Style File: F G J

Style File:  F G JStyle File:  F G J

F is for Flannel

The term flannel most commonly refers to a woolen cloth that is brushed during the later stages of the weaving process to create a “nap” (a raised pile giving a wonderful softness to the touch). The “flannel shirt”, as popularised by lumberjackts and Nirvana, mistakenly refers to shirts made of tartan and plaid fabrics, rather than flannel cloths.

G is for Gingham

Even if you don’t know the name, you know the design. Gingham is a yard-dyed, balanced check available in an almost infinite array of sizes and colours. It was made fashionable in the 60’s by Mods and remains one of the most popular fabric designs for shirts to this day.

J is for Jigger

If you’ve ever worn a double-breasted jacket or a Peacoat then you’ll have used a jigger, even if you never knew what it was called. The jigger is the button on the inside that is fastened before doing up the buttons on the front of the jacket.