DIY – Rustic Log Centrepiece

DIY – Rustic Log Centrepiece

DIY - Rustic Log CentrepieceThis super simple DIY project will transform any rustic style country/garden wedding. This is the perfect way to get your Groom involved as he gets to use his power tools! And you get a stunning centrepiece for your wedding that can then be used in your home as a lovely reminder of your special day.

DIY - Rustic Log CentrepieceThings you will need:

Log of Wood


16mm Drill Bit

Test Tubes

Flowers of your Choice

Funnel (optional)

screenshot_2641HOW TO:

Step One: Drill holes along the top of the log, wherever you would like the test tubes filled with flowers to go.

Step Two: Carefully twist each test tube into each holes you have drilled, and fill with water.

Step Three: Trim flowers stems and arrange the flowers however you wish in the test tubes. This style of centrepiece suits a more relaxed, casual arrangement.

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