Infinite Proposal Possibilities…

infinite proposal opportunitiesYour Wedding Day may seem but a faraway fantasy for those who are yet to pop or be posed the ultimate question.

Alleviating the pressure of creating, concealing and then delivering an extraordinary marriage proposal, Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas presents unexpected scenarios that are luxuriously surprising, cleverly clandestine and truly one of a kind, in the most romantic destinations on earth.

Mastermind a legendary proposal at Anantara Golden Triangle Resort & Spa in northern Thailand, commencing with a unique arrival experience by boat and concluding with a baby elephant ring presentation. A traditional welcome aboard a longtail boat takes you along the Mekong River towards a landmark golden Buddha before you enjoy a gentle elephant trek through 160 acres of vivid jungle and countryside. As sunset descends, enjoy a romantic Dine by Design in any number of intimate settings; from a secluded terrace to a moonlit hilltop with three country views, or a picturesque rice paddy field with baby elephant companions. Phil, the baby elephant, will assist in the romantic events of the evening by doing his best to offer an elegant bouquet of flowers in his trunk or a bow-tied gift box around his neck with the engagement ring hidden inside. All that remains is to pop the question!

At Anantara Kihavah Villas, unforgettable Maldivian impressions invite a proposal that seems exceptional even in the world’s greatest paradise. Signature dining at Sea.Fire.Salt.Sky is a unique under and over water gastronomic concept featuring four remarkable venues. Descend to Sea’s secretive depths, where a sole table awaits you in the underwater restaurant, and only a circular glass wall separates you from the mesmerising marine life of the Indian Ocean. With graceful sea creatures as an audience, present the engagement ring in a coconut shell filled with Maldivian sand and a beautiful coral from the beach.

In Thailand, swim into a hidden world reminiscent of the film “The Beach” and emerge into an epic engagement scene; not courtesy of an underwater proposal, but with an offer of marriage pronounced on hidden sands that can only be reached through a mysterious swim-through cave. At Anantara Si Kao Resort & Spa, just an hour south of Krabi in Thailand, the Andaman’s innocent beauty reveals authentic gem islands. Set off bright and early across the Andaman Sea, heading for the resort’s private Koh Kradan island beach club. At the Emerald Cave the crew will drop anchor alongside beautiful sheer cliffs. Jump overboard into warm, clear turquoise waters and follow the guide as he shows the way into the cave; as it becomes a dark channel, torches are turned on to illuminate the mysterious journey. Swim towards the daylight where a tropical beach is enclosed by a vertical cliff face. Here an exclusive champagne picnic is laid out on the golden sand, while an abundance of natural hiding places provides endless ideas for where the engagement ring can be concealed.

The greatest proposals come out of the blue. Sell her on a holiday in Thailand … then promise her the world! ♥