Style Tips for the Mother of the Bride

Style Tips for the Mother of the BrideThe marriage of a child is a life milestone, a family gathering, and a cause for major celebration but it’s also a heavily photo-documented day, which makes choosing a look all the more important. These are the words of Lorna Perrin, Brand Director of a British label that the Middleton sisters have come to rely on for many important occasions over the years. More than a celebration, this is a day when the mother gives away her little girl, sends her off to her new life. As one of the most important members of the family, as well as the wedding party, the mother should always look stylish and impeccably dressed, regardless of age – style is for every age. In order to put your best look forward, and find that perfect balance of not dressing neither ‘old’ or overly ‘young’, these are the style rules to abide by, so take careful note, and remember – this is your day too.

Say yes to a dress

Nothing is more boring and conservative than a suit, especially one that is in a dull color that makes you look older. Aside from that, these suits always feature a calf-length skirt, which is completely unflattering as it brings attention to the thickest part of the leg. Unlike a suit, which is often a completely wrong choice, a well-tailored dress is will always accentuate your figure and do it justice.

Style Tips for the Mother of the BrideLet’s talk about length

The two most appropriate yet highly appealing dresses for the mother of the bride are, without a doubt, the knee and floor-length dresses. Knee length dresses are classy, chic and there is nothing wrong with showing a little leg. They are also conservative enough as to not draw negative attention, and their goal is to make you look attractive yet age-appropriate. As for floor-length, one would think they are even more conservative, and they are in a certain way. However, they are a great way to make an impact, because a long dress always comes with a touch of that ‘wow’ effect. Whichever of the two you choose, you won’t be wrong.

Style Tips for the Mother of the BrideCut and color

Whoever said that the mother of the bride should wear neutral (boring) tones was terribly in the wrong. There is nothing wrong with a little pop of colour. The floral print is always in style; it is fun and festive, and this is what weddings are all about. You can also go bold and make a statement with a stunning red dress without worrying not to ‘upstage’ the bride. As long as you wear a dress that is suitable for your body type, you have nothing to fear. Ok, let’s discuss cuts. If you have a beautiful waistline, then you should definitely accentuate it with a sheath dress. In case you feel somewhat self-conscious about your arms, you can always complement the look with gorgeous women’s cardigans. This way you won’t have to make compromises and go for a different dress when the sheath makes the other parts of your figure absolutely stunning. On the other hand, if your middle area is not something you want to bring attention to, a fitted bodice and gently flared skirt work universally on most women. They create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Bonus tips

One thing you should definitely not wear is nylons. For a look that is more modern, keep your legs bare and moisturised, and toes pedicured—not covered in a pair of pantyhose. On the other hand, don’t shy away from form-fitting undergarments, like Spanx, especially if you decide to wear a form-fitting dress. This little helps will smooth things out, and nip and tuck everything that needs a bit of concealing.