Titanium: Beauty in Strength

Titanium: Beauty in Strength

Titanium: Beauty in StrengthIn years gone by, couples tended to buy their engagement ring and two wedding bands as a set, sometimes even including an eternity ring in the mix.

More often than not, the engagement ring was a solitaire of varying size, and the bands were usually fairly plain and made of yellow gold. Things are very different today. Individuality is the key to current trends, with many opting for custom designs and there’s a big push for white metals such as platinum, white gold, palladium and titanium.

Your wedding band should be a reflection of you, much as your engagement ring should. It’s not a given to have a matching his and hers set, and there’s no rule that says you can’t each have different metals or stones.

Titanium has long proved it’s worth in terms of durability and strength, having the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. Being tough doesn’t mean it has to be unattractive, as I discovered with the range at Artifact.

It has a similar colour to platinum, a smokey grey that’s very on-trend. It blends well with the addition of other metals and stones so that your individuality can shine through. I also love that it’s hypo-allergenic!

Something that really attracted my attention was the ability to anodise the metal to create a range of patterns that would be nigh impossible with most other metals. Let’s say your man fancies a ring with a difference, but perhaps works with his hands all day and doesn’t want to risk losing an inset diamond. The team at

Artifact can create beautiful patterns directly on the metal, simply by heating it. Shades of blue, purple and black can be achieved.

Two-toned bands are very current, and this can be achieved in titanium, simply through heating. There’s no need for an inlay, although this can be done if it’s what you like!

Whether you prefer a polished, brushed, satin or matt look, it can be achieved in titanium … or you could opt for a combination of, say, polished and matt which will give you a point of difference without any actual colour or the addition of stones.

Artifact can also machine-engrave patterns onto your ring and these can be to your specific design – a family crest, for example.

Your wedding date or names can also be engraved inside the bands.

For something truly different, check out what Ted and his team are doing with Mokume and Damascus techniques! Mokume was developed by Japanese masters in the 17th Century. Thin layers of metals are fused together and manipulated to create patterns that resemble the grain of wood. Damascus involves fusing multiple layers of two or more steel alloys to make a solid piece which is then twisted, ground and manipulated to form patterns. If it’s individuality you’re after, this might be for you as no two pieces can ever be the same!

While based in Dunedin, Ted’s database of happy customers crosses international boundaries. He’s quite adept at working with clients who can’t get in to see him in person, so don’t let that put you off.

Head to the website, have a look around, ask any questions that haven’t already been answered … then sit back and wait for the ooh’s and aah’s when you sport a ring that’s truly unique, truly you! ♥