Cruelty Free!

Cruelty Free!

Designer Brands Cosmetics granted Choose Cruelty Free and Vegan Certification

 Designer Brands Cosmetics has officially been granted Choose Cruelty Free certifications as well as Vegan certification from the Vegan Society, acknowledging all ingredients and finished goods are not tested on animals, are free from animal cruelty and are vegan friendly.

Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which actively campaigns for an end to animal testing of cosmetics, toiletries and other household products.

CCF conduct research and testing on every ingredient in Designer Brands products, as well as every supplier of the ingredients, to ensure the cosmetics are completely free from all forms of animal cruelty.

As a value brand, Designer Brands is thrilled to provide a product free from animal testing and animal cruelty, as well as being vegan friendly.

The certifications mean consumers can enjoy a range of beautiful cosmetics with the added peace of mind that comes from the knowledge they are purchasing ethical products.

Designer Brands’ Brand Manager Maz Cugliari said the cruelty free and vegan friendly certifications are both social issues important to the brand and they are pleased to be recognised as an ethically sound brand.

“It’s critical for our brand to ensure we are delivering ethical products with socially acceptable practices,” said Ms. Cugliari.

“When shopping for cosmetics, consumers are looking for a product that ticks all their boxes, and free from animal testing is among the top three considerations, so it was key for us to give consumers peace of mind when purchasing Designer Brands,” said Ms. Cugliari.

Designer Brands is at a variety of pharmacies across All Unichem, Radius, Amcal, Life and Care Chemist pharmacies.


It’s all in the eyes!

It’s all in the eyes!

Show-stopping eyes are in the bag this season, as COLLECTION Cosmetics introduces seven new eye makeup tools to their ever-popular cosmetics range.

Affordable, on-trend and utterly wearable, these exciting new additions are everything you’ve been waiting for to complete your beauty bag essentials this summer.

It's all in the eyes!COLLECTION Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit

With statement brows still dominating the international catwalks, the NEW COLLECTION Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit gives you everything you need to achieve flawless on-trend brows in one handy compact.

A sellout in the UK, this one-of-a-kind brow palette is destined to be a new cult beauty favourite. Featuring a built-in mirror, three blendable brow powders to customise the perfect shade, a wedge applicator and clear brow mascara to keep those brows in place all day, achieving those on-trend bold brows à la Cara Delevingne has never been easier, or more affordable!

It's all in the eyes!COLLECTION Work The Colour Nude and Smokey Eye Palettes

Whether you’re opting for a classic bronze shimmer at the beach or working a dramatic smokey eye on a night out with the girls, COLLECTION’s NEW Eye Palettes will help you create the perfect statement eye this summer. The NEW Work The Colour Nude and Smokey Eye Palettes each feature eight coordinated shadows and one highlighting cream alongside a helpful ‘how-to’ guide to create a myriad of covetable looks.

With a chic medley of deep brown, bronze and light taupe shades, the Nude Palette is perfect for subtle contouring to create definition while keeping it soft and feminine. If it’s drama you’re chasing, the Smokey Palette combines a stunning palette of charcoal, cool stone and light cream shadows to create that classic, sultry smokey eye.

TIP: The versatile highlighting cream in these palettes can be used to accentuate cheekbones as well as brow bones – simply blend along the highest point of your cheekbones to add luminous dimension to your look.

It's all in the eyes!COLLECTION Waterproof Does It All Mascara

A cult favourite of beauty vlogger ShaaanXO and kiwi girls everywhere, COLLECTION’s bestselling Does It All Mascara is now available in an all-new waterproof formula, perfect for those long summer days ahead!

COLLECTION’s new waterproof mascara combines a long lasting formula that withstands water, sweat and humidity. The ultimate lash wish list just became a reality: curled, volumised, lengthened and conditioned lashes that will last all day, no matter what summer brings.

It's all in the eyes!COLLECTION Extreme Coloured Lengthening Mascara in Blue

With cobalt hues emerging as a major trend in beauty this summer, stay one step ahead of the crowd and make your lashes pop with this intensely pigmented blue mascara. The protein-rich formula works to condition and separate lashes from root to tip, lengthening and nourishing your lashes while you work the colour.

“Blue eyes were seen on countless catwalks this season – COLLECTION Extreme Coloured Lengthening Mascara allows you to work the trend for less. Coat lashes from root to tip for a volumised look in this statement shade of electric blue.” – Francesca Neill, Celebrity Makeup Artist

It's all in the eyes!COLLECTION Luscious Lashes in Natural Length and Glam Volume

It’s no secret that us girls love to enhance our natural assets, and COLLECTION’s very first false lash range has just made it easier than ever. Perfect for adding subtle glamour to any daytime look, the Natural Length curls up and fans out for a classic full lash line.

To really amp up the drama, Glam Volume offers sultry volume and length for that red carpet wow factor. Both sets of lashes come with adhesive glue for effortless application and easy staying power.




Matte colour from Rimmel

Matte colour from Rimmel

Matte colour from RimmelRimmel Enters a New Era of Matte Colour with the Launch of Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet and Velvet Matte Nail collection


Say hello to colour with real MATTE-ITUDE! Rimmel introduces new Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet, the same earth-shattering, pure colour of Apocalips now comes in a splash of a mousse-like texture that quickly sets to a unique velvety matte finish with a flattering soft-focus effect. Also new from Rimmel is Velvet Matte Nail Collection, the ultimate matte nail collection in the most opulent shades of the season.

For the very first time, liquid lip colour goes MAD MATTE with Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet; lips couldn’t look more fashion-forward. Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, the formula locks in pure colour pigments for a deeply saturated look and a long-lasting full coverage that stay brilliantly colour-true over time. The lush velvet finish comes courtesy of a clever mix of powders, whilst a blend of lightweight oils and plant-derived waxes creates a creamy texture and cushioning feel that feels oh-so comfortable for hours

Rimmel’s sensational lip velvet comes in a powerful palette of four volcanic shades. (In order as per above) Pack a punch with pink Atomic Rose #206; go berry dark with the plum hue of Meteoric Matte #307; be bold with zesty rich Orange-ology #405 or make a statement with deep crimson Burning Lava #505. Whichever fierce shade you opt for, your lustre-free lips will cause a commotion.

Who needs gloss? The most fashion-forward nails are rocking a fierce finish: Velvet Matte. Now, for the first time, you can get matte Rimmel nail colour with one bottle – no top coat needed. Watch the formula go from glossy in the bottle to a velvety matte finish on the nail.

Oozing catwalk-cool, the collection’s four rich shades are seriously sumptuous. No matte-r which hue you choose, your fingers will be on the fashion pulse. . (In order as per below) Indulge in sultry nail noir with slate grey Velvet Touch #013. Add a decadent touch of crimson with Sumptuous Red #014. Bring on the blues with the dark cobalt tones of Midnight Kiss #015. And work modern Goth-chic with inky black Matte-itude #017.


Colour enters a bold new era with the launch of Rimmel Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet, a long-lasting liquid matte lip colour with a smooth and even velvety finish. Dare to take your lips into the future.

– The mousse-like texture quickly sets to a unique velvety matte finish with a soft-focus effect.

– The intensely rich, pure colour stays true over time.

– The soft, weightless, non-drying colour has a creamy texture and a cushioning feel; lips feel comfortable for hours.

– Enjoy an easy, smooth and precise application.

Shades: Atomic Rose #206

Meteoric Matte #307

Orange-ology #405

Burning Lava #505


Discover a new take and finish on nails. Rimmel introduces new Velvet Matte, the ultimate matte nail collection in the most opulent must-have shades of the season.

Shades: Velvet Touch #013

Sumptuous Red #014

Midnight Kiss #015

Matte-itude #017

Rimmel London Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet RRP $17.99 and Rimmel London Velvet Matte Nail Collection RRP $9.99 are available April 2015 from Farmers 


Vintage bridal trends

Vintage bridal trends

Vintage bridal trendsVintage bridal trends

By Ari Welch

Hair and Makeup by, Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist using MAC


The Vintage look is a popular choice for brides, with headpieces and lace making a big comeback.

Vintage bridal trendsMost brides who want to achieve a vintage look take inspiration especially from the 1920’s – the days of finger wave curls, dark lipstick and heavy eyeliner – or from the 1950’s, when the look became a lot simpler with natural, feminine make-up and sleek ponytails, allowing more dramatic hair accessories to steal the show.

Some of our favourite Vintage Trends:

Finger Wave Curls

These were the main hair trend in the 1920’s and were mostly made into updo’s with the curls very close to the head. In the 1930’s the curls were combed further away from the head and were sometimes left down.

Vintage Red Lipstick

The infamous red lipstick is a key beauty trend for everyday life as well as weddings, and was brought to life in the 1940’s. A rich burgundy or scarlet tone looks perfect.


Hair and Makeup Themes

Hair and Makeup Themes

Hair and Makeup Themes

By Jennifer Cochrane

Hair and Makeup ThemesOne of the first things to organise after booking your venue is the theme of your wedding.

Naturally, a wedding’s theme involves romance, and you’ll want your photographer to capture the special moments.

However, most weddings also take on another theme, such as a beach or vintage, and your dress, hair and makeup play a big part in that theme.

Hair and makeup should be created by your artist to not only enhance your natural beauty and suit your dress, but also to fit in with the theme. Here are just a few fun themes we have undertaken recently. You’ll notice there’s no Vintage theme …stay tuned for the upcoming issue where you’ll find a huge feature dedicated purely to the Vintage look!

So Brides, plan well in advance for a polished look that matches your theme. Then relax … and enjoy every minute of your beautiful day.



Hair and Makeup Themes

This hairstyle has been structured with a tropical theme in mind, with its accented finishing touch of bright coloured flowers. The makeup has a shimmery finish, with warm browns on the eyes to tone in with the ivory dress.
Image: Faith Photography
Hair and makeup theme An example of hair structured especially for the beach, with curls for the soft natural look. The makeup has a hint of shimmer with natural earthy colours on the eyes, and shimmery glossy lips.
Image: Simon Watts
Hair and Makeup Themes
The bridesmaids’ hair was set with tighter curls earlier on in the day for staying power in the outdoor weather conditions.
The bride’s curls were put up for an elegant look with a long length veil. Soft smokey eye makeup with peach accents, with a fresh subtle hint of green included for the bridesmaids.A soft peach lip colour tied in with the fresh green outdoor setting.

Image: Brett Lees Photography

Hair and Makeup Themes
A fun Mexican themed wedding. From the dress to the cake, everything has beautiful colours to follow through.
Aqua shades, one of the colours in the dress, were used on the eyes suits the skin, hair and eye tone.Browns were used for the contouring, plus a splash of peach on the lips.

Image: Dion Photography


Hair and Makeup Themes

The Makeup was created to suit the dresses which tie in well with flowers and the romantic vineyard theme.
The bride’s eye makeup consists of warm apricot tones. A touch more colour was added to the lips, to stand out under the veil for this stunning photo taken, during the lead-up to getting ready.Images: Dillon Photography

Hair and Makeup Themes

This hairstyle was specifically designed to show off a beautiful Pounamu comb.
It follows beautifully with the traditional greenstone theme of the wedding day.Images: Emma Hughes Photography

Beauty Tools of the Trade!

Beauty Tools of the Trade!

Tools of the Trade!

By Nicki Collett – Makeup Artist

Tools of the tradeLet’s face it, professional makeup brushes are the tools of the trade and are an investment for life – not only for a professional, but for anyone who wears makeup! I always tell my clients that when it comes to having the right tools, applying makeup is like building a house … if you don’t have the right tools, your house will fall over! If you have the right brush, your products will go on better, sit better on your skin, last longer, and the placement will be more precise.

Tools of the trade
Here are some basic brushes that every girl needs to have!

One of the best things you can do for your brushes is to clean them—regularly! Clean them when they are first purchased, and clean them on a regular basis to remove:

• Old Makeup

• Dirt & Debris

• Bacteria

• Oils

• Dead Skin Cells

One of the greatest benefits to keeping your brushes clean is softness. When makeup builds up, it can make your brushes feel scratchy.

How often should you clean your brushes?

You should clean your brushes with shampoo and water about once a month, but in between this, you can use a brush cleaner.

How to clean your brushes with a Brush Cleaner:

Cleaning your brushes everyday is ideal, but after a couple of uses if you are only using them on yourself. If you are using some brushes for two different products then use a good quality, low alcohol brush cleaner in between colours/products. Spray the cleaner onto a tissue and gently rub the brush over the tissue.

How to Wash your brushes:

• Place the brush, with the bristles pointing downwards, under the tap with warm water running —this will prevent any water getting into the ferrule (metal part) or down into the handle.

• Use a mild shampoo, (such as Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo) and apply it to the bristles.

• Gently squeeze the hairs from ferrule to hair tips over and over adding a little water at a time.

• Rinse and repeat until the water runs clear. Make sure when you are rinsing to keep the brush fibres pointing down!

• After washing, brush them off a little on a clean paper towel and lay them to dry on their side on a paper towel or a regular towel.

• It is a good idea to reshape the brush at this time to prevent slaying, or lay them on the end of a table so they brushes are hanging over the end so they don’t ‘dent’ lying flat on a surface. Never leave brushes to dry, brush hairs up in a brush holder. The water will run down into the ferrule and loosen the glue holding the brush together.

• Let the brush dry completely before using again. Drying time will depend on size and brush density.


Keeping your brushes in good condition by washing frequently will provide you with years of beautiful makeup application.

For professional brushes, brush cleaner, makeup and accessories visit and follow Crown Brush on Facebook for special offers – follow the link from the Crown Brush website! ♥

What’s in your lipstick?

What’s in your lipstick?

Did you know that every time you lick your lips when wearing lippie, you’re ingesting that lipstick?

I was just reading an Inika Cosmetics press release and was horrified to discover that the average woman ingests nearly 22 grams of lippie a year!

The same release pointed that that some 10,500 industrial chemicals are used in cosmetics – including carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxics, endocrine disrupters, plasticisers, degreasers and surfactants!

Considering that it only takes something like 26 seconds to absorb cosmetic chemicals into the bloodstream, I found the above rather alarming!

It seems chemicals are rife in everything from lipstick to shampoo, body washes and moisturisers.

We’ve all heard of parabens, but have you checked your perfume or nail polish for Phthalates, exposure to which has been linked to early puberty in girls, a risk factor for later-life breast cancer?

And we all know about the dangers of lead having gone through the task of ensuring our paint no longer contained it. Lead may also be a contaminant in over 650 cosmetic products, including sunscreens, foundation, nail colors, lipsticks and whitening toothpaste. Lead is a proven neurotoxin, linked to learning, language and behavioral problems. It has also been linked to miscarriage, reduced fertility in men and women, and delays in puberty onset in girls.

This report by the Huffington Post makes for interesting reading on a recent study on a range of lipsticks bought over the counter.

It’s bad enough when a possibly toxic ingredient IS listed on the label – what about when it’s not? 1,4-dioxane is one of those you won’t find on the back of your product. It is a petroleum-derived contaminant formed in the manufacture of shampoos, body wash, children’s bath products and other sudsing cosmetics. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has ranked it as a possible carcinogen.

Do you use anti-bacterial soaps and deodorants? Have you checked for Triclosan which is used in soaps, deodorants and toothpastes to limit the growth of bacteria and mold. The chemical, which is classified as a pesticide, can affect the body’s hormone systems—especially thyroid hormones, which regulate metabolism—and may disrupt normal breast development. Widespread use of triclosan may also contribute to bacterial resistance to antimicrobial agents.

PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) are a group of chemicals that occur naturally in coal, crude oil and gasoline. One of the more common PAHs is naphthalene. Some cosmetics and shampoos are made with coal tar and therefore may contain PAHs. They have been shown to increase risk for breast cancer.

If you’re at all concerned about what’s in your favourite lippie or other personal care products, head to the Cosmetics Database where there are thousands of products you can search. But, be warned, it might frighten you off your favourite brands for life!

Gayle xx


Cosmetics Database, Breast Cancer Fund, Compound Interest


Island Makeup

Island Makeup

“Make Me Up” on the Island

By Nicki Collett


"Make Me Up" on the IslandI must say I am quite biased when it comes to Waiheke, having been married there myself. I’ve also been doing stunning weddings on ‘the rock’ for years. It still amazes me that there’s such a beautiful, magical place, worlds apart from Auckland yet just 30mins away! I’m sure most Aucklanders think its further – almost a case of ‘if we can’t see it, its not there’… but the truth is, it’s a much nicer journey than most take to work every morning!

"Make Me Up" on the IslandThere are so many great suppliers on the island now that you’ll probably be spoilt for choice. When it comes to hair and makeup, it won’t make any difference to your budget whether you use an Auckland-based artist or one based on Waiheke. If they’re Auckland-based, you get to do your trial on the ‘mainland’ but you’ll need to cover their expenses to travel over on the wedding day (usually around $100); and if they are based on Waiheke, it will be reversed – you’ll have to travel over for your trial, or pay for them to come to Auckland. Either way, just pick the right person for you!

My team and I do so many weddings each year on the Island, and we secretly get very excited when we hear that’s the couple’s location – we love any excuse to go over. It’s the perfect venue as you literally have everything right on your doorstep – whether it’s a beach wedding, in a marquee, or a formal sit down dinner in one of the many award winning restaurants. Many of my brides love the fact that they can do it all in one day – get married at a stunning venue of their choice (usually with views to die for all the way back to Auckland!), then nip away down to the beach for photos (take your pick as there are so many great beaches) and then back to a top class venue for the reception and to dance the night away.
The other bonus of the Island is that, as there are so many beaches to choose from, no matter which direction the wind is coming from you can usually escape it by going to the other side … or chase it if you like the ‘moody’ weather shots!

Do think seriously about your hair style for the big day though, as the wind can be unavoidable in some locations. So, if you’d like your hair down, then I’d suggest having your bridesmaids’ hair up – its a lot easier for a photographer to get a good shot if he/she only needs to worry about one person having hair blowing into their face.

With photos being taken before the wedding quite often these days, ask your artist about the option of them coming with you during your photoshoot. The other option I recommend to my brides is that, once you go for photos, your artist can do other family members‘ hair and makeup; then when you get back from photos they can give you a quick touch-up before you head off to the venue.

I would also recommend having on hand some powder (you should be able to purchase some from your artist) to touch up if it’s a really hot day. No makeup can stop you sweating, so a light dusting down your T-Zone can eliminate any shine in photos.

"Make Me Up" on the IslandEither way there are so many options, so make sure you ask your artist for their suggestions on how the day should run. As the experts they should be co-ordinating your beauty schedule for the day for you as they’ll know how long everything takes; therefore, they should be in charge of making sure everyone is ready in time, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable day. ♥

Photographs: The beautiful Sharde and Vaughan’s wedding on Waiheke Island was photographed by, with hair and makeup by Nicki Collett, makeup artist and hair stylist, using MAC

Turn up the heat!

Turn up the heat!

Turn up the heat!Turn up the heat!

Every woman wants to feel pretty, but some days she wants to turn up the heat with a sultry look, a mesmerising gaze, an  alluring scent. Pretty Hot Elizabeth Arden is mesmerising, fearless and sultry.

Pretty Hot Colours

Our model, Taryn Neilsen, looks damn HOT made up with the orange colourways.

How to achieve the Pretty Hot look in hues of orange:

Step 1: Apply Pure Finish Mineral Tinted Moisturizer SPF15 to the entire face for a sheer, natural colour that instantly transforms and perfects skin’s appearance for a fresh, luminous glow.

Step 2: To prime eyelid, apply Advanced Eye-Fix Primer. Sweep Color Intrigue Eyeshadow in Moonbeam across brow bone. Apply Color Intrigue Eyeshadow in Twilight onto the entire lid and through the crease. Blend well. Line upper and lower lash line with Color Intrigue Eyeliner in Pewter, extending slightly upward at the corners of the eye. Smudge liner for a smoky effect. Coat lashes with Double Density Mascara in Black.

Step 3: Apply Ceramide Cream Blush in Nectar to the apples of the cheeks for a pop of colour.

Step 4: To prime lips, apply Advanced Lip-Fix Cream. Line lips with Lip Definer in Mandarin. Apply Exceptional Lipstick in Georgia Peach or Marigold. Add a hint of shine with Crystal Clear Lipgloss.

How to achieve the Pretty Hot look in hues of pink:

Step 1: Apply Pure Finish Mineral Tinted Moisturizer SPF15 to the entire face for a sheer, natural colour that instantly transforms and perfects skin’s appearance for a fresh, luminous glow.

Step 2: To prime eyelid, apply Advanced Eye-Fix Primer. Sweep Color Intrigue Eyeshadow in Tulle across brow bone. Apply Color Intrigue Eyeshadow in Luna onto the entire lid and through the crease. Blend well. Line upper and lower lash line with Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil in Gunmetal, extending slightly upward at the corners of the eye. Smudge liner for a smoky effect. Coat lashes with Double Density Mascara in Black.

Step 3: Apply Ceramide Cream Blush in Pink to the apples of the cheeks for a pop of colour.

Step 4: To prime lips, apply Advanced Lip-Fix Cream. Line lips with Smooth Line Lip Pencil in Blush. Apply Exceptional Lipstick in Fiesta or Color Intrigue Effects Lipstick in Pink Pink Shimmer. Add a hint of shine with Crystal Clear Lipgloss.Pretty Hot Fragrance

Finally, spritz all over with Pretty Hot Elizabeth Arden – a fragrance of unmistakable sexy confidence. Luminous notes of juicy red currant, lush blood orange and mandarin set off sparks. Igniting a daring floralcy, Belle de Nuit explodes like a firework in the night sky. Red peony, pimento blossom, Petalia™ and Georgywood™ give a floral woody depth. At the back, a smoldering blend of amber, white patchouli, tonka crystals, sandalwood and Cosmone™ makes the skin exude a sensuous, alluring warmth. ♥

Make a lasting impression

Make a lasting impression

Make a lasting impression without batting an eyeMake a lasting impression without batting an eye

Top tips from Lisa Matson, L’Oréal Paris Make-up Director

“Shimmer shadows are a great way to add glamour to your eyes. I love working with thenew Color Infallible shades. They deliver on their promise – easy to blend, incredible colour intensity and long lasting. My clients and colleagues, who werelucky enough to have previewed these shades, have become avid fans” says Lisa.

The most important rule of eye shadow application… is to blend…blend…blend. Outer edges should have a soft finish – try blending out with a clean brush, cot-ton bud (used lightly) or the brush you used to apply your ‘base’ colour.

For longer lasting and more intense colour, prime lids with a cream concealer before applying colour.

Make a lasting impression without batting an eyeBuild colour intensity and depth by layering eyeshadow – apply with a brush, pressing into the lid area you’re dramatising. Apply shadow repeatedly or build it over complimentary coloured eyeliner.

To prevent eye shadow fallout – tap your eye shadow brush on the back of your hand or on a tissue to remove excess shadow before applying.

Create bold and beautiful eyes with the latest products from L’Oréal ParisColor Infallible 24HR eyeshadow is a professional quality, long-lasting loose powder, in eight vibrant shades, which offers intense colour that lasts up to 24 hours. Containing four times more binder than classic powder eyeshadow, Color Infallible lasts from day till dawn without smudging, creasing or rubbing off. It’s also feather-light on the skin and waterproof!

L’Oréal’s unique ColorReveal Technology allows the binding ingredients to coat concentrated colour pigments without dulling the colour, creating a magnifying glass effect and heightened colour. Despite being a loose powder eyeshadow, Color Infallible’s unique soft touch texture provides a shadow that is mid-way between a classic powder and a cream. It’s easy to blend for subtle looks, or layer up for high impact colour.

The ultimate secret to super glam eyes, Volume Million Lashes is back in 2011, but now… in ExtraBlack! Containing new carbon black pigments, Volume Million Lashes Extra Black offers lashes that are four times thicker and blacker than black. With its Millionizer brush, anti-clump wiper and anti-sticking agent, Volume Million Lashes ensures lashes fan and separate for a fuller lash fringe which is now in Extra Black! ♥