Mood Board – Winter Wishes

Mood Board – Winter Wishes

Mood Board – Winter Wishes

This mood board is from Kat Gee’s Wedding (Kagi Jewellery) who’s beautiful wedding features oodles of panache and touches of lavender.


Mood Board - Winter Wishes


Styling – Lisa Hill,

Flowers – Lisa Hill,

Cake – Sweet Bites Cakes,

Photography – Jody Lidstone,

Location – Eagles Nest, Bay of Islands,

Jewellery – Romance Limited Edition Chandelier earrings, Constellation bracelet and Sapphire Collection by Kagi Jewellerystocked throughout Australasia,

Gown – Maggie Sottero purchased in the USA

Mood Board: Crisp white and green

Mood Board: Crisp white and green

Mood Board: Crisp white and green

Mood Board: Crisp white and green



Bridesmaids’ Dresses:





Hair: T: 07 858 3389

Makeup: T: 07 858 4468






Mood Board : Mauve & Silver

Mood Board : Mauve & Silver

Mood Board : Mauve & Silver

Mood Board : Mauve & Silver







Flowergirl shoes:

Fake Lavender plants:



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Flowers & Themes

Flowers & Themes

Flowers & Themes

by Virginia Thompson

Flowers & ThemesThe theme of your wedding needs to come very early in the organisation. A theme can be something as simple as using your favourite colour as a focal point for your invitations, flowers, and table decorations.

It usually will start with the style of venue selected or with the colour or style of your dress or the bridesmaid dresses. It could even be sparked by something you have collected, like vintage vases. Or you might prefer a theme that is more personal to you both, such as a romantic night out together or the love of a classic film or city. Sometimes the inspiration for a theme can come from the most unlikely places.

Flowers & ThemesOne theme I recently used was based around wheat. The bride grew up on a farm and loved seeing the wheat growing in the fields and remembered picking it as a child. So she sent me up a box of the heads of the wheat to use in the wedding flowers. I made all the buttonholes out of the wheat and used red berries for colour. There were two flower girls who carried red roses in a can basket with wheat falling out of it. At the reception, wheat was laid down the middle of the tables accented with red roses and tea lights.

Countries can also provide inspiration whether it’s a favoured holiday destination or the spot where he proposed. The Tuscan region with its olive trees and lavender works well, as does a Moroccan style with bright colours and lots of decorative candles. I have themed many weddings around the feeling of balmy climates and traditions of decorating with bright colours.

Flowers & ThemesBeach weddings are very popular on Waiheke Island using Hawaii or a beach party as a basis, as well as nautical weddings. For this I envisage the groom wearing dark navy pants with a white flowing style shirt and the bride dressed in a long sleek gown. Decorating the beach area for the ceremony would include the use of ropes to make an aisle effect for the bride to walk down. Reception tables could use netting, corks, shells, sand, tumble weed and small lanterns. Guest favors could be a personal message written in a bottle. Then, after all the festivities, the newlywed couple could sail away into the sunset.

Your florist should also advise you on the lighting as it forms part of the overall theme. Candlelight is very flattering and also very romantic and the right lighting level makes everyone feel more confident and relaxed.

Of course any room can be transformed to fit any theme with a little imagination and a lot of money! Often the best themes are monochromatic colours of cream and white flowers. This may seem like the obvious route to take but it does work very well and it’s still the most popular colour for wedding flowers. Classic and very beautiful – it’s endurance as a theme speaks volumes! The monochromatic theme can be made to look striking and minimal or romantic, and there is an endless list of white flowers to choose from.

So, whether you’re planning on lots of white and a softly romantic feel or a sharply modern minimalistic them, something elegant and classic, a taste of the sea, a glimpse of the farm …. Plan early and include your floral designer from the outset. ♥

Virginia Thompson is a qualified florist based on Waiheke Island and works from her private studio in Onetangi. She specialises in weddings, corporate functions, house flowers and special events. Although Waiheke based, Virginia will also work off the Island if the need applies.

A theme that’s affordable

A theme that’s affordable

A theme that's affordable, that you both wantby Ashlee Sturme

How to pick a theme that’s affordable, yet still what you both want.

I suggested a beach wedding and my honey told me he’d always wanted a garden wedding. Strike one.

I decided to try again. “Honey, let’s have a vintage wedding,” I said cautiously, showing him stunning papers and photos. My honey is a romantic, but traditional and conservative.

I don’t think it’s going to be an easy path  to get my dream wedding image into his head!

He screwed his nose up. In my mind, I pictured beautiful layers of lace, soft pink roses and pretty images of yesteryear. Dreamy and romantic, fused with modernisms. He saw something different – I could tell. “It looks….  1800’s. Like old,” he said. “That’s what I want!” I cried. “Well, not old, but classic. Isn’t it gorgeous?” He looked at me like I was crazy. I know this ‘look’ well. It’s part of a series of ‘looks’ that he has perfected just for me.  Like the “No way, you’re absolutely NOT going to do what you’ve just suggested”, and the “I think you’re crazy (but if you sweet talk enough I may come round) look.”

I’m trying so hard to compromise for this wedding. I have a tendency to charge ahead with my ideas – I know what I want and how to achieve it. But I have made a resolution that this is OUR wedding and not just mine. We have to agree and compromise on everything – of course, I am still secretly hoping that he will say, “Honey, whatever you want is fine with me”.

Other girls I’ve talked to either have better persuasion skills or their men didn’t really care. Those who love pink, roses or butterflies, actually get to have pink, rose or butterfly-themed weddings. Do their other halves  happen to love these things too (a match made in heaven) or do they give in to avoid Bridezilla and keep things easy?

Choosing a theme at the beginning of your planning is a great way to coordinate everything, much like you might theme your house so everything flows. It makes planning easier because it eliminates choices. Instead of  debating between the white fur-lined, floor-length gown and a knee-high, pink baby-doll dress, you’ll know which one is better if you’ve decided on a Ruapehu snow-themed wedding.

A theme allows you to harmonise, matching your venue with your flowers, clothing, food and decorations, and your choice will make a personal statement on your special day.

Perhaps you’ve been lusting after a Prince and  Princess theme since you were a little girl; maybe the two of you met while travelling Europe, so you’ve opted for an Italian theme.

You both love music – think rock ‘n roll; he works at the zoo – think animals. The sky is  the limit!

Inspiration can come at the weirdest times. Kate says she chose her theme while sitting on the toilet – her bathmat was grape and gold and it was perfect. She’d initially chosen green and pink, colours on the liquid soap  bottle in her bathroom.

Andrea went all out on a Waikato theme combining black, red and yellow. Her husband was fine with her choices and she said it came together really nicely, apart from the cake, which she admitted looked ‘tacky’. She had the bridesmaid dresses professionally designed and went from there, and it was easy to plan everything else around it.

Justine went for a fun theme of black, white and red. “I’m a Cantabrian and my partner is Maori, so the colours worked well with both of us”. She had no conflict with her fiancé here, “He said he doesn’t care if I have bright pink tablecloths with yellow polka dots” – some girls have all the luck!

Many girls find the theme is set when they choose the season or venue. Romey’s theme matched their destination wedding in Fiji, although she  did personalise it by choosing her own two colours.

A theme can help things look fabulous even when the budget is stretched. Shari found that “It really kind of just fell into place! We didn’t really want a church wedding. We both love the beach and it’s a completely free  venue! We thought it would also make for good decorations for the dinner etc – that would look nice and with free shells/ sand etc. So the beach it was!”

Karen chose a family-theme, and together with her finance, decided to include their baby’s christening into the main ceremony. “Although it may sound quite mad, we want as many kids running amok around the lawn as  possible. Ever heard the saying that laughter is the best medicine? Where would we be without children to help us keep things in perspective! It’s going to be a riot I can tell you!”

On the flipside, there are themes that may cost more than others, but being creative will help keep the budget down. Try Medieval, fantasy, cultural, pirates, favourite movie, birds, flowers, seasons, Elvis, sports, Western  or colour themes.

Some of the girls I spoke with said that they decided on the theme together with their partner, but most suggested to just keep talking. Talk, and talk some more, ensuring you have the same ideas in your minds. When  you’re discussing ideas, sharing pictures and just chatting, you can comfortably compromise and see the other’s point of view. It becomes easier the more you talk, and avoids any shocks and surprises.??I don’t think talking is going to help me convince my honey that vintage chandeliers and pink peony roses in antique glass vases is the wedding of his dreams.

I’ve started a ‘visual’ for him – a journal of dresses, decorations, samples that I like. I’m hoping the scrapbook will help him envision my dream, or simply blind him with its beauty and force him to accept my suggestions. At the very least, its going to be the most beautiful wedding  planning folder ever made!

Otherwise, I can take his ‘look’ a little more seriously or try more of the ‘sweet-talk’ that may help me get my way … caressing his shoulder, whispering sweet nothings in his ear and even talking in ‘male’ language – along  the lines of, ‘honey, a vintage wedding would be $3,000 cheaper than a garden wedding…!”

Top Tips For A Sophisticated Wedding Evening

Top Tips For A Sophisticated Wedding Evening

Top Tips For A Sophisticated Wedding EveningCreative Director at wedding planner Toast Your Event, Tina Dolder offers advice on how to add a touch of sophistication to your wedding evening event.

“With most venues, be it an hotel, a castle or a stately home, what you are actually hiring is a big room with some furniture and flowers, so how to transform this setup into something magical?

One tip is to keep the daytime event simple and elegant. This allows you to transform the room for the evening event into something that truly has the WOW factor.

Since time will be short for those doing the transformation, make sure they know exactly who will be doing what, and who has overall charge of the transformation. If everyone knows what they are doing in advance, it makes for a fast and easy transformation.

“I begin by setting the theme with a colour scheme, black and silver are a current favourite since they allow you to hang fabulous crystal walls, trees, curtains and table centrepieces. White table cloths and chair covers can be easily sourced and will give your daytime event an elegant simplicity.

In the evening your tables and chairs can be contrasted with black accessories can create a sophisticated nightclub feel. Whatever colour scheme you choose, give it the wow effect by hiring colour changing LED ‘poser tables’, tables for ten people, ‘cube seats’ and ice buckets. These all come with built in charger giving up to twelve hours power, so there are no wires to trip your guests. They can be set to remain glowing with a single selected colour or to slowly transform through all the colours of the rainbow.

Having transformed your room into something spectacular, think about giving your guests a memento of the evening? This could take the form of a disposable camera left on every table, or why not tire a photo booth? You will have your memento of the big day with the shots from your professional photographer, but informal shots taken during the evening when people are letting their hair down can provide fun memories for everyone.

Your wedding planner will have good local contacts for most of your requirements, and if something is not available locally, the internet is your friend. Everything you need can be sourced at the click of a button. The internet is a great resource for hiring LED furniture, crystal curtains or table covers and orders can often be delivered direct to your venue.

Above all when you are transforming a room for your evening event, use your imagination and don’t be afraid to go a little over the top.

What you are planning is not simply the transformation of a room, you are planning to give your family and guests an experience that will be talked about for months, and one which they will never forget.

Butterflies Trend For Weddings

Butterflies Trend For Weddings

Butterflies Trend For WeddingsThere is a growing trend for themes to be incorporated in a wedding whether it is a particular colour, motif or dress code.

One of the most popular trends for weddings in recent times is the butterfly motif, with some couples even opting to release live butterflies at their wedding breakfast as an alternative to the traditional white doves as a symbol of love.

Amy Greenwood of The Last Detail confirms that the butterfly motif is one of the hottest trends for 2011 and their latest range reflects this with exquisite white butterflies adorning everything from confetti cones, place cards, bunting, favour boxes and stationery.

One of their newest ideas is a Butterfly Wishing Line for guests to write promises, hopes and dreams for the newly-weds, creating a magical line of butterflies that can be strung high along the aisle of an outdoor wedding or in a lit tree to wave gently in the breeze at an evening reception, creating a lovely keepsake for the bride and groom and an alternative to a more traditional guest book.

Another lovely idea is the conversation starters which can be useful at a large wedding where the guests’ relationship to the bride or groom may be less obvious.

Add A Special Touch

Add A Special Touch

Fireworks - Add A Special TouchEvery bride wants their wedding to be a memorable day, a wedding that the guests will be talking about for a long time and a wedding that is unique. The best way to ensure that your wedding is a talking point with guests is to include some special touches or surprises to your celebrations.

I have put together a list of 10 special touches that will add magic to your wedding day and set you apart from the rest.

1. Firework Finale

There are many fantastic firework companies that will work to ensure that your celebration ends with a bang! Many have ‘wedding packs’ like the ones offered by Phoenix Fireworks and they can even write your names with the use of lance work for that really special and personalised touch.

2. Crèche Service

Keep the children entertained by hiring a mobile crèche. My personal favourite is the award winning Artfull Splodgers and they cater for ages 0-12. You can be certain that the little ones will be having a fantastic time and your guests will be able to relax.

3. Dove Release

There is nothing more beautiful than see a white dove in flight. I love True Dove Ways as they not only offer a spectacular white dove release but they also offer a barn owl and harris hawk ring bearer which is a truly unique experience for any bird lover.

4. Special Favours

Add the special touch by personalising your wedding favours with your guests names, one of my favourite places for unique wedding favours is A Wedding Less Ordinary, they have a vast selection of favours and each can be personalised with individual names so you can chose a different personalisation for each guest.

5. Magicians

Magicians will entertain children and adults alike and good up-close magicians will amaze your guests. Alan Hudson is a fantastic magician and will wow your guests with his talented table magic. Alan is a member of the Magic Circle.

6. Photographic Speeches

You can hire a projector and a screen from many places around the UK and these can be a fantastic addition to your speech. You can use photographs to ‘tell a story of how you met’ and their wont be a dry eye in the house! One of the best places is Juke Box 45s… they will even download your pictures onto slides for you.

7. Signature Cocktail

Having a signature cocktail created for you will be a fantastic way to begin your reception. You can have an alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail designed (or one of each!) These can be given to your guests as an arrival drink at your wedding reception.

8. Personalised Champagne

From A Wedding Less Ordinary you can also have champagne or wine labels designed and personalised for your big day. You can remove the existing champagne label by heating it with a hairdryer and then replace it with your new, personalised one.

9. Activity Packs

Considering children at your wedding can be the best way to impress your guests and make your wedding memorable. Children can get very bored and restless during the ceremony and the speeches so you could keep them amused with activity packs. Confetti sell activity packs at a reasonable cost, or you could make your own. Ask the usher to give them out to the children as they enter the ceremony venue.

10. Fire Lanterns

Fire Lanterns have grown in popularity over the past few years and are a great alternative if your venue does not allow fireworks. Sky Lanterns is a great place to purchase these and they offer many designs, colours and sizes

Pazazz Weddings is owned by Maria Kirk. Maria has established herself as a leading wedding planner in London, Kent and the South East and is famed for creating stylish and flawless events. Maria is also a member of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners which promote professionalism in wedding planning through training, specialised events and seminars.
* Maria Kirk qualified with a distinction from the Wedding Planner School
* Maria Kirk is a member of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP)
* Pazazz Weddings mainly operates across London and the South East. 
* Pazazz Weddings offers a range of services from full bespoke planning to wedding day management
* At present Pazazz Weddings caters for a range of budgets however, by August 2012 we will solely be planning weddings for luxury and high profile clients 

Old Time Love

Old Time Love

Old Time Love1by Lisa Robertson

Photographs: Belinda Bradley, Smash Photography

A twist on Vintage Retro Chic

Step back into a time when couples courted and love wasn’t commercialised but was thoughtful, kind and romantic. I’m in love with all things Vintage right now and how we can embrace fashion and style from days gone by.

It is a time of elegant Hollywood style and glamour. Relaxing, fun and exciting. Women embraced their femininity and knew how to dress and accessorise.

There’s something quite romantic about getting inspiration from the 30’s and 40’s for a Vintage Retro Chic wedding style. It isn’t about replicating exactly what was done back then, but taking the pieces that inspire your creativity to create your own vintage look.

Dream of days gone by, have fun and be inspired to create your own retro inspired style. Remember to check out vintage stores for brooches, pearls, handbags, and vases. Play up and have a rollicking good time.

Dress with Style & Glamour

As you slip into your wedding gown and put all the finishing touches in place, your gown should reflect your style and personality. Style from the 30’s meant feminine silhouettes, emphasising the natural form of a woman’s body by defining the waistline and hips.

Couture dressmaker, Rebecca Iona of Aulelei, says “I love making feminine wedding dresses from the finest silks and laces.”??When thinking of a vintage style for your wedding dress, Rebecca suggests using vintage lace, blush pink tulle, luxurious silk taffeta, beading and embroidery. A stunning way to complement this style is with a handmade head piece, fur shrug or caplet. ??

Old Time Love2Adorn Yourself

What an opportunity a vintage style gives you to accessorise. Adding unique pieces can boost the authenticity of your vintage look. Everything old is now very IN – go in search of your Grandmother’s jewellery box to see what treasures lay inside. Wearing a vintage brooch or cameo can add sentimental value to your dress or bouquet.

Mix up your look with strands of pearls, fish net stockings, vintage heels, small lace gloves, head pieces, brooches, beaded handbags, fur shrugs and chokers. Add a parasol and you have a great recipe for an alluring and glamorous design.

Get Beautified

Think Judy Garland, Lucille Ball, and Katharine Hepburn – true definitions of timeless beauty and elegance that never go out of style. Kerry Franks from The Boutique Bride is an expert in hair and make up. With years of experience she knows how to bring out a bride’s inner beauty and create hair and make up to suit the style of a wedding.

The smooth chignon or a classic victory roll with loose waves is simple and timeless and, when accompanied by a feathered or beaded bird cage that lightly covers the face, your look is instantly transformed to vintage elegance. “To keep make-up classic and light, use peachy tones, to complement your complexion, shimmering eyes and glowing skin, with just a touch of colour on the lips.” Kerry suggests that “if you’re using strong colour on the eyes then it’s important to use soft muted colour on the lips to avoid looking too  over-done.

If your look is in keeping with 1940’s style, red lips are the way to go! Be sure to choose a red with the right undertones to complement your skin tone and keep eye shadow light, with layers and layers of mascara.”

Old Time Love3Setting the Scene

Select a venue that oozes history and antique charm – look at museums, art galleries, historic places or venues like Cornwall Park Restaurant in Auckland that lend themselves to vintage. Add some stylish furniture, a  gramophone, indulge with flowers and candles and the scene is set. Crystal cut vases, tealights, bird cages, feathers, pearls, tea cups and lace overlays are lavish to use in your styling.

Think pink, peach, ivory, gold, bronze, lilac and pale blue. Don’t forget to add in a bit of foxtrot, rumba and a conga line, then dance the night away.

Beautiful Blooms

You’ve decided on the dress and you need a stunning bouquet to set off your ensemble. Heather from The Wedding Florist suggests using a blend of beautiful antique roses, freesias, phillica, camellia leaves, feathers and tiny compact berries, finished off with the bouquet being bound in lace or fabric from your dress and a vintage brooch.

“It’s all about bringing together a mix of texture, richness and colour,” she says.

An Invitation of Love

The first glimpse your guests obtain of your wedding style is your wedding invitation. Not just a piece of paper, your invitations set the tone and mood so it’s important to ensure they reflect your vintage chic style. Charlotte and Lucy from Cocoa Berry suggest using luxurious, thick textured papers which will add to the luxury and decadence of the time. With a feeling of nostalgia through a modern day presence Charlotte says “it’s about using 30’s fonts that transport you to the era. Clean crisp lines paired with elements of soft feminine colours, peaches, dusty pinks, soft greys and purples.” ?


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Lisa Robertson is a director of Beautiful Events.

How To Choose A Wedding Theme

How To Choose A Wedding Theme

themeWedding planning involves lot of efforts and when you choose wedding themes you need to consider a lot of things like the month you are getting married in, the season and your location preference. But, it need not be such a harrowing task.

Color spectrum:

Choose two of your favorite colours like red and white, pink and brown or blue and brown. Any of the colors you choose, keep in mind that they should look good together. These colors should be incorporated in the whole of the wedding location. This will run throughout the theme of the wedding.

Cultural panorama:

You can decide for the bride and bridegroom to represent a cultural theme like the Asian, Egyptian, African or Indian culture. You can also have English, French or Irish weddings. The entire wedding will revolve around one of the cultures. The decorations will be according to culture. For example if you have chosen the Egyptian theme you can decorate the back drop with palm trees. Take the decorations further with flowery white gauze like a drapery. If you use white gossamer it will look impressive. The centerpieces should have a pyramid centerpiece or a floral arrangement. If you choose to keep flowers, choose to keep them in an urn like square vase.

The wedding cake can be in the shape of a pyramid and you can keep an Egyptian couple at the top of the pyramid cake.


Choose wedding planning themes that relate to one of the seasons for your wedding. A fall wedding, a winter wedding, or a summer wedding can be your choice. If you choose a fall wedding theme remember it is a perfect theme since fall has distinct qualities that can be highlighted and used a theme.

• Flowers galore:You cannot miss the flowers at the wedding. There are many fall flowers that can be the theme of your wedding. Sunflowers are classic fall flowers that brighten up the entire wedding venue. Hydrangea and calla lilies are some other popular fall flowers that look lovely. Asters and mums are other autumn hued flowers look fresh.

• The right place: The fall wedding theme is generally in the outdoors like in orchards, gardens, farms or vineyards.

• Symbols: Fall is the time when nature communicates the most and connects with us the most. There are many symbolic things about the fall. The leaves, acorns, pinecones, birds, the trees are some of the great themes. Fall vegetables and fruits like pears, pumpkins, apples are common fall wedding themes.


You also need to determine the location of the wedding. It can be on a beach wedding. Like on Hawaiian luau. Your wedding can be in a castle and you can give a magical theme to it.

You need know how to plan a wedding for the smooth sailing of the most important day of your life. So plan your wedding well in advance and stick to the plans.

Copyright © 2011 Sophia Jacob – All Rights Reserved. Hyperlinked material remains the property of its respective owners.
  Sophia Jacob is an experienced & professional wedding planner and has more than 5 years of experience.