Sugar and daily life

Do you battle to manage your sugar cravings?

Sugar is certainly something we all loathe to love – it may be bad for us, but it tastes so darn good. Then there’s the issue of hidden sugars in much of what we consider everyday food!

“We tend to think of sugar as treats, supplied in foods such as sweets, cakes and slices. But you will be surprised how much sugar is hidden in foods and beverages that we consume on a daily basis. New Zealanders are consuming an excess amount of sugar. This can lead to unbalanced blood sugar levels, and can leave us feeling fatigued, unable to focus, experiencing low mood, hungry, craving sugars and carbohdyrates. GO Sugar Block could be the answer! It contains key ingredients to support balanced blood sugar levels, and lessen the amount of sugar the body absorbs” – Janeen Howard, GO Healthy NZ


Refined sugar has a fast rate of metabolism, little to no nutritional value, and leaves you feeling hungry and wanting more. When we consume refined sugar, it is quickly broken down in the body, driving insulin and blood sugar levels up and causing a quick surge of energy. If not used immediately, this energy is converted into fat by the body.

High sugar consumption is linked with obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases. In New Zealand, 29% of adults and 9% of children obese, the highest rate in Australasia[i], and it is estimated that over 200,000 people are diagnosed with diabetes (predominantly type 2)[ii].

New Zealanders are consuming an excess amount of sugar on a daily basis, far exceeding the recommended amount for adults of nine teaspoons per day.

High levels of sugar consumption are becoming a concern world-wide with the World Health Organisation announcing earlier this year their intentions to draft new guidelines proposing sugars be reduced to less than 10% of total energy intake per day.

[i] New Zealand Herald (May 29,2014)

[ii] New Zealand Ministry of Health (2014)

Sugar and daily lifeThanks to GO Sugar Block you can now get help with both managing those cravings and reducing the effects of sugar on the body! Can also help with supporting healthy blood sugar levels! GO Healthy GO Sugar Block provides advanced support for the body to manage sugar and sugar cravings, with a potent combination of three key ingredients:

  • WHITE MULBERRY – contains an active compound DNJ (Deoxynojirimycin). DNJ is responsible for blocking the enzymes that break down sugars, meaning less is absorbed and more is excreted out of the body as waste.
  • CHROMIUM – GO Healthy GO Sugar Block contains two easily absorbed forms of Chromium, Picolinate and Nicolinate, which help to support healthy blood sugar levels and manage sugar cravings.
  • GYMNEMA – contains substances that help to decrease the absorption of sugar from the intestine to support healthy blood sugars. Gymnema also has the added benefit of helping to manage sugar.

GO Healthy GO Sugar Block is available in GO Healthy VegeCapsules, made from non-GMO vegetable cellulose and 100% free from animal products such as gelatine. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, VegeCaps are easily digested.

STOCKIST DETAILS: GO Healthy products are available at major pharmacies and Health stores nationwide. For further information or to locate your nearest stockist visit, or call GO Healthy’s toll free information line to speak to a GO practitioner; PH 0508 466 9327