Real Wedding Terms & Conditions

Real WeddingTerms & Conditions – Real Wedding submissions

You agree that your story may be published in My Wedding and used within our digital edition and on our website.

You further agree that we may use your photo and story on our social media pages, including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter.

You further agree that your story and images may be used for promotional or other purposes.

You confirm that you have permission to submit your photographs or that you are already in possession of high resolution copies.

You agree that photos submitted via Flashdrive/CD are a copy and that My Wedding will not be responsible for returning same. We do prefer to work electronically, utilising the likes of DROPBOX. Once you have the files in your Dropbox folder, simply share this folder with us via:

We prefer to have a really good blend of COLOUR and BLACK AND WHITE photos to work with. And we need LOTS – our real wedding features can run to over 12 pages!

Have you submitted your stories to other magazines? Whilst we don’t turn stories away if they’ve been published or submitted for publication in other magazines, you do need to advise us if this is the case, especially if they have already published it!

Since our switch to digital, we provide PDF copies of your story  – make sure we have your contact details, and sign up to our Newsletter!

Share your story with family and friends by letting them know which issue you appeared in, and they can download a copy from any of our digital providers.