Kate ‘Trumps’ Posh

Kate 'Trumps' PoshKate Middleton is the new Queen of fashion, according to a Royal Wedding version of Top Trumps out March 30th 2011.

She OUT trumps Posh in the brand new official pack in the ‘Style Icon’ category as the makers declare her “The Queen of Style”.

The pack also sees:

* FERGIE finally getting an invite, after all, to the wedding. She is included in the pack – but gets a big fat zero in one key rating (There are five different rated categories in this special pack: ‘VIP’ ; ‘Age’ ; ‘Style Icon’ ; ‘Celebrity Press’ ; ‘Big Day Rating’).
* PRINCESS DIANA is also part of the pack, the makers saying as she will be in the “hearts and minds” of not just Prince William and the Royals but also the public.
* Kate’s mate PUB LANDLORD John Haley is featured in the pack as a guest alongside other more glam guests. John gets OUT trumped by Kate Middleton’s mum in the pack.

The game features all the great and good who will be at next month’s wedding, including not only Royals but many guests including Posh, Becks and Sir Elton John. The dress and ring are featured too. The announcement of the new game comes with exactly one month to go to the Royal Wedding.

For the first time the three Top Trumps panelists, who decide which packs are produced, will be revealed for the first time at the Official Launch. They are: Tom Liddell, Managing Director of Winning Moves UK. Tom played Top Trumps at school and never dreamed he would one day own the company that produces this brand all over the world! Fiona Hortopp – Head of Marketing of Winning Moves UK ; and Nik Battersby, Head of Product Development.

As well as launching its ‘Royal Wedding Top Trumps’ the game’s makers – London-based Winning Moves UK – are for the first time offering a couple the chance to be showcased in a customised Top Trumps version of THEIR own wedding. The best entry will be the couple who most convince the Top Trumps makers in up to 50 words why their wedding “Is so special”. Entries to : weddings@toptrumps.com by 29th April 2011.

“This bespoke pack of Top Trumps is for use on the couple’s wedding day,” says Fiona Hortopp, Head of Marketing at the Top Trumps makers Winning Moves UK. It’s a real ‘money-can’t buy’ prize. The lucky winner will get to work on the pack and produce it featuring their own top table and wedding guests.” Explaining the thinking behind the pack in general and the generous Kate Middleton fashion rating in particular Fiona says: “Kate Middleton has come out top in the category because we are sure in months to come she will be the new Queen of Style. She is well on her way. This is a keep-sake pack which won’t be updated so we are not just thinking here and now but now and forever – a bit like a marriage. Top Trumps is part of British life and synonymous with all things cool in Britain. That’s why we have decided that the Royal Wedding is cool – a classic tale of a Princess meeting her Prince. At Top Trumps we think very carefully about what packs we produce. We constantly get welcome suggestions from the public suggesting ‘great’ pack ideas, but this one grew on its own. The Royal Wedding is a unique and rare event – and a great reason to celebrate. By producing this pack, we are developing something that is also rare, collectible, and uniquely British, as there are only a limited number being produced. We feel we have injected a bit of humour into the packs, whilst at the same time adhering to official guidelines and protocol.”

Top Trumps is marketed mainly at children, but has thrived and survived – since it first hit shop shelves in 1977 – by constantly re-inventing itself. It produces largely packs aimed at children – such as Dr Who, The Simpsons and Hello Kitty – but keeps its clients as they grow older by producing cheeky challenging packs.

The Top Trumps Royal Wedding pack, price £5 (RRP), is available from 9am on Wednesday March 30th at cultandcool.com, firebox.com, fun-collectables.co.uk and play.com and selected stores.

Top Trumps is owned, devised, designed and produced by Winning Moves UK, a leading London-based games company. Winning Moves UK owns and / or distributes a host of other classic Brands too including: Official regional and soccer versions of MONOPOLY; Bananagrams, Waddington’s Number One Playing Cards, Pass the Pigs and many many more. Visit: www.winningmoves.co.uk

* 1977: Top Trumps first hit shop shelves.
* 50 million: Number of packs that have been produced worldwide.
* 1,590,000,000: Number of individual cards produced since 1977.
* 9: Number of different languages (including Icelandic and Hungarian) the game is played in.