Cakes: To Cut or Keep

Cakes: To Cut or KeepCakes: To Cut or Keep

It’s up to you how much cake you provide, whatever configuration the cake takes. However, if you wish to save a tier, or significant portion of cake for celebrations following directly on from your wedding – or perhaps for a future event – then you obviously need to allow for that when ordering from your cake specialist.

In my own business, For Heaven’s Cake, I have re-iced tiers after some months, or in one case 1.5 years – for various occasions. Tradition used to ‘dictate’ that a layer was set aside for the christening of the first baby – but it could be that you simply want to enjoy more cake further down the track for a birthday, intimate dinner, or anniversary …

Saved cake is best kept by first wrapping it in foil, then cling film or into a box, and dating, before placing in the freezer. In the case of well-brandied fruitcakes, these will keep for many months in an airtight tin, or are also successfully frozen.

Recently I provided mini iced portions of fruitcake for a wedding, (aside from the main creation) and each was presented in its’ own separate cute box, and given or sent to friends and family who were unable to attend the wedding.

This used to be commonplace but happens less now – a forerunner to the “goody bag”.

If your cake is to be served as the only dessert, then clearly more will be needed. In the event that you prefer that all of your wedding cake is eaten at the reception, then ensure that you only order what you require and no more – it’s quite common to over cater, especially if there are other sweet temptations on offer. It’s a shame to spend a not insignificant amount of money on a special creation, to then have it overlooked because nobody has room left in their tums!

Whether you opt to cut or keep, be sure to savour, and enjoy.