Terms & Conditions – Advertising

Advertising Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions are deemed part of every space booking confirmed in writing.

Rate increase: where a rate increase occurs during your contract period you will not be liable for any such increase until expiration of that contract period.

Cancellations: We do not permit cancellations once paperwork is completed. Should artwork not be provided, advertisers or their agencies will still be liable for all space booked at full rate.


a)  All material shall be delivered to us without any expense to us.

b)  Any expenses incurred by us in trying to obtain late material shall be recoverable from the advertiser or their 

c)  Where a multiple issue booking is in place and no fresh material or new instructions are received by deadline 
date, we shall repeat previously supplied copy.

d)  We do not take responsibility for material supplied. Always retain a copy for yourself.

e)  All ads are at our discretion. We reserve the right to refuse any space booking or material.

f)  The placement of ads within the magazine is at our discretion unless a specific loading has been ordered 
and paid for.


a) Invoices are generated on the publication of each issue and payments are due 20th of the month following.

b) Where an agency is in place, both the company and the advertising agency will be held jointly and severally liable for payments due.

c) Overdue accounts will be liable for a late payment penalty of 2% per month.

d) Additional costs incurred in the collection of outstanding amounts, including but not limited to fees, legal expenses, debt collection fees, etc, will be charged to the advertiser’s account.

e) All rates and charges are subject to GST

f) Where an agency is involved, rates are subject to an additional amount to cover commission.

g) Due to the rising costs of utilising Paypal, we now levy a fee of 3% on all accounts settled using this method.

Publisher’s Liability:

a)  Whilst all care is taken, no liability will be accepted for any loss by reason of omission, alteration or misplacement. We expressly deny all claims and any liability for any action by any 
person(s) that may arise against the advertiser.

b)  Whilst every care is taken to guarantee insertion, should the ad or any part of the total media purchase miss insertion, it will run in a future issue and no discussion or financial 
reimbursement or reduction of amount payable will be entered into.

c)  Should publication run late due to events beyond our control, we will not be held responsible and no discussion of financial remuneration or reduction of amounts payable will be 
entered into.

Advertiser’s Liability:

By signing our booking confirmation form, the advertiser warrants:

a)  that no statement, representation or information contained in the supplied material is misleading, deceptive or otherwise infringes the Fair Trading Act.

b)  that the material supplied is neither defamatory, in breach of copyright, trademark or other intellectual or industrial property right.

c)  that the material supplied is not in breach of any provision of any Statute, Regulation or Rule of Law.

d)  that the advertiser agrees to indemnify the Publisher against all losses or costs, legal or otherwise, arising as a result of the publication of the advertisement.

e)  that the advertiser agrees to keep all terms, rates and any contra agreed strictly confidential. In the event of a breach of this condition, the advertiser will be liable for payment of any space booking currently under contract at full rate card value.