Mascara Reviews

Mascara Reviews


Price ?

Claims – nourishing formula of natural wax and keratin beautifully conditions your lashes and helps make them fuller and thicker.

Formula – Quite wet and gloopy, tends to stick lashes together rather than fan them out. Takes a while to dry so can get a little messy.

Rating – 4/10


Price – $33.00 USD

Claims –  new clump-free, Vegan mascara formula, for a spectacular panoramic effect. This long wearing formula is 100% plant derived, 100% natural and ideal for sensitive eyes

Formula – Medium thickness, dries nicely, can transfer a little. Love how long it makes the lashes look but still keeps them looking fairly natural. Good longevity through out day.

Rating – 8/10


Price – $4.99USD

Claims – to instantly add volume and length. 8x the curl, 8x the volume and 35% longer lashes

Formula – medium thickness, takes a little while to dry down so can get a little messy. Transfers under eyes through out day.

Rating – 5/10


Price – $26 USD

Claims – Create dramatic lashes plumped to perfection that will see you through your morning workout and beyond.

Formula – Quite a dry formula. Lasts a good amount of time on the eyes but wouldn’t call it waterproof… Found it a little hard to coat the lashes with but not a terrible mascara.

Rating – 5/10

Brighten Your Smile This Winter

Brighten Your Smile This Winter

sonicareWith winter wedding season kicking into full swing it’s time for brides to consider preparing one of their most visible assets, their smile. On one of your happiest days, a gorgeous smile will be a focal point in your photos, but forget expensive cosmetic dental surgery, set yourself a strict oral health regime now and achieve that white smile you’ve always wanted:

1. Rethink your coffee and red wine habits
Coffee, red wine and black tea leave stains causing residue on your teeth. At least one month out from your wedding date you should cut back on these and consider alternatives that won’t affect your smile. Water is your best friend, but on trend Turmeric lattes for day and clear liquors when you’re at the bar are still a safer choice.

2. Break up with your old toothbrush
You wouldn’t wax your car without cleaning it, so you shouldn’t whiten your teeth without cleaning them. Plaque and bacteria will get in the way of achieving your best smile so to combat build up, make sure your toothbrush is doing the job right. Don’t hold onto one beyond 3 months and consider investing in an electric upgrade with greater plaque removal, invest in a quality toothbrush like Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Sonic electric toothbrush. You’re looking at densely packed central stain removing bristles that will help you to a whiter smile in just 7 days, while also improving your general oral health.

3. Refresh your routine
Are you a flosser? You’ll need to be to properly remove plaque build up or leftover food. Include mouthwash in your daily routine to prevent gum disease too. Start a rigorous oral health regime pronto and stick to it! Set reminders in your phone if you must. By the time the big day rolls around, you know you’ll be ready and without panic when the photographer says “smile”.

4. Consult the professionals
Consider booking in with your dentist for a check up and for a professional clean. Build on this foundation by maintaining it with your quality electric toothbrush.This will get you off on the right start towards a glistening smile.

For further information:
Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Sonic electric toothbrush (Pink)

RRP: $399.95

Real Wedding – Zena and Zak

Real Wedding – Zena and Zak

real wedding ZENA & ZAK


Bride: Zena
Groom: Zak
Reside: NZ
Photographer: Johanna McDonald Photography

Ceremony: St Michael’s Church, Remuera

Reception: Auckland Museum
Officiants: Father Fadi, Syrian Orthodox Church, Father Fawzi, Chaldean ChurchFather Gerges, Lebanese Catholic Church Together, they were able to combine a traditional Syriac mass with English and Arabic.

BRIDE’S GOWN Azzaria Bridal Couture, Sydney

GROOM’S & GROOMSMEN’S ATTIRE Working Style / Frank Casey

BRIDESMAIDS Forever Unique

FLOWERS & CHERRY BLOSSOM TREES Stylish Weddings & Events, Auckland

Kate Solley Makeup Artist / Hilda Racho

All Things Sweet

real weddingSTYLING

Stylish Weddings & Events, Auckland

Harpist in the Museum Foyer / DJ Sir Vere

CATERING SkyCity Catering

BRIDESMAIDS Forever Unique

The service was in Syriac, Enlgish and Arabic so that the traditional customs were retained. The homily was in English so that everyone could understand. During the signing of the marriage agreement, a friend of the couple sang Ave Maria. Their parish priest also allowed them to exchange vows and rings in English.

What was an invite to a rugby game at North Harbour Stadium turned special. The place was empty. As they stepped onto the field, the lights all turned on and the question”will you marry me” appeared on the big screen, followed by a slide show of photos of the couple’s life together. Family and friends were hiding in the Corporate Boxes!

Real Wedding – Tessa and Nigel

Real Wedding – Tessa and Nigel

real wedding TESSA & NIGEL


Bride: Tessa
Groom: Nigel
Reside: New Zealand
Photographer: Nisah Ravji,

Celebrant: Paul Flynn,

Ceremony & Reception Venue: LaValla Estate, Tuakau,

BRIDE’S GOWN Bella Bridal


Strawberry Sky Cakes,

Inspired Weddings,

Flynny not only performed as Celebrant, he was also the DJ on the night.

CATERING Golden Oldies


Roses Florist,

The proposal happened on our 4 year anniversaryreal wedding
in Orewa. We had planned the weekend away at a beachfront resort. The weather turned bad so we spent the night in with wine and an antipasto platter. I had run a bath when Nigel got down on one knee, bringing me to tears, screaming YES!

Mum Lesley, dad Kelvin, sister Sian and brother Leighton. My wonderful nanna Doreen. My wonderful bridesmaids Sarah, Kelly Andrea did a fantastic job

Their vows were very short and sweet. The bride memorised hers to make them easier to remember; this proved a success on the day. Their celebrant read out a little story each of them had sent to him about each other.

The bride did all the decorating and sourced the décor herself, having table runners & chair sashes made to fit the furniture at the venue. The flower boxes were made by her brother and she purchased 40 candles for mood lighting as night set in. There were flowers galore – hydrangea, daisy, several types of roses, and toi toi. They hung from the ceiling, covered two arches, ran down the aisle, were on tables both inside and outside; they hung on the wall behing the bridal table, were worn by the bride in her hair and could be spotted on the cake.

real wedding

Real Wedding – Shreta and Lorene

Real Wedding – Shreta and Lorene

real weddingSHRETA & LORENCE


Bride: Shreta Chand
Groom: Lorence Nadi
Reside: Australia

NZ Photographer: V K Photovision Celebrant: Melanie Kerr
Ceremony Venue: Auckland’s Waitakere Estate

BRIDE’S GOWN Bella Bridal


GROOM’S ATTIREreal wedding
Suit: Roger David
Tie, Cuffs & Pocket Square: Ferrari Store

Shoes: Hannahs


HAIR & MAKEUP Estelle’s Makeup & Hair Styling

NAILS Lisa’s Nails

real weddingLINGERIE Bras N Things

STYLING Studio 100 Flowers

The Cupcake Fairy

Walking down the aisle with my parents and seeing my husband-to-be with ears in his eyes!

I had wanted a garden wedding but, due to the weather on the day, the wedding had to take place in the chapel. Renee, the Co real weddingOrdinator at Auckland’s Waitakere Estate, organised everything perfectly. After the ceremony Renee surprised my husband and I by having the guests shower rose petals on us. They were supposed to be used as a red carpet when walking down the aisle in the garden. Everything else went as planned.

Don’t stress if something hasn’t come out the way it was planned. It will be frustrating in the beginning and heart-breaking, but everything will fall into place. You can end up with something you hadn’t even thought about. The little hiccups will turn out to be a memory for the rest of your life. Good or bad, it’s something you can laugh with your family about.

Take in as much as you can on the day and just enjoy. Don’t worry about the things that can go wrong. Just sit back, relax and enjoy your day.

real wedding




trufflesRecipe by Megan May from Little Bird




Bell Green Grapefruit & Lime Tea Serve chilled with sparkling water

The citrus notes of the Bell sparkling tea compliments the sweetness of the tropical avours in the truf es, creating a taste explosion.


3⁄4 cup (115 g) macadamia nuts
1 cup dried or desiccated coconut
4 tbsp local raw honey, coconut nectar or raw agave
Zest of 1 lemon
Pinch of sea salt
1⁄4 tsp vanilla paste or seeds of 1 vanilla bean
1 tbsp freeze-dried passionfruit powder (I use Fresh-As brand) Extra dried or desiccated coconut, for rolling


  1. Place 1⁄2 cup of the macadamias in a food processor and blend into a smooth butter (this is how you can make your own fresh macadamia butter).
  2. Now add half the coconut, along with the honey (or sweetener of choice), lemon zest, salt and vanilla to the food processor, and blend together until well combined – the resulting mixture will be quite sticky.
  3. At this point add remaining coconut and macadamias as well as passionfruit powder, and blend for 5–10 seconds until the mixture comes together but some texture remains. If the mixture is too sticky to work with (particularly if you have used honey), add small amounts of extra coconut until you can form a ball with it.
  4. Take tablespoon amounts of the mixture and form each into a soft ball, then roll in extra coconut. Store in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer.

NOTE: Freeze-dried products have not been heated or had preservatives added to them. The water is removed from fresh produce at very low temperatures, which helps retain all the intense avour and nutrients of the original produce.

Celebrate In Style

Celebrate In Style

champagneBeautiful, elegant and effervescent – just like a bride! Celebrate in style this summer with French inspired, Marlborough made Cecilia Brut.

With its subtle lemony aromas and warm hints of gold, the Cecilia Brut is a special addition to any celebration and is also a loving nod to an exceptional member of the Scott family – Catherine Cecilia Scott – who, alongside husband Allan, planted the rst of the family-owned vineyards in Marlborough in 1975.

Made predominantly from Chardonnay, this silky sparkling is proudly made in true French Méthode Traditionnelle style on the Scott family estate. Wild strawberries and stonefruit avours abound. Its huge acid backbone is offset by the fresh fruit concentration. With bubbles that further enhance the aromas on the palate, the Cecilia Brut is perfect for those warm summer evenings and best enjoyed with good company (and generous antipasti platters, of course).

Son and head winemaker Josh Scott said the Cecilia Brut is often featured at the Scott family’s own celebrations and will forever hold a special pace in their hearts. “Like the wine, our mother is both vivacious and discerning, so it was only tting this special varietal was named after her – a legacy that will live on as the next generation of Scott’s start to make their mark on the family business.”

Josh tips the Cecilia Brut to be the drink of choice this summer, and the perfect accompaniment to Christmas Day and New Year celebrations. “Weddings, parties, balmy evenings at the beach or simply 5pm, there’s no occasion that isn’t right for a glass of sparkling. The Cecilia Brut pairs beautifully with a variety of seafood, meats and cheeses, as well as fruit based desserts, tarts and crumbles. As the French would say – délicieux!”

Cecilia Brut Méthode Traditionnelle NV is available for purchase from most leading supermarkets and selected liquor outlets nationwide.

Sip Into Spring

Sip Into Spring

wineFarewell winter and welcome to all we love about spring including this new release of RUA Pinot Gris 2016.

Celebrate daffodils, baby lambs and daylight savings with a chilled glass of this vibrant wine.

Pinot Gris is one New Zealand’s most popular white wines, and we can see why. Its freshness and easy style of drinking are just part of the attraction. With rich layers of ripe pear, white peach and nectarines across the palate, Rua Pinot Gris 2016 is poised to be a rm favourite.

Produced from the rugged landscapes of Akarua’s vineyards in Central Otago, the cool climate has a wonderful in uence on the wine. Its ne acidity in combination with its fruity avours creates a well-structured wine with an off- dry nish.

TIP: Try it with sushi, fresh vegetables and shell sh or perhaps white meats spiced with coriander, fennel, turmeric and ginger – Akarua Winemaker Andrew Keenleyside.

This wine is a guaranteed crowd pleaser best served chilled and shared amongst friends.

Stockists: Available at leading restaurants, selected supermarkets, Glengarry and other ne wine retailers nationwide. Distributed by Hancocks Wine Spirit and Beer Merchants.

It Adds Up

It Adds Up

Since the birth of the early abacus some 2,000 years before Christ, calculators have been used by mankind to nd solutions to all sorts of boring equations.

New Zealand entrepreneurs Roy Zane and Steven Male have launched a world rst: a calculator which helps users work out how much wine to buy for their wedding or upcoming event.

“Calculators are a bit lame, but not ours,” says Zane. “While engineers use traditional calculators to work out the structural integrity of a building, our calculator can tell people something much more interesting: how much and what kind of wine they should get for their wedding or event.”

The free Wedding Wines calculator works on a simple four step process in which users are asked a few details about their event, including the main type of food being served and the drinking habits (from tea-totaller to heavy) of the average attendee. Respondents are then given a tailored recommendation on how much and what type of wine they should get.

“With wine you get people who are either know-it-alls or those who know nothing because they have always been afraid of the know-it-alls,” says co-founder Steven Male, who’s worked in the industry for four years. “The result is that most events have a poor choice of wine. There’s a lot that goes into getting the right quantity and type of wine to match food; even the best red in the world can taste horrible after eating an oyster.

“Our calculator takes the guesswork out, leaving the married couple relaxed and free of stress as they begin their lifelong commitment to each other,” adds Zane.

Behind the friendly and easy-to-use interface of the wine calculator, there’s hard science. “We’ve done a ton of research, talking and drinking with people in both the wine and wedding industries, about drinking habits. Plus we’ll be constantly tweaking the calculator based on our users’ experience.”

The calculator is completely free for users, with the startup making money from vineyards when users purchase the packages recommended to them. Those using the tool can rest assured they’re getting better deals with bulk discounts through the Wedding Wines website than they would get from the vineyard directly.

“With our group buying model, everyone wins,” says Male. “And the best thing is: if you’re worried you might not have enough, you can just over-order because all our wine suppliers offer full refunds on any untouched cases.”

Real Wedding – Abbey and James

Real Wedding – Abbey and James



Bride: Abbey Looyer
Groom: James Looyer
Reside: NZ
Celebrant: Tania Scott
Venue: French Farm Winery,


BRIDE’S GOWN Louise Anderson


BRIDESMAIDS Light In The Boxrw

FLOWERS Tannery Florist

CAKE Cakes By Anna

HAIR Felix Culpa

MAKEUP Chrystal O’Brien Makeup

Something Borrowed Something New

STATIONERY The Drawing Room


A borrowed 1974 Lincoln Continental and a 1970’s Chrysler New Yorker

rwCATERING The Gables – Akaroa


The couple wrote their own vows and had a friend, Tash, read a poem.

The also held a locket ceremony. They locked a padlock and tied the key to a helium balloon. They let the balloon fly away, keeping the padlock.