Raise Your Glass to Good Health

Raise Your Glass to Good Health

Raise Your Glass to Good HealthRaise your glass to good health with a Goodness Kitchen Detox Smoothie – the delicious way to feel great from the inside out!

Goodness Kitchen Detox Smoothie Bases are 100 percent natural, pure, blended, small batch smoothie bases. Filled with all the fruity vitamins and minerals to help your body shed the nasties, Goodness Kitchen Detox Smoothie Bases contain a powerhouse blend of kiwifruit, mango, spinach and avocado, with a dash of spirulina.

Easy to make – just 30 seconds from freezer to shake – Goodness Kitchen Detox Smoothie Bases create the perfect flavour every time. With no prep, waste or clean up, you can enjoy a delicious smoothie that also delivers functional health benefits.

Made with heart, Goodness Kitchen Detox Smoothie Bases contain no nasties – with no added colours, flavours or preservatives, it’s all about the fruit, pure and simple. There’s also no need to source ingredients or find hard-to-get ingredients that may be out of season – perfect!

Best with coconut milk, but also really tasty with coconut water, Goodness Kitchen Detox Smoothie Bases are all about making life easy – and healthy. Simply place the Goodness Kitchen Detox Smoothie sachet into the blender, add 250ml of liquid and your smoothie is ready to enjoy! Give your smoothie an extra kick-start by adding your choice of Matcha tea powder, green tea leaves, ginger or sunflower seeds.

Brad Tilby, marketing manager for Goodness Kitchen, says Goodness Kitchen Detox Smoothie Bases are the quick, easy way to help busy bodies shed the nasties and feel great during the busy social season.

“In the Goodness Kitchen we are passionate about enabling Kiwis to plant the seed of good health in their everyday life through quick, easy and delicious smoothie blends full of goodness,” he says.

“Goodness Kitchen Detox Smoothie Bases are jam-packed with fruity vitamins and minerals – the ideal combination to help the body ward off any nasties that can strike when we are burning the candle at both ends.”

Goodness Kitchen Detox Smoothie Bases  (RRP $9.99; 4x 120g sachets) are available from  supermarkets and gourmet food stores nationwide.

For more information, visit www.goodnesskitchen.co.nz, www.facebook.com/Goodnesskitchen/, or www.instagram.com/goodnesskitchensmoothies/


Lifestream Essential Protein

Lifestream Essential Protein

100% Plant Protein containing all the essential amino acids!
Boost your daily protein intake naturally and easily with NEW Lifestream Essential Protein Powder – Another outstanding superfood formulated by Lifestream New Zealand.


NEW Lifestream Essential Protein is sourced from high quality Pea, Chia and sprouted Rice. This unique, non-acidic blend is low in fat, gluten free, lactose free and contains the full spectrum of amino acids in each serve.


Protein is an essential building block for bones, cartilage, skin and hair. It is required for growth, strength and repair of muscles as well as being supportive for energy levels, by encouraging normal metabolism.


Key qualities of NEW Lifestream Essential Protein:

  • 100% plant protein
  • Contains all essential amino acids
  • High protein, low fat
  • Natural fibre source
  • Great tasting
  • Easy to mix
  • No artificial flavours, colours or synthetic ingredients
  • Gluten free, dairy free, soy free, hypo-allergenic



Include as a nutrient top up, breakfast alternative or in between meals as part of a healthy diet.

Simply add water or make a delicious ‘power smoothie’ by including other Lifestream superfoods.


NEW Lifestream Essential Protein 450g powder RRP $54.90        850g powder RRP$94.90

(Available in Natural Vanilla and Natural Chai flavours)
Always read the label and use as directed. Supplementary to a balanced diet.



GO Chlorophyll Cleanse

GO Chlorophyll Cleanse

GO Chlorophyll CleanseNEW GO Healthy GO Chlorophyll Cleanse contains nature’s premium liquid Chlorophyll, which is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. Who would have thought that humans could also benefit from Chlorophyll just like plants!

GO Healthy GO Chlorophyll Cleanse acts as an internal deodoriser, with an alkalising effect to help balance the body’s acid-alkaline levels to support overall health and wellbeing. GO Healthy GO Chlorophyll Cleanse is a powerful cleansing agent for the body, by detoxifying the blood, helping with body odour, bad breath and promoting good digestive function.


STOCKIST DETAILS: GO Healthy products are available at major pharmacies and Health stores nationwide.  For further information or to locate your nearest stockist visit, www.gohealthynz.co.nz or call GO Healthy’s toll free information line to speak to a GO practitioner; PH 0508 466 9327.

Sugar and daily life

Sugar and daily life

Do you battle to manage your sugar cravings?

Sugar is certainly something we all loathe to love – it may be bad for us, but it tastes so darn good. Then there’s the issue of hidden sugars in much of what we consider everyday food!

“We tend to think of sugar as treats, supplied in foods such as sweets, cakes and slices. But you will be surprised how much sugar is hidden in foods and beverages that we consume on a daily basis. New Zealanders are consuming an excess amount of sugar. This can lead to unbalanced blood sugar levels, and can leave us feeling fatigued, unable to focus, experiencing low mood, hungry, craving sugars and carbohdyrates. GO Sugar Block could be the answer! It contains key ingredients to support balanced blood sugar levels, and lessen the amount of sugar the body absorbs” – Janeen Howard, GO Healthy NZ


Refined sugar has a fast rate of metabolism, little to no nutritional value, and leaves you feeling hungry and wanting more. When we consume refined sugar, it is quickly broken down in the body, driving insulin and blood sugar levels up and causing a quick surge of energy. If not used immediately, this energy is converted into fat by the body.

High sugar consumption is linked with obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases. In New Zealand, 29% of adults and 9% of children obese, the highest rate in Australasia[i], and it is estimated that over 200,000 people are diagnosed with diabetes (predominantly type 2)[ii].

New Zealanders are consuming an excess amount of sugar on a daily basis, far exceeding the recommended amount for adults of nine teaspoons per day.

High levels of sugar consumption are becoming a concern world-wide with the World Health Organisation announcing earlier this year their intentions to draft new guidelines proposing sugars be reduced to less than 10% of total energy intake per day.

[i] New Zealand Herald (May 29,2014) www.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/news/article.cfm?c_id=6&objectid=11263969

[ii] New Zealand Ministry of Health (2014) www.health.govt.nz/our-work/diseases-and-conditions/diabetes

Sugar and daily lifeThanks to GO Sugar Block you can now get help with both managing those cravings and reducing the effects of sugar on the body! Can also help with supporting healthy blood sugar levels! GO Healthy GO Sugar Block provides advanced support for the body to manage sugar and sugar cravings, with a potent combination of three key ingredients:

  • WHITE MULBERRY – contains an active compound DNJ (Deoxynojirimycin). DNJ is responsible for blocking the enzymes that break down sugars, meaning less is absorbed and more is excreted out of the body as waste.
  • CHROMIUM – GO Healthy GO Sugar Block contains two easily absorbed forms of Chromium, Picolinate and Nicolinate, which help to support healthy blood sugar levels and manage sugar cravings.
  • GYMNEMA – contains substances that help to decrease the absorption of sugar from the intestine to support healthy blood sugars. Gymnema also has the added benefit of helping to manage sugar.

GO Healthy GO Sugar Block is available in GO Healthy VegeCapsules, made from non-GMO vegetable cellulose and 100% free from animal products such as gelatine. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, VegeCaps are easily digested.

STOCKIST DETAILS: GO Healthy products are available at major pharmacies and Health stores nationwide. For further information or to locate your nearest stockist visit, www.gohealthynz.co.nz or call GO Healthy’s toll free information line to speak to a GO practitioner; PH 0508 466 9327

Buffet Body Fitness & Toning

Buffet Body Fitness & Toning

Buffet Body Fitness & ToningBuffet Body Fitness & Toning

by Lee-Anne Wann

Spring can be both exciting and nerve-racking. On the one hand, it’s a sign that things are turning warmer and a wonderful summer is on its way after the cold, wintery blasts. On the other hand, it’s also a very big reminder – summer means less clothing, no bulky layers to hide behind and a screech as we try on some of last summer’s clothing only to find it has shrunk while packed away in the closet. And here I was thinking it was only the dryer that shrunk my clothes!

Yes, it does mean we need to get up and get moving again but, honestly, it doesn’t have to be a chore or some horrific thing we need to put off and put off until it really is too late. Exercising with friends or family members can be the perfect way to rev your own training back into gear. Group exercising really helps foster co-operation, enhances motivation and definitely creates some workout competition – just the thing to take your mind off the actual exercise while you build back into things.

Below is a creative group circuit for you and your friends or partners to have a go at. Put some fun and enjoyment back into those workout sessions and get those summer bods rocking. Buffet Bodies is designed so you can create and plan your own sessions to fit with your goals, your needs and most importantly your time-frames. It’s just like going to a buffet and choosing your favourite foods – we are just choosing favourite exercises (and, yes, you do have some, even though I can hear you saying you don’t have any). Remember – it’s the small things that make for great changes. A little bit of exercise in Spring is going to make Summer a whole lot more fun for you.

When you’re thinking of the best way to train with your partner or friends, the key ingredient is to be imaginative and not focus on how hard or intense the session is. This is the time to spice it up a little and try something new to get you out of the same old routines or, to be frank for most of us, get you INTO some routine. An added benefit is that you’ll get better and faster results as your body must adapt to the new style of training. Now that you’re not ‘going solo’, you can get also get more out of each workout with just a little planning.

Buffet Bodies Circuit – Rev Things Up

This workout is perfect for a group of friends or a family group (including children) as different levels of fitness are easily catered for. You can have anywhere between 2-10 people. You may want to limit the number of exercises per person if there’s a large group.

Organise a meeting time and location, somewhere with open space, such as your local park or someone’s back lawn.

Buffet Body Fitness & Toning• Each person chooses three of their own exercises and brings a list of them along. These can be chosen randomly, perhaps from the internet or from a magazine. You could determine them by body part, so one chooses 3 leg exercises, someone else picks 3 abdominal/core exercises. That way you can be sure you’ll cover all muscle groups for a total body workout. See below for a sample program

• Each exercise is carried out for a pre-determined time, say 30 seconds, followed by an agreed rest period, say one minute.

• One group member starts by demonstrating their first exercise and then everyone executes it for 30 seconds.

• The second group member nominates and demonstrates an exercise, after which everyone follows.

• The circuit continues until everyone has completed their list or if the group is large, everyone has completed two exercises.

With this workout, the rule is that everyone works at their own pace and level. Because of the variety of exercises, no-one is likely to be strong at them all, so everybody can have fun and do well.

A motivating element of Buffet Bodies is you can always bring new and innovative exercises so the body will always get a great workout and no one will ever be bored. As with any exercise session, don’t forget to include a warm-up and cool-down with these exercise ideas, jumping jacks or marching on the spot is always quick and easy to use. You can always have a different person each week in charge of the cool-down and they could bring different ideas and stretches. The options really are endless.

By partnering up with friends or family, your workouts need never be dull and, as well as bringing additional training benefits, they’re great social opportunities – before, as you prepare for your session; during, as you motivate each other; and afterwards, as you relax.

Sample Buffet Bodies By Body Part

This is a great program for toning the entire body and is perfect if you’re short on time.

• Warm-up: 5 minutes marching on the spot

• Perform each exercise for 30 seconds followed by a 30 second rest, then start on the next exercise.

• Legs : Walking Lunges  / Seated Squats  / Running on spot

• Arms : Triceps Dips  / Press ups  / Bicep Curls

• Core / Abs : Crunches  / Glute Bridge  / Leg Raises

• Upper Body : Shoulder Press  / Press up using a bench  / Chest Press

• Cool-Down with a gentle 5-10 min group walk and stretching of any tight areas. ♥


Lee-Anne is perhaps best known for her role as the tough-talking trainer on New Zealand’s top rating health and fitness TV show “Downsize Me”. She not only delivers the workouts and programs on the show but is responsible for the creation and design of the participants’ exercise programs. Well known for her creative and effective programs, Lee-Anne believes that customising to each individual’s needs, goals and lifestyles is the only way to really get results. Lee-Anne is also a published author, fitness and nutrition editor, public speaker and motivator.

W: www.lee-annewann.com


Have a Skinnies summer

Have a Skinnies summer


Skinnies is on a mission to make sure Kiwis are protected this summer, which is why its sungels are specifically made to protect from New Zealand’s harsh rays, and the highest UV conditions in the world.

Why? Simply put, they’ve had enough. Skinnies is sick of all this skin cancer stuff.

New Zealand has some of the highest rates of melanoma in the world – yet with 90% of all skin cancers attributed to too much sun, it’s a rate that can be significantly reduced.

As a New Zealand company, Skinnies makes SPF30 sunscreen gel suited to our climate, that blows the world’s highest sunscreen standards out of the water. Speaking of water, Skinnies doesn’t contain any. Its quick-drying formula isn’t greasy and a little goes a LONG way – about five times as far as conventional water-based sunscreen.

Skinnies also contains a grand total of seven ingredients – none of which are water, emulsifiers, preservatives, parabens, fragrances or any other irritants. So you can be sure you’re looking after your skin’s health without all of the added extras.

Just a dab of Skinnies will go a long way in protecting your skin from the sun, and in doing so reduce your risk of developing melanoma.

Skinnies is so committed to protecting Kiwis this summer, it’s offering half priced Skinnies to anyone who has ever had a skin cancer*, and donating a portion of all sales to the Melanoma Foundation – because as we know, a little goes a long way.

The Skinnies range includes Skinnies Sungel 100ml RRP $34.95, Skinnies Sungel 35ml RRP $18.40, and Skinnies LOOKS Beauty Gel RRP $44.30, available at skinnies.co.nz and good stockists nationwide.

*Promotion only applies to online sales.



Aro HA openingARO HA WELLNESS RETREAT OPENS NEAR QUEENSTOWN –Queenstown, New Zealand:  Aro Ha Wellness Retreat near Glenorchy, Queenstown was officially opened on Thursday, January 9.

Business partners Damian Chaparro and Chris Madison have spent three years creating the unique facility which is almost entirely self-sustaining and built as a model of environmentally friendly development to foster wellness in people.

Around 140 people attended the opening including Acting Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for Clutha Southland the Hon. Bill English and Queenstown Lakes District Mayor Vanessa Van Uden.

Aro HA openingThe Hon. Mr English welcomed Aro Ha and the significant investment into the New Zealand tourism industry.

“This is gracious, sustainable foreign investment into New Zealand.  The partners behind Aro Ha have already brought huge benefits to the Queenstown region, and those benefits will continue to flow.  For Queenstown and Glenorchy Aro Ha adds depth to what is already a very interesting place.”

Perched in the beautiful Southern Alps overlooking LakeWakatipu, Aro Ha is a Zen-inspired centre specialising in innovative all inclusive wellness adventure programs. Aro Ha offers a mix of yoga, meditation & therapeutic massage, rigorous exercise, such as sub-alpine hiking and detoxifing vegetarian cuisine prepared using fresh produce grown from its own permaculture gardens.

A $30million facility, Aro Ha provides its own energy and manages its own waste. Its high tech systems feature photovoltaic and micro hydro power generation and biolytic waste processing.

Aro HA openingAro Ha architecture provides accommodation for up to 32 guests, a spa with saunas, spa and massage rooms, dining and common in buildings designed to Passive Haus standards. Minimalist interior style complements glorious views across lake and mountains.

The first retreat guests arrive this Sunday, January 12. Pricing for a 5-day Enrich and Invigorate retreat starts at NZ$4550 per person and 7-day Delve Deep retreat at NZ$6250 pp, land-only, fully inclusive of all meals, and intensive wellness programming.

For further information please visit www.aro-ha.com

Plagued by thrush?

Plagued by thrush?


Horopito, a native New Zealand plant, has attracted international interest and acclaim for its therapeutic properties that are effective in the treatment of thrush.

While around 75% of women will suffer from thrush at some stage of their life 45% will have two or more episodes annually and approximately 5% are diagnosed with chronic and recurrent infections.

Recently published research undertaken by the ReGenera Research Group of Milan in conjunction with the University of Milan, Italy, found Horopito plant extract, marketed as Kolorex®, is very effective against recurrent vaginal thrush.

The two year study assessed the clinical efficacy of Kolorex® softgels ( made from a patented extract of the Horopito plant) compared to treatment with a synthetic antifungal drug, in the treatment of thrush.  The results showed the Horopito extract to be not only more effective than pharmaceutical antifungal drug, Itraconazole but to have less side effects and lower relapse rates.

While 85% of the group taking the pharmaceutical synthetic drug were thrush free after two years, 91% of the group taking Kolorex® softgels were not only thrush free over the same period but had less side effects and a significantly lower relapse rate (22 people in the Kolorex® group compared to 39 relapses in the pharmaceutical group.)

Kolorex® products were first developed  in 1993 by Forest Herbs Research in Nelson.   Peter Butler, director of Forest Herbs Research, says that up until now recurrent thrush sufferers have not had a lot of choice when trying to reduce or eradicate their symptoms.

“Candida, in all its forms, affects a huge number of people and once entrenched in the system is extremely difficult to remove.

“From what we’ve seen in this study the natural antifungal phytocompound found in Horopito proves to be as good as the pharmaceutical synthetic drug with a lower relapse rate.  This comes on the back of a number of clinical trials and studies over the past 15 years that repeatedly show a high degree of efficacy in treating all forms of candida and other fungal diseases with Kolorex®.”

The randomised study involved 122 women (aged 22-63 years) with a history of at least four proven episodes of thrush in the prior 12 months.  Participants were put into two groups with comparable age and previous gynaecological procedures including birth.  The two groups took either two Kolorex® softgels or the pharmaceutical antifungal drug for one week, every month, for two years.




Prophylactic strategies in recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis: A two year study testing a phytonutrient vs Itraconazole

Published: Journal of Biological Regulators & Homeostatic Agents, Vol 27, no. 3, 875-882 (2013)

About Horopito

A highly active strain of Horopito is organically grown by Forest Herbs Research in Nelson.  It is the only cultivated plantation in New Zealand.  Canterbury University identified the therapeutic properties of Horopito and Forest Herbs’ active Horopito capsules (Kolorex®) have been extensively tested to ensure efficacy.

Horopito is thought to have been growing on New Zealand soil for 65million years and it was used by early Maori for medicinal purposes including skin diseases, cuts, bruises, wounds and toothache.  Later it was used by early European settlers for stomach upsets and pain and diarrhoea.

For further information visit www.kolorex.com

Benefits of Coconut Water

Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut WaterCoconut water, or noelani in Hawaiian meaning “dew from the heavens”, is considered one of the main native foods in the Pacific Islands that holds remedial benefits for rehydration in the hot tropics as well as a nutritional necessity for pregnant and nursing women and children.

Since coconuts are grown near the sea, the roots have a continuous supply of mineral rich salt water. For this reason, coconut water contains a variety of nutrients including natural vitamins (especially B vitamins), antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, growth factors, other phytonutrients and major minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium (one 8-ounce cup of coconut water has more potassium than a banana!). All these minerals are in the form of electrolytes that are easily absorbed by the human body making H2Coco natures ultimate hydration drink!

The fat content of coconut water is also very low, essentially fat-free. It is also low in sugars compared to other fruit juices like fresh grape or apple juice. Even though it is low in sugar, it has a mildly sweet delightful taste making it a delicious and healthy alternative.

According to several research studies recognised worldwide, coconut water is useful in assisting the prevention and relief of many problematic health issues including dehydration, constipation, digestive disturbances, malnutrition, fatigue, heatstroke, boils, diarrhea, kidney stones, osteoporosis, urinary tract infections and sterility.

The greatest amount of research on coconut water is dedicated to treating dehydration and heatstroke. Because of the nutritional content of coconut water, fluids and electrolytes are absorbed quicker and more efficiently into the bloodstream than with other beverages and fluids. Coconut water is now considered to many as nature’s healthiest rehydration drink as it does not have any preservatives or additives!

With all the strong evidence available, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have accepted that natural coconut water drink products can state that they “may reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke1.” Because coconut water improves blood circulation, it is also of benefit to diabetics who suffer from similar symptoms. Coconut water may also help in moderating sugar absorption and improve insulin sensitivity.

Medical research has also shown that the consumption of coconut water can be very effective in dissolving kidney stones. Studies have shown that consuming coconut water two to three times a week may result in significant reduction in stone size and expulsion, eliminating the need for surgery2.

Another interesting component of coconut water is the plant growth hormone, cytokinins that are also known to have an anti-aging effect on human cells and tissues. As human cells age, they become irregular in shape, flatten out, enlarge and fill up with debris, eventually dying but when cytokinins are added, the normal sequence of aging slows down considerably3. Cytokinins in coconut water have been tested for treatment of aging spots, wrinkles, sagging and dry skin and results have shown that it may produce an anti-aging effect on the body reducing risk of developing degenerative and age related diseases.

Another important feature of cytokinins is their anti-cancer properties in regulating cell growth. After the discovery of cytokinins in the ‘50s by The American Cancer Society, they have recognised their potential in fighting cancer4-5.

H2Coco Pure Coconut Water is 100% pure and natural coconut water sourced from tender young coconuts. All H2Coco products are free from preservatives, additives and sugars and are also hypo-allergenic, eliminating the worry of allergic reactions. With two new delicious natural flavours, H2Coco Coconut Water with Pomegranate & Acai and H2Coco Coconut Water with Pineapple, these are the ultimate thirst quenching drinks that are best served cold and enjoyed anywhere, anytime.




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6. Supported by Dr. Richard Bloomer, Director of Cardiorespiratory-Metabolic lab, The University of Memphis


H2Coco Pure Coconut Water with Pomegranate and Acai and H2Coco Pure Coconut Water with Pineapple are available at leading supermarkets, specialty stores and selected cafes nationwide. For more information, visit www.icecubebeverages.co.nz