Start Your Day with a Daily Glass of Super

Start Your Day with a Daily Glass of SuperStart Your Day with a Daily Glass of Super

Metamucil is a daily fibre supplement which contains 100% natural psyllium, a super-fibre with multiple health benefits like helping you feel lighter and more active.

Research shows that high fibre diets are associated with reduced risk of several serious chronic diseases. Fibre is an important dietary requirement which contributes towards digestive health however, many people don’t get the recommended 25-30 grams of fibre per day.

Start Your Day with a Daily Glass of SuperThe psyllium found in Metamucil helps to bridge the fibre gap and is easy to incorporate your daily diet. Simply mix 1.5 teaspoons into 250 ml of water and drink straight away, one to three times per day, or mix into your favourite smoothie recipe.

When mixed with water, the psyllium forms a viscous gel which works to trap bile acids, some cholesterol and waste from the small intestines and helps the body’s natural toxin removal process via its cleansing effect.

In addition to helping transform how you feel from the inside, Metamucil also helps to maintain regularity during pregnancy and can help lower your cholesterol.

Metamucil (RRP from $18.39 for 48 doses)comes in a range of flavours and variants including Wild Berry, Orange, Lemon-Lime or Natural and is available from grocery and pharmacy stores nationwide.