Doe, A Female Deere

Doe, A Female DeereDoe, A Female Deere

If you’re unicorn deprived, or perhaps living under a rock you may not know who Doe Deere is. Not to worry, we’ll get you up to speed on what’s missing in your life. Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics of Los Angeles, California is a female entrepreneur, animal rights supporter and philanthropist. All this is packaged in a packaged in a colorful e-commerce unicorn goddess who will have you looking to her for not only makeup, but a role model and self described “girlie girl” to boot.

Inspired out of necessity and creativity, this once thought to be only appropriate for Halloween makeup maven is bringing new trends about face. Launching hair colors that will not only make you scream, they will have you rethinking your existence. Vegan and cruelty free pigments with such funky colors as “dirty mermaid” and “strawberry jam” will have you refreshing your shipping status so frequently, you’ll get mouse finger. Crushing Diamonds might sound like a fun hobby, but your lips will be wishing they could stop popping from the new pigments encrusting soon to be kissed up face. Diamond Crushers is bringing three new sparklers to the lineup. Black Unicorn, Acid Fairy, and Cleopatra are all available individually, or as a set for an added savings.

Doe, A Female DeereDoe’s commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at the buck. Her commitment to satisfying her customer’s and staff are second to none. She doesn’t believe in “iron fist” tactics, but rather creating a caring environment where everyone is appreciated. Her experiences not only mold her into a power house brand, but are considered learning opportunities which she incorporates into her personal and professional life. She values diversity and new ideas that put her at the forefront of the cosmetics industry, a microcosm that isn’t always so easy to thrive in.

Doe Deere takes business seriously, while embracing a compassionate approach to be all inclusive. She regularly keeps in touch with her customer’s by posting her ideas and projects. Transparency is not only a policy, but it’s a breath of fresh air that gives her a huge competitive edge. Deere has turned her daydreaming not only into a clever business model, but a realistic way to approach life. She is a rising star to keep your telescope focused on.

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Start Your Day with a Daily Glass of Super

Start Your Day with a Daily Glass of Super

Start Your Day with a Daily Glass of SuperStart Your Day with a Daily Glass of Super

Metamucil is a daily fibre supplement which contains 100% natural psyllium, a super-fibre with multiple health benefits like helping you feel lighter and more active.

Research shows that high fibre diets are associated with reduced risk of several serious chronic diseases. Fibre is an important dietary requirement which contributes towards digestive health however, many people don’t get the recommended 25-30 grams of fibre per day.

Start Your Day with a Daily Glass of SuperThe psyllium found in Metamucil helps to bridge the fibre gap and is easy to incorporate your daily diet. Simply mix 1.5 teaspoons into 250 ml of water and drink straight away, one to three times per day, or mix into your favourite smoothie recipe.

When mixed with water, the psyllium forms a viscous gel which works to trap bile acids, some cholesterol and waste from the small intestines and helps the body’s natural toxin removal process via its cleansing effect.

In addition to helping transform how you feel from the inside, Metamucil also helps to maintain regularity during pregnancy and can help lower your cholesterol.

Metamucil (RRP from $18.39 for 48 doses)comes in a range of flavours and variants including Wild Berry, Orange, Lemon-Lime or Natural and is available from grocery and pharmacy stores nationwide.


Hit Snooze on The Visible Signs of Ageing

Hit Snooze on The Visible Signs of Ageing

Hit Snooze on The Visible Signs of AgeingHit Snooze on The Visible Signs of Ageing with the Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle Regime 

Late nights and summer soirees left you feeling like turning the clock back every time you look in the mirror? Hit snooze on the visible signs of ageing and take your beauty sleep to the next level with the Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle Regime!

The Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle Regime is the simple way to make beauty miracles happen. A three part system, formulated to work with your skin’s daily repair rhythm so it performs at its youthful peak, the Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle Regime acts like a night-time fairy godmother to revolutionise your beauty sleep.

It all starts with the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence which is easily integrated into your beauty regimen to give your skin the boost that it needs. Incredibly, the first drop starts the renewal of a million surface cells, with the auto-dropper packaging ensuring that the exact dosage is delivered to your skin in every single application!

Hit Snooze on The Visible Signs of AgeingTaking your skin to the next level, combined with the award-winning Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream, the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence delivers 2x advanced anti-ageing actives penetrating the skin 10-layers deep to provide 1.5x hydration.

Then in the evening, apply the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream, which comes in a unique gel-like formula that further assists with cell renewal and repair while you sleep.

The luxurious Olay Regenerist Overnight Overnight Miracle Regime is packed with powerful ingredients, including Peptide, Niacinamide, Olive-M, Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerol and LysLastine. These ingredients work with your skin’s natural repair rhythm to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, increase skin’s elasticity and bolster skin resilience against environmental stressors.

Hit Snooze on The Visible Signs of AgeingOlay Skin Expert, Amy Erbacher, says many women are time poor, which can lead to a lack of sleep.

“Our overall skin health and appearance seems to visibly show the first tell-tale signs of ageing, resulting in a dull and dreary complexion. By simply applying effective skincare products day and night that address the skin’s natural repair process, women can feel confident with a revitalised complexion,” she says.

Thanks to Olay’s breakthrough multi-decade ethnicity (MDE) research, scientists have discovered that women’s natural skin repair decreases as they age. And because the skin’s DNA repair is more active at night time, the twilight hours are the key time to combat the first signs of ageing.

Hit Snooze on The Visible Signs of AgeingGlobal Olay Science PH.D. Research Fellow, Rosemarie Osbourne, says while it is no secret that sleep or lack thereof can have a profound effect on skin health, Olay research takes this one step further.

“By identifying the enzymes responsible for skin repair and understanding when they’re most active, Olay is able to target a golden timeframe when skin repair can be boosted to an optimal level,” she says.

Olay Overnight Miracle is a regimen combining the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence (RRP $39.99) with Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream (RRP $48.99) and Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream (RRP $48.99).

Olay Overnight Miracle range is available now in supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.

For more information, visit the Olay Facebook page;

Vicks – For Every Cold Occasion

Vicks – For Every Cold Occasion

Vicks - For Every Cold Occasion
The ‘common cold’ is the most common human illness we face, with the average person suffering 200 colds over the course of their lifetime. This equates to around two to five colds per year for adults and seven to 10 for children. These cold occasions can result in a host symptoms including a cough, sore throat, blocked nose, excess mucus in airway, runny nose and sneezing, all of which take valuable energy, time and happiness from families across New Zealand.

For more than 100 years Vicks has provided efficacious cold and flu treatments which people trust, allowing families to get on with life, even on sick days. Headed by the iconic Vicks Vaporub, the Vicks range in NZ also includes:

Vicks - For Every Cold Occasion
Vicks Vaporub (RRP $16.75) – Trusted by families for generations, Vicks Vaporub includes active and proven ingredients including Eucalyptus Oil, Menthol and Camphor. The ointment provides up to 8 hours relief from a blocked nose and up to 3 hours relief from a cough and is suitable for adults and children aged 2 and above.

Vicks - For Every Cold Occasion
Baby Balsam (RRP $10.65) – Specially formulated for babies, Baby Balsam’s calming fragrances of Lavender, Eucalyptus and Rosemary help to relax little ones aged three months and up. The soothing ointment also includes Aloe extract and is dermatologically approved for use on delicate infant skin.

Vicks - For Every Cold Occasion
Vicks Inhaler (RRP $9.29) – Economical, compact and effective, Vicks Inhaler offers fast, on-the-go relief from nasal congestion due to colds, hayfever and upper respiratory allergies.

Vicks - For Every Cold Occasion
Vicks Sinex (RRP $10.99) – A fast decongestant nasal spray that gives you temporary relief from nasal congestion for up to 12 hours. With active ingredient Oxymetazoline and Fine Mist Technology, Vicks Sinex works to effectively reduce sinus pressure and swelling in a few sprays. Available in Vicks Sinex and Vicks Sinex ExtraFresh for a greater menthol burst.

Vicks - For Every Cold Occasion
Vicks Vapodrops (RRP $4.39 24 pack))– Available in four flavours including Original Menthol, Butter Menthol, Burst of Mint and Cooling Peppermint, Vicks Vapodrops clear the nose and soothe the throat in seconds.

Vicks - For Every Cold Occasion
Vicks Formula 44 (RRP $13.99) – Quick and long lasting, Formula 44 Syrups are specially formulated to coat the throat, offering up to eight hours relief from both dry or chesty coughs.

Source: Aztec Data NZ Pharmacy and Grocery Cough and Cold period to MAT October’16


Women make 15 decisions before breakfast

Women make 15 decisions before breakfast

Women make 15 decisions before breakfastGillette Venus Global Survey reveals women are crying out for multi-functional beauty products that deliver.

From cleansers, correctors and conditioners to pastes, polishes and pomades, it’s little wonder women take an inordinate amount of time to get out of the house in the morning. A new Gillette Venus Global Survey has revealed the average woman makes 15 decisions during her daily rise-and-shine routine – or 2½ more times than we make when thinking about future work or school commitments!

When it comes to choosing the right products, she needs those that offer her the best results. Gillette Venus is taking everyday hair removal to the next level by inviting women to Choose to Smooth, offering a customised beauty experience that’s all about caring for their skin.

Most women (55 per cent1) define “smooth” as skin that feels soft to the touch; with nearly half (47 per cent1) saying this also includes no visible hair or stubble. And women are just as likely to shave when getting ready on a regular morning as they are before a special event, making it essential to have the right tools that can deliver smooth results.

Beyond just nixing stubble, ‘smoothing’ is the process of revealing smooth, sexy, touchably soft skin. In fact, more than 98 per cent1 of women believe how their skin looks and feels after they shave is important, with many going so far as to say it affects their confidence when leaving the house.

When women choose a Venus razor to smooth, they’re pampering, lathering, gently exfoliating and indulging to leave behind beautiful skin. Venus razors are designed to suit women’s specific lifestyle and skincare needs and wants – from best-in-class blade technology to on-the-go portability to built-in skin- conditioning elements.

“The Gillette Venus Global Survey tells us that women are looking for products that can give them an outstanding beauty experience every day to help build confidence and make them feel better when they walk out the door,” says local Skincare Expert Fiona Tuck.

“Smoother, softer skin is a great confidence booster. Smoothing is the next level in shave technology that requires advanced multi action products to deliver the softest, smoothest skin – something that we know women across the globe want from their shaving experience.  Women want ‘do it all products’ that can save them time – and they’re willing to upgrade to get it,” says Fiona.

When women Choose to Smooth with Venus, they are choosing the most effective tools to help reveal their skin’s most beautiful potential:

Women make 15 decisions before breakfastChoose Flawlessly Smooth: When asked what they would choose to get smooth skin, the top answer among young women was to use a razor that adapts to their curves, for no missed hairs. Venus Swirl helps women Choose to Smooth with five Contour Blades and a FLEXIBALL™ that contours to tricky areas with effortless glide from side to side to reveal flawlessly smooth skin. Now available in a new Sea Print design. RRP. $21.991

Women make 15 decisions before breakfastChoose Olay Moisture Smooth: Venus & Olay helps women Choose to Smooth with 5-blades and convenient built-in shave gel bars containing skin-conditioning elements found in Olay products for incredible glide and moisturisation. Venus & Olay appeals to the majority of women (51 per cent1) who said they would choose a razor with built-in shave gel bars for a better glide. RRP $13.49

Women make 15 decisions before breakfastChoose On-the-Go Smooth: Venus SNAP with Embrace helps women Choose to Smooth on-the-go with a portable mini-razor handle, water activated serum for incredible glide, stylish compact, and a full-size Embrace razor head that provides convenient smoothness when spontaneity strikes. Venus SNAP appeals to women who like to be ready for anything, anytime, anywhere – and with 80 per cent of women saying they bring a razor with them when traveling – a razor like that could come in handy!   RRP. $16.80

With this collection of products, Venus is celebrating the little choices that drive the great results that every woman deserves from her beauty routine.

1 Gillette Venus consumer online survey conducted among females 13-24 in 8 countries (U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Russia, Canada, Japan, Brazil) by an independent market research agency in August 2015


Pro-Health Advanced Toothpaste

Pro-Health Advanced Toothpaste

A Dazzling and Healthy SmileIntroducing New Oral-B Pro-Health Advanced Toothpaste

Oral-B, the #1 toothbrush brand used by dentists worldwide, is proud to launch its Pro-Health Advanced oral care range helping New Zealanders to protect both their teeth and gums.

For the first time, New Zealanders will now be able to experience a full regimen of Oral-B products with Oral-B Pro-Health Advanced toothpaste. With three toothpastes, brushes and a rinse, this full dental regimen is clinically proven to tackle the key areas dentists check for most.

Pro-Health Advanced ToothpastePro-Health Advanced Toothpaste (RRP 4.49)
Oral-B Pro-Health Advanced Toothpaste range is like nothing else in the market. It combines two powerful ingredients, sodium polymetaphosphate and stabilised stannous fluoride, to deliver comprehensive care across all the areas that dentists check most – cavities, gingivitis, plaque, sensitivity, enamel, tartar, whitening and breath. Available in Enamel Strong, Gum Protection and Whitening

Pro-Health Advanced ToothpastePro-Health Advanced ToothpasteCrossAction Pro-Health Toothbrush (RRP 5.49)
Combining CrissCross and Power Tip bristles with soft gum massagers and a textured tongue cleaner, CrossAction Pro-Health helps you to achieve clean, healthy mouth whilst protecting enamel and gums.

Pro-Health Multi-Protection Rinse (RRP 7.99)

Offers 24-hour protection to help prevent and reduce plaque build-up and gingivitis as well as fight bad breath and kill germs.

A Dazzling and Healthy Smile

A Dazzling and Healthy Smile

A Dazzling and Healthy SmileNew Oral-B 3D White Luxe ‘Diamond Strong’ Toothpaste for a Dazzling and Healthy Smile

A stunning, white smile is your best accessory for standing out at any occasion, whether it’s a party, wedding, first date or job interview. But for many women, a beautiful smile is a healthy one, and you don’t want to compromise on protecting your teeth for the sake of whitening. Now you can achieve a smile that isn’t just white: it’s STRONG. The NEW Oral-B 3D White Luxe ‘Diamond Strong’ Toothpaste promises whiter teeth as well as stronger enameli for a dazzling and healthy smile.

A Dazzling and Healthy SmileCombining gentle stain-removing technology and a refreshing foaming action, the NEW Oral-B 3D White Luxe Diamond Strong Toothpaste protects teeth against cavities and strengthens enamel, promising a whiter and stronger smile. The paste removes stains and its unique Whitelock TechnologyTM prevents accumulation of new stains – so you don’t have to feel guilty about indulgences like your morning coffee or a glass of red wine!

The NEW Oral-B 3D Luxe White Diamond Strong Toothpaste (RRP $9.49) is available from all major supermarkets and pharmacies now.


Head & Shoulders – Biggest Innovation in 10 Years

Head & Shoulders – Biggest Innovation in 10 Years

Head & Shoulders - Biggest Innovation in 10 Yearshead & shoulders Unveils its Biggest Innovation in 10 Years

The world leaders in dandruff and scalp care reveal the new  head & shoulders 3ActionFormula, for unbelievably beautiful and up to 100 per cent dandruff free hair.

As the innovation leaders in superior scalp and haircare, head & shoulders is constantly researching and refining product formulations to deliver unparalleled effectiveness against dandruff without the compromise to beautiful hair.

Tested over 200 times and in development for 10 years, the new advanced head & shoulders 3ActionFormula, is clinically proven to go deeper and remove more dandruff, whilst achieving surprisingly soft and beautiful hair.

Driven to end the compromise that most of us make when it comes to scalp care and beautiful hair results, the exciting reformulation across the entire head & shoulders haircare collection, offers the dual benefits of up to 100 per cent dandruff free hair that’s beautifully soft and hydrated.

Head & Shoulders - Biggest Innovation in 10 YearsGETTING TO THE ROOT OF BEAUTIFUL HAIR

Pioneers in scalp and haircare, head & shoulders scientists discovered the use of Zinc particles in removing dandruff more than 50 years ago, but its scientists are constantly exploring how to optimise the patented formula to provide both unbeatable dandruff protection and great looking hair.

After 10 years of exploration, molecular modelling and countless clinical studies of particle distribution and deposition, head & shoulders scientists have now discovered the importance of smaller size Zinc for both improved hair benefits and scalp health. Inspired by sun care formulations that optimise particle size to deliver a pleasurable feel, the new head & shoulders 3ActionFormula optimises the active ingredient micro-Zinc, to 8x smaller than the previous formulation.

The micro-zinc particles have now been refined to offer a better cleanse, protection against dandruff causing bacteria, and moisturisation to the roots and hair. All creating a stronger foundation for more resilient, touchable hair that is flake-free, in one easy step.

NEW head & shoulders 3ActionFormula delivers three core benefits, all packed into one bottle:

  • CLEANSES – providing a rich lather that is deeply indulgent offering best in class unbeatable dandruff removal.
  • PROTECT – micro-minerals go deeper into the places where dandruff-causing fungus resides – even after rinsing, enabling unbeatable long lasting dandruff protection for up to 72 hours.
  • MOISTURISE – leaves the hair fibres feeling soft and instantly hydrated thanks to active ingredients that lock-in moisture for noticeably smoother, softer hair that is more manageable and beautiful.

Head & Shoulders - Biggest Innovation in 10 YearsDermatologist Dr. Natasha Cook says: “As a Dermatologist I know the most important thing about skin and scalp care is having the right ingredients in the right concentration, for real results. head & shoulders, the world leaders in anti-dandruff protection have achieved this with the new clinically proven 3ActionFormula, which cleanses, protects and moisturises, providing an easy solution for scalp care in one bottle. Often people are very diligent in caring for their hair and neglect their scalp because they are unaware of how important scalp care is for hair health. With regular use of the new head & shoulders 3ActionFormula, consumers will not only notice they’re dandruff-free, but equally have enviably soft and beautiful hair.”

head & shoulders 3ActionFormula collection:

  • head & shoulders 3ActionFormula Smooth & Silky
  • head & shoulders 3ActionFormula Clean & Balanced
  • head & shoulders 3ActionFormula Apple Fresh
  • head & shoulders 3ActionFormula Dry Scalp
  • head & shoulders 3ActionFormula Itchy Scalp
  • head & shoulders 3ActionFormula 2in1 Deep Clean
  • head & shoulders 3ActionFormula Old Spice 2in1
  • head & shoulders 3ActionFormula Damage Rescue Shampoo

head & shoulders with NEW 3ActionFormula (400ml RRP $12.49) is available nationwide in all major retailers.


Auto Pilot Grooming Shaken Up

Auto Pilot Grooming Shaken Up

Auto Pilot Grooming Shaken UpAuto Pilot Grooming Routines to be Shaken Up  with Gillette’s New ProShield Razor

With guys taking a surprising number of re-strokes during shaving causing irritation, Gillette has launched the new Fusion ProShield razor – with lubrication before and after the blades to shield against irritation.

According to recent studies, most guys take about 170 strokes every time they shave, and 120 of them are re-strokes over the same area of the face after the initial strokes have wiped away most of the protective shave gel. Despite all of the advances in blade technology, many guys still experience some irritation, largely due to these re-strokes.

Instead of expecting guys to change how they shave, Gillette has made its best cartridge even better to shield guys from irritation. The new Gillette Fusion® ProShield™ with lubrication before and after the blades shields against irritation during every shave – no matter how many strokes he takes.

Shaving over the same spot without lubrication can cause skin irritation, redness and bumps that keep guys from looking and feeling their best. Gillette’s Fusion ProShield razor is engineered to proactively shield against irritation, with new lubrication before the blades in addition to the Lubrastrip after the blades, while still delivering incredible closeness.

“With the latest razor technology, excessive re-stroking isn’t necessary for a close shave, but old habits are hard to break,” says Gillette R&D expert Kristina Vanoosthuyze.

“At Gillette, we constantly look for solutions to help improve the shave for guys, and that is why we are introducing Fusion ProShield with lubrication before and after the blades, to help shield from irritation during the shave.  We have changed our blade cartridges so guys don’t need to change the way they shave.”

Auto Pilot Grooming Shaken UpProduct features:

  • New ProShield Lubrication Bar before the blades, in addition to the Lubrastrip after the blades, shields from irritation.

With all of the features of Gillette’s most advanced ProGlide blade cartridges:

  • Our thinnest, finest blade edges with less tug and pull
  • Gillette’s most advanced blade coating
  • Blade Stability Bar maintains optimal blade spacing for exceptional comfort
  • MicroComb to help guide stubble to the blades
  • Precision Trimmer for accurate edging
  • On Gillette’s FlexBall technology handle:
  • FlexBall handle with innovative pivot to respond to facial contours for maximum contact2

Two varieties available:

  • Standard (Yellow)
  • Chill™ with Cooling Technology (Blue)

Gillette Fusion ProShield razors (RRP $26.49) are available from leading retailers.


The Key to Success

The Key to Success

 The Key to SuccessBraun Reveals the Key to Success

Braun reveals the key to success in work, life and love … in your morning routine. Partnering with world renowned sleep doctor and best-selling author, Braun unveils the secret to how we can all become better in the morning

  • Expert reveals a link between the morning routine and success in work, life and love
  • If optimized, a person’s morning routine can boost energy, focus and build confidence
  • Research* reveals that we all have the ability to become better in the morning with the right routine
  • According to expert, the best time of the year to change your routine is in autumn when the clocks go back
  • New theory supersedes previous thinking that people only have two types of chronotype (body clock): a morning person (the early bird) and an evening person (the night owl)

The research, conducted in partnership with sleep doctor Dr. Michael Breus (author of The Power of When), has revealed that by making subtle shifts in your daily morning habits we can manipulate our body clock to make mornings not only more tolerable, but help with our daily outlook.

According to Dr. Breus, if we get the routine right, we can greatly improve our potential for success in work, life and even love by significantly enhancing physical and psychological attributes such as confidence, focus, drive and energy.

We all have a genetically determined body clock personality known as our chronotype. Your ideal morning routine will be tailored to your chronotype which is rooted into your DNA.

Whilst previous thinking had focused on only two; an early morning person (the early bird) and an evening person (the night owl), Dr. Breus has discovered that there are in fact four distinct chronotypes common to all mammals, which Dr. Breus has labelled, The Wolf, The Bear, The Lion and The Dolphin.

According to Dr. Breus, very few of us fall into the extreme chronotypes groups originally believed to represent all of us (10% are early risers and 10% are late night people). The reality is that most of us fall between these categories so making shifts to our internal clocks is much easier. Getting that morning person feeling is therefore not as difficult as most of us realize, with a little dedication and the right routine we can all experience the morning benefits that many of us thought were impossible.

An area that has seen a large growth in morning routine This new research has allowed Braun and Dr. Breus to design a matrix allowing people to uncover their ideal morning routine. People can identify their chronotype and ideal morning schedules by answering the questions in the Morning by Design infographic.

The key isn’t just how you wake up, it’s what you do immediately after you wake up that sets the tone for the rest of your day. Whether it’s the day of a big interview, a dreaded dinner with the in-laws or a hot date, the new findings can help you set your objectives for the day and achieve them. Dr. Breus’ advice on using your morning routine to achieve success in work life and love; focus is in grooming. “Men have never been more under the microscope than we are today and are keen to ensure the grooming regime plays an integral role in their routine”, said Dr. Breus.

Braun Grooming Expert, Sascha Breuer, said, “Over the last few years we have witnessed a dramatic shift on the importance men place on looking their best before walking out of the door. Having a morning routine in place has proven to boost confidence for tackling the day ahead. Grooming is central to a man’s morning routine and is the key in boosting confidence because when you know you look good, you feel good. An underestimated, yet crucial factor is shaving, and the best shaving tool to achieve that every day is the new Braun Series 9 shaver, as it ensures the most efficient and an exceptionally gentle shave.”

And it’s the tools by Braun that make men achieve their sharpest look setting a new standard of excellence with the Braun Series 9. Thanks to its state of the art attention to detail and premium design, it is the ultimate tool for a great shave. The innovation of the collection is Braun’s NEW HyperLift and Cut trimmer. Customized with a Titanium coating used to coat precision tools, the trimmer provides a sleek ceramic finish giving the shaver an unprecedented sliding surface, making it highly biocompatible with skin, and helping reduce friction for an ultra-sleek shaving experience.

Dr. Breus’ tips for success at work

One of the strongest weapons to help you get ahead in the workplace is efficiency. The power of maximizing productivity with minimum wasted effort all comes down to taking a systematic and well organized approach to your day. To optimize your preparation for this, tighten up your morning routine, keeping each element down to 10 minutes. A fast structured routine from the moment you wake will set you on a pattern of efficiency for the day.

This new research has allowed Braun and Dr. Breus to design a matrix allowing people to uncover their ideal morning routine. People can identify their chronotype and ideal morning schedules simply by answering the questions in the Morning by Design infographic.

The key isn’t just how you wake up, it’s what you do immediately after you wake up that sets the tone for the rest of your day. Whether it’s the day of a big interview, a dreaded dinner with the in-laws or a hot date, the new findings can help you set your objectives for the day and achieve them.

Dr. Breus’ tips for success in life 

Life outside the work space isn’t any less stressful. Dinner with your in-laws or a shopping day with your partner can test even the most patient. To heighten your inner calm, make exercise a key factor within your morning routine. Spend a few extra minutes with exercises for the body and mind. It will help you build the focus and balance that you require to stay cool through the day.

Dr. Breus’ tips for success in love

If you are heading out on a date or looking for love, you might want to invest some extra efforts into your grooming routine to help you shine with confidence throughout the day (or night). When getting ready, try not to consider the grooming routine as something that just needs to be done. It’s all about nailing that shave and getting the outfit right. When you feel like you are looking your best, it helps you to be at your most confident.

Braun has developed Top 10 tips to work for every chronotype and, according to Dr. Breus, if followed, will help you become a morning person.

 The Key to SuccessDr. Breus’ Top 10 tips to designing your perfect morning routine:

  1. Go to bed at the right time (for you) every night, including weekends. The more consistent your sleep times, the easier it is to wake up. Start with your weekday wake up time and count backwards 7.5 hours (if you wake at 6:30am, your new bedtime is 11:00pm). You can then adjust this accordingly. If you stop needing an alarm after about 10 days, you found your ultimate bedtime.
  2. Never hit the snooze. The average snooze button is between 7-9 minutes long, your body cannot physically get into a deep refreshing state of sleep in this short period of time. Set the clock for that last minute before you need to wake up, to get all of your deep REM sleep.
  3. Get direct sunlight for 10 min before you do anything else. Melatonin (the sleep hormone) is still being produced in the morning, but it stops immediately when sunlight hits the optic nerve through your eyes. Go outside or in front of a window and soak it in.
  4. Drink an 8oz glass of room temperature water. While sleeping you breathe out about a liter of water, and you wake up dehydrated. HYDRATE, it is one of the fastest ways to give yourself a boost (not to mention kick in your metabolism).
  5. Let there be music. Turning on music is one of the easiest ways to invigorate yourself and get your brain going. Pick a song that is up-beat, even sing in the shower if you want.
  6. Don’t forget to breathe. Take 5-6 deep breaths in and out revitalizing you with some clean morning air. This increases your heart rate allowing your body to acclimatize to the day ahead more quickly.
  7. Exercise your body and mind. A bout of physical and/ or mental exercise increases your focus making you more alert and focused throughout the day. Consider 10-15 push- ups, and a 1-5 minutes morning meditation once out of the shower.
  8. Take a cool shower. While in the shower remember that hot water can raise your core body temperature which is a sleep signal to the brain. Make the water cool, not cold, to continue to bring on alertness.
  9. Start your day with a good breakfast. Studies show eating a high protein breakfast can improve memory and concentration levels, improve mood and lower stress levels. Like any other organ in the body, the brain needs energy to work at its best.
  10. Looking good is feeling good. Never underestimate the role your grooming regime and fashion choices have in your confidence. If you shave, then use a shaver that gives you the best results.

Braun Series 9 shaver (RRP $699) is available from leading retailers.


1 – Please see Braun Morning by Design report

2 – Tested on 3 day beards vs. leading premium tier products. Details:

About Dr. Michael Breus

Dr. Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist and both a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He was one of the youngest people to have passed the Board at age 31 and, with a specialty in Sleep Disorders, is one of only 163 psychologists in the world with his credentials and distinction. His latest book “The Power of When” will be published in September 2016 and presents Dr. Breus’ new program on how to identify your chronotype, reveal your body’s natural schedule and unlock hidden potential.