Look good, help the beast cancer cause

Look good, help the beast cancer causeThanks to Ezibuy, you can look good and help the cause … the breast cancer cause!

Earlier this year, EziBuy partnered with New Zealand’s top fashion labels to produce two stylish tees and a tank to raise money to help find a cure for breast cancer. With the original batch selling out in record time, EziBuy has brought them back again for a limited time.

The stylish tops are designed by Andrea Moore, Moochi and Storm. The T-shirts retail for $29.99 and the tank for $24.99, with $10 from each sale going to Breast Cancer Cure.

Look good, help the beast cancer causeAstonishingly, one in nine women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in New Zealand –the seventh highest rate of incidence in the world. This means one woman every three hours will be diagnosed and nearly two women per day will die from this cruel disease in our country.

Breast Cancer Cure, the only not-for-profit charitable trust established solely to fund breast cancer research, has one goal and one goal only – to find a cure for breast cancer to make it a survivable disease and prevent it from taking the lives of any more of our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and friends.

Funds from the tees will be used to accelerate the quality of research into prevention, earlier detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in New Zealand.

Look good, help the beast cancer causeTo date, EziBuy t-shirts have raised over $300,000 to fund further research.

All three designs will be available from July 4th from www.ezibuy.com and in store. Numbers are limited, so get in quick!


Style Tips for the Mother of the Bride

Style Tips for the Mother of the Bride

Style Tips for the Mother of the BrideThe marriage of a child is a life milestone, a family gathering, and a cause for major celebration but it’s also a heavily photo-documented day, which makes choosing a look all the more important. These are the words of Lorna Perrin, Brand Director of a British label that the Middleton sisters have come to rely on for many important occasions over the years. More than a celebration, this is a day when the mother gives away her little girl, sends her off to her new life. As one of the most important members of the family, as well as the wedding party, the mother should always look stylish and impeccably dressed, regardless of age – style is for every age. In order to put your best look forward, and find that perfect balance of not dressing neither ‘old’ or overly ‘young’, these are the style rules to abide by, so take careful note, and remember – this is your day too.

Say yes to a dress

Nothing is more boring and conservative than a suit, especially one that is in a dull color that makes you look older. Aside from that, these suits always feature a calf-length skirt, which is completely unflattering as it brings attention to the thickest part of the leg. Unlike a suit, which is often a completely wrong choice, a well-tailored dress is will always accentuate your figure and do it justice.

Style Tips for the Mother of the BrideLet’s talk about length

The two most appropriate yet highly appealing dresses for the mother of the bride are, without a doubt, the knee and floor-length dresses. Knee length dresses are classy, chic and there is nothing wrong with showing a little leg. They are also conservative enough as to not draw negative attention, and their goal is to make you look attractive yet age-appropriate. As for floor-length, one would think they are even more conservative, and they are in a certain way. However, they are a great way to make an impact, because a long dress always comes with a touch of that ‘wow’ effect. Whichever of the two you choose, you won’t be wrong.

Style Tips for the Mother of the BrideCut and color

Whoever said that the mother of the bride should wear neutral (boring) tones was terribly in the wrong. There is nothing wrong with a little pop of colour. The floral print is always in style; it is fun and festive, and this is what weddings are all about. You can also go bold and make a statement with a stunning red dress without worrying not to ‘upstage’ the bride. As long as you wear a dress that is suitable for your body type, you have nothing to fear. Ok, let’s discuss cuts. If you have a beautiful waistline, then you should definitely accentuate it with a sheath dress. In case you feel somewhat self-conscious about your arms, you can always complement the look with gorgeous women’s cardigans. This way you won’t have to make compromises and go for a different dress when the sheath makes the other parts of your figure absolutely stunning. On the other hand, if your middle area is not something you want to bring attention to, a fitted bodice and gently flared skirt work universally on most women. They create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Bonus tips

One thing you should definitely not wear is nylons. For a look that is more modern, keep your legs bare and moisturised, and toes pedicured—not covered in a pair of pantyhose. On the other hand, don’t shy away from form-fitting undergarments, like Spanx, especially if you decide to wear a form-fitting dress. This little helps will smooth things out, and nip and tuck everything that needs a bit of concealing.


Style tips – Plus size bridesmaids

Style tips – Plus size bridesmaids

Style tips - Plus size bridesmaidsby Peter Minkoff

As your wedding day is approaching, we know that there are too many things on your mind – starting with a wedding dress, food and drink selection, and picking a venue. However, there’s one more important task to accomplish, which is finding perfect dresses for your bridesmaids. This can get a bit tricky if some of them are plus-size, especially if you’re not experienced at plus-size shopping. If that’s the case, stay with us and learn about five useful tips that’ll help you accomplish this task like a pro!

Check the size range first

Before making a decision on the style of the dresses your bridesmaids will wear, you should check the size range available in stores. The truth is that many popular brands offer just up to size 16, with just a couple of models in 18 or 20, which is simply not good enough. If you really want a dress that’ll work for all your bridesmaids, make sure to find a store which offers models in sizes 0-24 because that’s the key to success!

Style tips - Plus size bridesmaidsMake sure to hide their insecurities in the best possible way

Since a bride is usually the one who picks the bridesmaids’ dresses, it’s her responsibility to choose appropriate styles that’ll hide her bridesmaids’ insecurities in the best possible way. Remember that lace butterfly sleeves are amazing for camouflaging upper arms, whereas A-line skirts do the trick for larger legs and bottoms. Fabrics such as chiffon provide a flowing look which is the best for covering a problematic belly.

Accentuate their attributes

Selecting a number of styles that emphasise different body features is essential. Accentuating your bridesmaids’ attributes is what should concern you as much as camouflaging their flaws, so talk to them and find out what their favourite body part is. A sweetheart neckline is fantastic for emphasising their bust, whereas off-the-shoulder and V-neckline styles are exactly what they need for elongating the neck and showing off their defined collarbone.

Style tips - Plus size bridesmaidsChoose a flattering style

You want your bridesmaids to feel comfortable in their dresses, so make sure to take their wishes into consideration before making a final decision. A fit-and-flare style is among the most desired since it creates a stunning hourglass figure your gals will be proud of. An empire cut is also one of the top picks. In fact, any dress that cinches at the waist will do wonders for your lovely bridesmaids. If you’re up for a semi-formal or informal wedding, you can always let them choose plus size dresses that can be worn on a daily basis once the reception is over!

Avoid too shiny fabrics

Very shiny fabrics, such as taffeta, charmeuse, and high-shine satin, are a huge ‘no’ when it comes to plus-size bridesmaids’ dresses. Make sure to stay away from them as much as possible. These are not recommended since they are likely to create a visual enlargement, which is definitely not what your bridesmaids want. Instead, opt for lace or organza, which are beyond flattering for a plus-size figure.

As you can see, picking dresses for your plus-size bridesmaids can be a piece of cake if you know what to look for. There are particular things you need to pay extra attention to, such as the selection of materials and styles. Besides that, you should make sure that those dresses cover their insecurities and accentuate the main attributes at the same time. Once that’s done, you can be sure that your bridesmaids will be happy with the styles you’ve picked for them, without exception!

Accessorise yourself

Accessorise yourself

Accessorise yourself“Accessories are like vitamins to fashion – as such you should use them liberally” Anna dello Russo. 

Whether it’s a jewellery item, handbag or hat – choose one or all to transform any outfit.

Beat the heat with a range of day time hats in various styles and colours or add a touch of glamour to your look with stunning jewellery pieces by Xcesri and Boston & Bailey.

Don’t go past a stylish Calvin Klein handbag – there’s one for each and every fashionista.



Fendi turns 90!

Fendi turns 90!

Fendi turns 90!FENDI sealed once more its profound and long-lasting bond with Rome, by choosing its hometown to celebrate the 90 years anniversary of the Maison.

The event started on 7 July late in the afternoon with a private cocktail at the San Luca Academy inside Palazzo Carpegna, an historical Roman Palazzo hosting an artists’ association founded in 1593, just a few steps away from the Trevi Fountain, where it was launched – as a worldwide preview – the FENDI ROMA book. The book, conceived to celebrate 90 years of the Maison, its history, identity and the profound link with the city of Rome, has been presented in an exclusive set up inside the exhibition area where its photographic images were displayed as in an art gallery.

The celebration continued at the glorious Fontana di Trevi, for a never seen before fashion show with the Legends and Fairytales Haute Fourrure Collection, designed by Karl Lagerfeld, once more an example of the unique craftsmanship, daring creativity and expression of the excellence of the Roman Maison. The Trevi fountain’s water and play of lights fused with the catwalk rhythm giving life to an iconic Roman atmosphere. International Top models as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid walked down the transparent catwalk placed on water during sunset time as floating fairies.

Fendi turns 90!The fashion show was followed by a breath-taking dinner at Terrazza del Pincio in Villa Borghese, that hosts one of the most amazing landscape views of Rome. The guests walked through a corridor immersed in Karl Lagerfeld’s sketches since 1965, a special artwork called Gust of Wind conceived by the internationally renowned designer Paul Cocksedge Studio. An unexpected and circular “FENDI fountain” was constructed embracing the dinner venue to underline once again the profound and historic bond between FENDI and the roman fountains.

The dinner was followed by a special performance by Giorgio Moroder, an icon and live legend of the disco music, that has collaborated with the biggest stars on earth as Barbara Streisand, Freddy Mercury, Donna Summer and Daft Punk. He has an award winning record: 3 Academy Awards for the music of the famous movies Top Gun, Flashdance and Never Ending Story, 4 Grammy awards and 4 Golden Globes and more than 100 Gold and Platinum Records.

On 8 July, guests were invited to the preview of the exhibition FENDI ROMA – The Artisans of Dreams at Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana’s first floor, designated to host exhibitions open to the public throughout the year, followed by a brunch on the terrace of the first floor ofPalazzo della Civiltà Italiana. The exhibition, open to the public starting from 9 July, is conceived to celebrate the Maison’s unique craftsmanship and creativity, founding and distinctive elements of the luxury Roman House core values.

Fendi turns 90!FENDI also presents the ultimate sublimation of the Peekaboo bag and the Selleria line with the exceptional PEEKABOO 90 YEARS,designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi, a one-of-a-kind bag entirely made by hand in only 60 pieces, created to celebrate the 90thanniversary of the Maison. With the most ancient techniques of the Roman master saddlers, the PEEKABOO 90 YEARS, is sold exclusively in the Palazzo FENDI boutique in Rome, starting from July 2016.

Special windows have been developed exclusively for the Palazzo FENDI boutique to celebrate the 90 years of the Maison where special paper craft techniques are used to illustrate the story of the Maison, where suitcases become the cover of a giant books and paper miniatures, examples of fine craftsmanship, represent the five Fendi sisters, Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi.

FENDI, together with Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi, celebrated on this occasion, 90 years of the Maison’s great revolutionary worldwide achievements, avant-garde experimentation, unlimited research and innovation, proposing new luxurious and modern fur designs and accessories.

Monsieur Bernard Arnault with his son Alexandre also paid homage to FENDI and took part to the 90 anniversary with their presence.

Among the other most important celebrities that attended the event:

Kate Hudson, Actress
Gong Li, Chinese Actress
Bella Thorne, Actress and Singer
Lindsey Wixson, Model
Lottie Moss, Model and Sister of Kate Moss
Amanda Harlech, Karl Lagerfeld’s Muse
Delfina Delettrez Fendi, Jewels Designer and 4th Generation of FENDI Family
Elizabeth Von Guttman, Socialite
Fiona Scarry, Socialite
Alexia Niedzelski, Socialite
Maria Grazia Chiuri, Creative Director
Pierpaolo Piccioli, Creative Director
Chiara Ferragni, Blogger and Influencer
Mira Duma, Influencer
Ginevra Elkann, Cinema Producer
3 FENDI sisters, Carla, Franca and Anna Fendi
Ira Furstemberg, Aristocratic/Socialite
Ornella Muti, Italian Iconic Actress
Kasia Smutniak, Italian Actress
Sveva Alviti, Italian Actress
Charlotte Stockdale, Stylist
Joephine de la Baume, French Actress, Model and Singer
Tiffany, Korean Actress
Leslie Han, Korean Actress
Alex de Betak, Bureau Betak’s Founder
Sophia Sanchez de Betak, Fashion Consultant
Osanna Visconti di Modrone, Aristocratic/Socialite and Designer
Madina Visconti di Modrone, Aristocratic socialite and Jewels Designer
Sofia Odescalchi, Aristocratic/Socialite
Edmée Nicolis di Robilant, Aristocratic/Socialite
Claudio Santamaria, Actor
Miriam Leone, Actress
Matilda De Angelis, Actress
Alessandro Borghi, Actor
Lorenzo Richelmy, Actor
Giorgio Pasotti, Actor
Alessandro Roja, Actor


VIDEO: https://youtu.be/G1FO6dHv7xI


Always Staying in Shape with Shapewear- Quick Tips for Styling

Always Staying in Shape with Shapewear- Quick Tips for Styling
Image: popsugar.com.au

Always Staying in Shape with Shapewear- Quick Tips for Styling

There are days when you would want smoother curves, sans those unwanted piles of fat. While nothing beats a healthy lifestyle, exercise and diet for a lean body, a few fashion hacks can be great. As the title may have already suggested, the main item we are talking about is shapewear.

Available in different sizes, styles and material, a shapewear, or simply shape wear, is the item that is used inside your clothing (or often as a dress in itself) to smoothen the curves and enhance the appeal. Here are some few elements about shapewear you should know before buying clothes online.

Shapewear can be worn every day: Most girls think of shaping clothes and inners to be very rough to their overall comfort, arguing that there isn’t much different between a shapewear and corset. While the concept might be same, corsets are way more difficult to wear. Wearing shapewear doesn’t mean you will have to struggle to breathe every single moment. There are ladies who always need to look perfect, and for them, these inner secrets are like a boon worth appreciating every day.

Choose the right material: You will find shapewear to come in different materials, but mostly Lycra, cotton and nylon. Cotton ones can be rough but are good for the skin, but if you are keen to add some glamour to the special parties, always opt for nylon designs, which offer good boost to the body shape and last way more longer. If you haven’t shopped for shapewear ever, click here to find some of the best designs with choices in materials.

Consider the bust shape: While shapewear is essentially designed to flatten the tummy, hips and thighs, most girls have issues thinking of the bust size. A push-up bra works well when coupled with shapewear for the right lift as the bra style will also make the waist look slimmer visually. Also, if you feel wearing a padded or push-up bra is adding unwanted weight to the bosoms, you can wear stick-on bra made of silicon for some extra support. There are also minimizing bras, which are available with most known lingerie stores.

Go for the right design: Let’s start by saying that shapewear can be utterly unforgiving at times, and there is nothing more of an epic fail than wearing a dress with the innerwear for view. If you are wearing materials like lace and satin, make a point to choose a complete bodysuit that shapes the lower body and busts. In terms of colours, you don’t need to buy shapewear that matches your dresses, but ideally nude and body colour ones are the best by all means.

Next time you want to flaunt a perfect body, do take a chance with shapewear that is worth your size and fits you to perfection.

Author: Suzy Walsh is the chief writer and editor for The House Of Elegance Fashion and works with other style and fashion magazines as their guest writer for trends, fashion news and how-to’s.


Fashion Shoot – Cultural Couture

Fashion Shoot – Cultural Couture

Fashion Shoot – Cultural Couture

Photography Chris Dillon, www.dillon.co.nz

Hair & Makeup Nicki Collett using MAC, www.nickicollett.com

Models Tihi King, Alex Sogno


Shona Tawhiao, www.tawhiao.com

Te Wai Manuka by Norwin NZ, www.norwinnz.co.nz

Kiri Nathan, www.kirinathan.com

Shirts & Waistcoats: Te Wai Manuka by Norwin NZ, Embroidered by: Empro Stitch Media, www.empro.co.nz

Bouquets & flowers: www.artiflax.co.nz, www.flaxation.co.nz

Pounamu: www.kirinathan.com Jewellery: Lisa Tamati, www.lisatamati.co.nz

Hosts: www.hamuranalodge.com

On location in Rotorua: Mitai, Te Puia, Hamurana Springs

Fashion Shoot - Cultural Couture

Fashion Shoot - Cultural Couture

Fashion Shoot - Cultural Couture

Fashion Shoot - Cultural Couture

Photoshoot : Bridal Attendants

Photoshoot : Bridal Attendants

Bridal Attendants Can Be Fabulous

Photography Chris Dillon

With wedding gowns adding a lot more punch in the way of colour, we went searching for outfits that  will add a touch of glamour and panache to your attendant’s attire.

Loaded up with clothes, heels and jewels, we then headed to SKYCITY for a little fun!

Fashion Shoot - Bridal Attendants
L-R Darren wears a Boston slim 100% pure wool suit with slim black tie and ivory slim shirt, Dorset Suit Hire.
Jen wears a sunflower yellow dress in fairytale chiffon with stretch satin, Modes.
Michiel wears a Bentley satin shawl lapel tuxedo and Marcella wing tip shirt with button studs from Exclusive Suit Hire.
Fashion Shoot - Bridal Attendants
Natasha wears a watermelon fairytale chiffon gown, Modes.
Renee wears a figure hugging blue chiffon Jane Yeh evening gown featuring blue crystal beading detail under bust and on shoulders.
Alexey wears Phantom satin peak lapel tuxedo with a white French cuff shirt, Exclusive Suit Hire.
Photoshoot : Bridal Attendants
Go for a James Bond look – it’s HOT right now!
L-R Darren wears a Boston slim 100% pure wool suit with slim black tie and ivory slim shirt, Dorset Suit Hire.
Natasha wears an exclusive Ooby Ryn print jumpsuit.
Alexey wears Phantom satin peak lapel tuxedo with white French cuff shirt and black satin tie, Exclusive Suit Hire.
Renee wears a midnight blue silk halter top with cowl neck and midnight blue georgette trouser, Kiri Nathan.
Photoshoot : Bridal Attendants
Michiel wears a Bentley satin shawl lapel tuxedo, Marcella wing tip shirt with button studs and a black bow tie from Exclusive Suit Hire.
Jen wears a pleated sheer high neck dress with handwoven contemporary cloak inspired by traditional korowai (both one off pieces), Kiri Nathan.
Shoes by Trousseau Bridal Shoes and Nicholas Jermyn.
Photoshoot : Bridal Attendants
Black is the new white!
Michiel wears Bentley satin shawl lapel tuxedo, Marcella wing tip shirt with button studs and black bow tie.
Natasha wears a Matthew Eager gown in black jersey, Modes.
Alexey wears Phantom satin peak lapel tuxedo with white French cuff shirt and black satin tie, Exclusive Suit Hire.
Renee wears black gown with jeweled embellished low cut V-neckline, Bridal Brilliance.
Darren wears a Boston slim 100% pure wool suit with slim black tie and ivory slim shirt, Dorset Suit Hire.
Jen wears a black gown with elaborate silver beaded collar, Bridal Brilliance.
Shoes by Trousseau Bridal Shoes and Nicholas Jermyn.
Photoshoot : Bridal Attendants
Jen wears a lolly pink dress in stretch taffeta, Modes.
Renee wears a Jane Yeh cocktail gown in purple French lace with lace scalloped edge features on the neckline and the back.
Natasha wears a smokey stretch satin dress, Modes.
Shoes by Trousseau Bridal Shoes
Photoshoot : Bridal Attendants
Have a winning hand in shades of lavender and purple.
Jen wears purple gown with bling sheer straps and figure hugging ruched bodice, Bridal Brilliance.
Alexey wears Gallardo peak lapel slim charcoal 2-button suit with pleated win tip French cuff shirt, black bow tie and white pocket square, Exclusive Suit Hire.
Natasha wears a chiffon and light satin gown, also available in knee length, from Jessica Bridal.
Renee wears a Jane Yeh evening gown in lilac, lemon and turquoise French lace fabric with a lilac shimmer organza skirt slit at the front.
Michiel wears a Mozart ivory tuxedo, black trousers, Marella wing tip shirt and matching Marcella bow tie and white silk scarf.
Darren wears an elegant dinner suit with rounded silk wing lapel and bow tie, Dorset Suit Hire.

Photoshoot : Bridal Attendants Photoshoot : Bridal Attendants

Photoshoot : Bridal Attendants
1. Miley from Coloriffics in fuschia satin, Trousseau Bridal Shoes
2. 9ct smokey quartz and diamond pendant, earrings and ring from Stewart Dawsons
3. Jen wears a Misha dress, also available in purple and orange, Annah Stretton
4. Gold Citroen from Pallas Cars
5. Renee wears Judy dress, also available in navy and plum, Annah Stretton
6. Onyx and white gold ring by Alfieri & St John from Orsini, 9ct white gold and onyx diamond earrings and pendant from Stewart Dawsons.
7. L-R: 9ct white gold chequer cut aquamarine ring (matching earrings and pendant), 9ct smokey quartz and diamond ring (matching earrings and pendant), 9ct white gold and aquamarine ring (matching earrings and pendant), 18ct diamond dress ring (TDW = 1 carat) all from Stewart Dawsons, onyx ring from Orsini
8. A selection of dyed and dyeable shoes all available from Trousseau Bridal Shoes

With thanks to:

Photography: Chris Dillon, www.dillon.co.nz

Photography Assistant: Mead Norton

Hair & Makeup by Nicki Collett using MAC, www.nickicollett.com

Hair & Makeup Assistants: Jennifer Cochrane and Angela Young, www.bridalbeauty.co.nz

Men’s shoes: Black European leather Brogues and Oxfords from Nicholas Jermyn, www.nicholasjermyn.co.nz

Darren’s Suits: Dorset Suit Hire, www.dorsetsuithire.co.nz

Michiel’s and Alexy’s Suits: Exclusive Suit Hire, www.exclusivesuithire.co.nz

Women’s shoes – all from Trousseau Bridal Shoes, www.trousseaubridalshoes.co.nz

Shannon in silver metallic from Paradox London : Pink Sanjuan in gold metallic from Coloriffics, Miley in fuschia satin from Coloriffics, Ivy in black satin from Dyables, Dominica in nude with Swarovski toe detail from Coloriffics, Pretty in dyed gold from Paradox London : Pink, Geneva in purple metallic from Coloriffics


Bridal Brilliance, www.bridalbrilliance.co.nz

Jessica Bridal, www.jessicabridal.co.nz

Modes, www.modes.co.nz

Kiri Nathan, www.kirinathan.com

Annah Stretton, www.annahstretton.co.nz

Jane Yeh, www.jane-yeh.com


Renee Christianson, Michiel Ellen, Natasha Johnstone, Darren Kearns, Jen Lim,  Alexey Makhovskiy


Stewart Dawsons, www.stewartdawsons.co.nz

Orsini, www.orsini.co.nz


SKYCITY Auckland and SKYCITY Grand Hotel



Shape Up

Shape Up

Shaping UpShape Up

By Suzanne Lee Dunn

When a woman steps out of the fitting room in an outfit that she feels relaxed and comfortable in, her shoulders relax and her eyes and face look at ease. Thus she appears more confident and certainly feels more confident.

Most women have no idea why they look great in that particular suit, but there are actually many, many reasons. So let’s talk about achieving the perfect look for you and your body shape on that special day…

1. This point is easy and is relevant to EVERY body shape. Always look for vertical movement in an outfit – this rule applies to your everyday wardrobe too! Vertical movement can come in the form of vertical panel seams, a print that runs long and skinny down the body, appliqués placed in a vertical manner or frills, fluting and trimmings that fall vertically down the body. There’s no denying it, vertical movement within an outfit will slim you down.

2. If you feel you’re shorter than average, this season you’re in luck. One of the big looks for the season is angled, jagged and stepped hemlines. These cuts are flattering in that they not only slim down the leg, they optically lengthen the leg, too. We’ve done this look in a big way at KOOKY with styles such as the Enchanted dress with a double overlap of bias cut hemlines then an under layer which is concave; and the Filigree tunic and skirt with a 3-step ‘shark tooth’ hemline, or the tulle Godet skirt with godets that fall down to stepped peaks at the hemline. A skirt with a straight hemline that cuts across the calf or knee area will actually make you look shorter.

3. Frills, fluting and ruffles are big this summer and, applied in the right spot, can be so flattering. The obvious thing to avoid is any of these three in areas that you feel are proportionately larger than other areas of your body. For example, if you happen to have plenty in the bust but are smaller through the hip, frills around your neckline are going to make you look top heavy. You’re best to stick with a subtle ‘V’ neckline, (the vertical nature of the ‘V’ will reduce the appearance of the bust), and choose something where the fluting or frills fall down the skirt, which will in turn balance the whole body.

Shaping UpThe opposite of course applies if you’re small busted and wide through the hip/tum area – a ruffled neckline will look gorgeous on you with the area through the tum and hip kept simple and straight cut.

4. I don’t think I know anyone (of mature age) that likes to show their arms off from the elbow up. This is easily sorted – there’s plenty to choose from with sleeves cut to just below the elbow. At KOOKY every style has an elbow length sleeve.

But it’s surprising how many women are also conscious of the size of their arms. There are ways to flatter the arm as well and it’s all about the vertical movement. A ‘V’ or split at the  hem/cuff will help in drawing the eye down the arm making it appear slimmer. Panel seams or bias seams (that angle down toward the body) are ideal, too. With mothers of the bride and groom, often a mix of fabrics is used within the one garment. A patterned body with a plain sleeve (especially if the sleeve is a darker tone) will give you a slim line through the arm.

5. If you’re conscious of a bit of podge in the thigh/hip area and would love to achieve a smooth look, don’t be afraid to wear some snug ‘control underwear’. These help smooth you over and you’ll feel a whole lot less self conscious on the day. If you decide to go this way, buy your underwear before your outfit and have them on when you start the trying on process. It’s amazing how different things can look and feel with them on.

6. Get some advice on the right lippy to wear with your outfit. It’s important that the lipstick not only ties in with the fabric but suits you and your complexion. You may look stunning in a red outfit but the question is do you go for a brighter shade in lipstick or a deeper or paler hue? Always take your outfit with you and talk to a makeup consultant about what’s right for you, but there are a few general rules of thumb. If you’re pale skinned, never go too dark in a lipstick; it can look tacky and a little harsh. A pale to mid-tone with a bit of warmth in it will be perfect.

If your skin tone is olive or tanned then the opposite works – pale colours won’t work for you but mid to dark shades will enhance your complexion. For all skin types avoid colours that look the same or very close to your skin colour. This look is great for the ‘20 something’s’ but a mature complexion requires a bit of a lift so you want to see some colour.

7. And lastly, this tip is well worth noting as it will help you achieve an overall perfect look. One thing many don’t think about, but in my opinion is most important, is that you look just as good from behind as you do from the front. At weddings you’ll be seen from behind a lot, especially during the ceremony. In fact, during the ceremony, when you’re standing with your back to the guests, is often the first time people get a glimpse at your outfit. At KOOKY we put a lot of thought into the back details, not so that you’ll feel self conscious but so that lines hit you in the right spot in order to flatter the body; special points of difference also feature often.

All the above said, sometimes it’s hard to know what your body shape is REALLY like. Most women perceive their bodies to be far worse than what they actually are, that’s why it pays to just start trying things on. Start by following the above guidelines according to what you FEEL your body shape is – you’ll know as soon as you step out of the fitting room and look in the mirror if you’ve hit the mark or not. Also, trust your stylist. KOOKY don’t just have shop assistants, they have actual stylists, trained to help dress you, so let them work their magic. So get out there ladies and enjoy playing dress-ups! ♥

ED: KOOKY is no longer trading, but their advice is still valid.



kay gossGOSS


After studying pattern cutting and designing in the 1990’s and working in the industry for a period, Kay started her own label creating corsets and bustiers to order. The label grew to a small selection of garments over several seasons, and last year GOSS launched their first full range of Lingerie.

Kay’s vision is clear: The secret to lingerie is how it makes you feel. It adds glamour to any outfit, even if no one can see it. “I want to create pieces that make you feel beautiful and inspire you to collect. Pieces which are chic, well made and sensual,” she explains. “I want GOSS to become a brand that people love and adore.”

All garments are designed and handmade in the Auckland workroom, a relaxed setting where customers receive one-on-one attention and can browse the collection. Samples are on hand in a variety of sizes to try before you buy. The online shop was launched just before Christmas, where garments and gift vouchers are available for purchase .

With customers ranging from the very petite to the very voluptuous, Kay wanted to continue to offer the made-to-measure option. “It is often only a slight adjustment that will make all the difference to the fit and feel of the garment and I wanted to cater to all heights, shapes and sizes.” GOSS prides itself on its personal service and Kay welcomes customers calling to talk about the range.

The collection includes a classic range of bustiers, corsets, corsolettes, bodysuits, briefs and suspenders, slips, robes, dresses and lounging suits, plus some special edition tulle skirts and sequinned evening coats.

The fabrics range from rich textures to delicates weaves and, whether nylon mesh or 100% silk, they are chosen to not only look gorgeous but feel luxurious against the skin.

“Lingerie is fashion, too. Many of our clients are wearing our garments as outerwear and they look amazing, either worn casually or dressed up. I love it when girls leave wearing an item with just their jeans or shorts. Our robes are a go-to favourite over a slip dress or trousers. A lot of people travel with one garment to use different ways.”

A wedding is an ideal time to start your collection. Brides who want to make their wedding even more special can choose a beautiful robe to wear while preparing for the big day. Adding a corsolette and French knickers for midnight or a lounging suit for your honeymoon is a great way to start.

Wanting to make the experience even more of a treat, all garments are presented within a custom made lingerie bag in an elegant box

Kay’s biggest tip: Don’t worry about what other people think when you are shopping for lingerie for yourself or your loved one – this is all about you!