foundation making it last longer.

“Also, it will never leave your skin feeling oily and can be used on all skin types without compromising on hydration or ingredients as it minimises pores and disguises fine lines,” she says.

INIKA Certified Organic Pure Primer is available in leading health stores and salons with the retail price of $69.99.