Topper Delights

Top DelightsLegend has it that wedding cake toppers were first seen some hundred or so years ago but the actual origins of the tradition appear shrouded in mystery.

Some references are made to a baker’s daughter wanting a symbol of her love, others reference Queen Victoria’s wedding to Prince Albert.

Most historians seem to agree that toppers first appeared in the late 19th  century, becoming the “in thing” somewhere around the 1920s.

It was during the 1950’s that wedding toppers were almost deemed compulsory.

The most traditional form of topper was the little bride and groom that stood rigid beside each other with stiff frozen smiles across their pale paralysed faces, dressed in the standard black suit and white “one style fits all”  gown. Too bad if, in real life, the groom had a moustache or the bride’s hair was fire engine red!

Yes, you may be reading this article and pick up a vibe of cynicism … and you may be right. However, the bride and groom  figurines were placed on top to complete the wedding cake and to signify togetherness, which you have to admit is a loving sentiment.

Thank goodness today’s choices have exploded with artistic ability and personalism. As a wedding cake decorator, I continually get excited with each wedding couple’s ideas of what they would like to see on top of their  cake.

It’s nice to have such a vast array of imaginations walking through my door.

Wedding cake toppers are by no means essential, but choosing the right one can symbolise your personality, and it can make a defined difference to the perception of the theme of your wedding.

Toppers range from fresh, iced or silk flowers, to feathers, flax, stars and bows. Monograms are elegant and formal, as are porcelain white hearts or soft shapes of embraced couples. Novelty toppers can set the scene for a  fun wedding, particularly if the groom is a fanatic golfer, fisherman or being dragged by the collar by the bride!

Caricature bride and grooms can be made to represent the couple, wearing the same attire and the toppers  can include children, dogs, cats or even a favoured soccer team.

Themed weddings can now include the toppers to match. I have personally made toppers to incorporate beach themes, Maori symbols, beloved cars, pets, children, butterflies, Polynesian culture, flags and even Elvis! Oh, I  loved Elvis!

So think about what you would like. Talk to your cake decorator and create a loving memory that will personalise you, your partner and your individual attitude and character on your special day, whether formal or funny. Don’t just settle for the stiff upper lip bride and groom of old – express yourself with your topper! ?

Janine Mitchell is the proprietary of Snob Designer Cupcakes.

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