Magic of mother nature

Women across the world agree – the beauty products we use really can and do change how we look, but more importantly how we feel.

Dr Hauschka now introduces a range of five new improved body moisturisers exquisitely blended to care for your daily mood and personality. The new range is bursting with key mood altering ingredients with additional biodynamic and organic plant ingredients to restore, harmonise and invigorate your senses while leaving your skin luxuriously soft and healthy.

BALANCING – $58 – Lavender Sandalwood – clear your mind and restore inner tranquility.
COMPLEX -= $58 – Almond – Initially almond blossoms evoke memories of early spring, then the almond fruit seduces the senses with the lushness of summer.
INVIGORATING & REFRESHING – $55 – Lemongrass Lemon – Awakens the senses, lifting your energy.
PROTECTING – $61 – Rose – Bestows warmth and well being.
SIMPLE & SPECIAL – $55 – Quince – the subtle fruity fragrance accompanies you all day and helps you focus on what’s really important.