The Language of Ribbons

The Language of Ribbons

perfumeOnly the initiated few can decode the motifs woven into an Arlésienne’s ribbon. It has its own language of colours. Bright hues tell of the boldness of a woman who is absolutely free. A white background hints at femininity. Deep shades emphasise the sensual mystery of an intangible presence.

Every ribbon is unique; if you look closely, you’ll see. Two- tone or multi-coloured, it speaks its own language and weaves a pattern as unique as the woman who wears it in her hair.

The art of ribbon-making
is dying out. Old looms that could once make ribbons of an exceptional density no longer exist. Hardly anyone today knows how to tightly criss-cross thousands of threads to form motifs created by talented artists. Ribbon-making may soon become a thing of the past, but Arlésiennes remain true to their traditional costume – and to the Arlésiennes before them. They still wear their ribbons with pride.

Inspired by this timeless and unspoken language, the oral, musky opulence of the new Arlésienne is a fragrant turn of phrase, composed with all women in mind – but one in particular…

Elusive, evasive almost, she leaves an irresistibly oral scent on her ribbon – a ribbon that belongs only to her… Timeless, her paradoxical nature is driven by a profound desire to be different, inimitable.

In the past, she made a statement through the ribbon she chose. Today, she wears a fragrance that re ects every facet of her per sonality.

Arlésienne is a fragrance inspired by the wishes and desires of an elusive muse who shares a collective history, yet is unlike anyone else. The woman is one with her fragrance, playing on a contrast between the subtle elegance of rich oral notes and the enveloping scent of white musk.

Available from November in Delightful Bath & Shower Gel, Beauty Milk, Velvet Hand Cream, Delicious Gloss for lips, Perfumed Soap and Eau de Toilette.


In the gardens of the city of perfumers, the Centifolia rose is picked at dawn, before the rst rays of sunshine appear. The barely open owers are delicately gripped between the thumb and index nger, then removed from the stem with a twisting movement. In one hour, just 7 to 9 kg are harvested – and it takes 800kg of owers to yield 1kg of the absolute. But the reward for this patient work is great: every harvest yields a precious infusion that diffuses a deep, sensual scent.

Marcel Quentin is one of the few remaining producers of violet leaves in the region. His elds lie at the foot of this village, which sits on a rocky plateau inland. Thousands upon thousands of leaves with delicate veins form green waves across the landscape. Cut by hand, they are harvested from February to September, then processed to obtain the concrete, then the absolute, in the factories of Grasse. Powdery and slightly sweet, the ower recalls the nobility of iris. Violet leaf, meanwhile, is its alter ego: crisp, vibrant and green, it captures the very essence of nature and the vitality of plants.

The men and women of the region have learned to live in harmony with a ower that likes to be handled gently, and with respect. When the time comes, the stigmas (the saffron itself) are plucked from the ower by hand on the day the owers are picked. The petals are spread out in the shade and left to dry. Then, using a process developed by L’OCCITANE, a unique ingredient is extracted, with a captivating scent that reveals a complex accord with hints of spice and leather.

Get Sun Kissed

Get Sun Kissed

tanSun Kissed Tan first opened their doors in 2011 with their Christchurch tanning salon, offering a unique twist on the tanning industry by only offering handheld sunless tanning, or spray tanning, as it is fashionably known. They fast became the home of tanning in Christchurch and now boast two branches in the Garden City. They have recently opened on the Gold Coast, too. In Auckland they’re found in the central Meadowbank Shopping Centre where they’re able to offer 24 full body spray tans every hour, providing a level of service never seen in the City of Sails!

SKT, as they’re known, specialise in offering amazing spray tans at fantastic prices, making spray tanning an every week accessory rather than merely a “special occasion” treatment.

SKT offer world class spray tanning techniques that have changed the spray tanning game for good, and they continue to lead the spray tanning industry with their amazing world class products.

SKT only stock B.Gorgeous tanning products that contain 100% Certi ed Organic ingredients that work harmoniously together to deliver great tans. Their “even fade technology” uses a combination of ingredients that contain super powerful moisturisers. These ensure a gradual fade, creating a much smoother transition from tanned to un-tanned … and eliminating patchy fading!

B.Gorgeous solutions are infused with caffeine, an ingredient that is widely known to rm the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite! Aloe Vera is used to hydrate the skin and has also been proven in studies to treat acne.

B.Gorgeous is a beautiful product that is simply gorgeous in every possible way, and SKT deliver on the service and application!

We should know – we’re huge fans! We love their Malibu Nights tan for a deep brown colour. We also love that, in between a busy schedule, a tan takes all of ten minutes and there is an option for a rapid one hour developer!

With summer coming up, why not grab yourself a Tanning Card which is valid for either 3, 6 or 12 months for unlimited tans! Get a light or medium tan, or go dark for impact. All tans can be double-coated, too!

A Skinny Tan

A Skinny Tan

tanSkinny Tan is the first self-tanner that combines a natural tanning active with naturally derived skin smoothing actives to tan, contour and reduce the visible appearance of cellulite!


Extensive R&D is what sets Skinny Tan apart from all other tanners. The founders of the brand did not stop until they had a product they knew customers would fall in love with. ‘Come for the Skinny-Stay for the Tan’ … a saying which illustrates just how nice the tanner actually is … and it ghts your cellulite.

All Skinny Tan tanners are made with a seed tanner, plus they also use naturally derived Guarana that together with the tan will help make cellulite look visibly smoother and less obvious.

Anti-Ageing Power

Anti-Ageing Power

skinFor women seeking naturally glowing, evenly toned skin and an additional layer of environmental protection, Elizabeth Arden introduces Prevage® Anti-Aging Foundation. Now, for the rst time, the brand is infusing Prevage® technology into colour cosmetics with the launch of an innovative new foundation. This all-in-one makeup evens skin tone while helping to protect, visibly repair, and lock in moisture for ultimate skin perfection.

The super uid liquid foundation creates a naturally luminous complexion with all-day wear. The lightweight formula provides medium coverage, creating a beautiful awless look. Prevage® Foundation is infused with Idebenone, the world’s most powerful antioxidant, and Hydra-Pigments to instantly blur skin’s imperfections while helping to seal in moisture for a radiant look. Prevage® Anti-Aging Foundation, available in eight shades, addresses anti-aging concerns by helping to reduce the appearance of ne lines and wrinkles throughout the day.


Immediately, skin looks naturally luminous and radiant. Imperfections are blurred and skin appears rmer and smoother creating a awless glow all day long. In fact, Prevage® Anti- Aging Foundation is so good for your skin that women who slept with it on overnight experienced amazing results. Upon waking, women noted their skin was clear and felt hydrated. Consumer testing reveals:

  • 97% of women said the makeup glides on evenly and blends effortlessly
  • 96% of women felt the makeup gave them natural looking coverage
  • 95% of women saw an immediate improvement to skin’s overall appearance
  • 93% of women said it blurs the appearance of ne lines, wrinkles and imperfections
  • 91% of women did not feel like they were wearing any foundation
  • 87% of women said their skin looked radiant.

Q&A with Lavinia Popescu Senior Director, R&D, Elizabeth Arden

What inspired the development of Prevage® Anti-Aging Foundation?

We’ve heard from our consumers around the world that they wanted to get the anti-aging bene ts of Prevage® in their cosmetics too, so we sought to create a foundation that infuses the environmental protection and anti-aging bene ts of Prevage® with awless colour coverage. The result is an all-in-one makeup that evens skintone while helping to protect, visibly repair and moisturise for ultimate skin perfection.

How long did Prevage® Anti-Aging Foundation take to develop?

It has taken three years for the Elizabeth Arden team to develop and perfect anti-aging foundation.

In terms of formula, how is this foundation different from other existing Elizabeth Arden foundations?

While all Elizabeth Arden foundation formulas seek to provide skincare bene ts in addition to awless coverage, the new Prevage® Anti-Aging Foundation focuses speci cally on providing superior anti-aging bene ts and environmental protection to treat like skincare while perfecting like makeup. The luxurious lightweight formula uniquely combines the power of Idebenone, the most powerful antioxidant, with Hydra-Pigments that meld with the skin, creating a shield to help blur imperfections and help retain moisture while delivering precise long-wear colour.

What is the technology that enables this product to help reduce the look /appearance of ne lines and wrinkles?

A combination of Vitamin C and L-Carnosine work to help boost the skin’s own natural collagen. This technology helps increase elasticity, while also reducing the appearance of ne lines and wrinkles. The overall clarity of skin is also improved.

What are the bene ts to having antioxidants infused into foundation?

Prevage® Anti-Aging Foundation uses a patent-pending antioxidant blend featuring our exclusive antioxidant, Idebenone, to help protect against environmental stressors, a leading cause of visible signs of aging, while also keeping skin looking healthy and luminous.

Since there are only 8 shades in the line, how does the foundation work for all skin tones?

We wanted to develop a tight lineup where one shade could span across a few different skin tones. Our existing foundation portfolio shade range has been developed using our Custom Color technology that is a database of consumer skin tones. This technology captures all of the spectral data for all skin colours that range to cover skin tones that span from pink to neutral to gold undertones. We also have a broad shade depth scale that we created, that breaks out our foundation undertones into four levels of depth, targeting our global consumers to reach all ethnicities, from the fairest Asian skin tones to the deepest South African skin tones. For Prevage® Anti-Aging Foundation, we used this Custom Color technology and developed shades in the neutral range that cover all skin tones from pink to golden; this range hits our levels 1, 2, 3 and the beginning of level four. The formula also contains optical particles that scatter any light that hits your face, so your natural skin tone is enhanced through your foundation. This makes the foundation forgiving, and allows shades to span across a broader tone base with fewer shades.

How does Prevage® Anti-Aging Foundation work with other products in the Prevage® line, speci cally City Smart?
Prevage® Anti-Aging Foundation was created to perfect the look of skin with an extra layer of anti-aging bene ts, while Prevage® City Smart focuses solely on the anti-aging skincare bene ts. Although the Anti-Aging Foundation has SPF, it doesn’t boost the ef cacy of SPF by applying over City Smart. After cleansing the face, apply your rst layer of protection, Superstart Skin Renewal Booster, followed by your serum and moisturiser. Lastly, add our Anti-Aging Foundation for an even, awless complexion and an additional layer of environmental and antioxidant protection.

Since I wash off my foundation every day, how does an anti-aging foundation really help with long-term bene ts?

The key ingredients and antioxidants in Prevage® Anti-Aging Foundation penetrate the epidermis and work to repair the look of skin on a cellular level. The antioxidants help protect and repair skin’s appearance by supporting skin’s own natural collagen, increasing the skin’s elasticity, reducing the look of ne lines and wrinkles and improving the clarity of the skin.

Can I skip my moisturiser when I use Prevage® Foundation?

No, while the Hydra-Pigments in the formula help to deliver colour and hydrate skin, the foundation isn’t meant to act as your moisturiser. Your moisturiser will help add hydration to your skin while the foundation will help to seal in moisture for the duration of the day.

Game On

Game On

makeupGAME ON!

Ready to get energised? Rimmel London introduces new Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine Lipstick, a new moisturising lipstick with a translucent, luminous, vitamin-enriched colour. An energy shot of moisture and fresh colour for lips! Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine joins Rimmel’s game-changing Moisture Renew Lip Collection, which also stars Moisture Renew Lipstick for a hydrating surge of rich, full-impact colour. With two vibrant looks to choose from – sheer and hyper-saturated – there’s something for every girl who craves a dose of colour adrenaline and a healthy looking, feel good nish.

It’s an energising palette of eight beautiful shades. Choose from lush pinks, bright coral, cherry red and chic neutrals, all with a glassy, light-catching sheen. The translucent hues are all brilliantly buildable for a super-fresh, stand-out lip-look. Your pout will pop!makeup

Watch Georgia May Jagger get pumped! The Rimmel beauty shows-off the Moisture Renew Lip Collection in the dynamic TV and print advertising campaign. In an adrenaline-fuelled world of colour and style, Georgia is joined by two teams of girlfriends. Each team exempli es one of the high-energy lip looks. A playful face-off ensues: sheer shades versus rich, saturated hues. Pick your team!

This collection includes three new nail polish shades: Lovey Dovey, Hot Tropicana & Oragasm.

All That Glitters

All That Glitters

skinWhat woman doesn’t love gold?!

Kourtney Kardashian not only loves gold, but also all of Manuka Doctor’s fabulous range of award- winning skincare. “I am incredibly excited to have this opportunity to work with a brand I believe in and introduce it to people around the world.”

To coincide with the announcement of Kourtney Kardashian as a Brand Ambassador for Manuka Doctor, they have proudly launched their latest silky serum – ApiRe ne Gold Dust Firming Serum.

As always, the powerful combination of Manuka Doctor’s hero ingredients, Puri ed Bee Venom and Manuka Honey, will hydrate and support natural collagen production in the skin. In addition, the ApiRe ne Gold Dust Serum is also infused with plant extracts such as mangosteen peel extract, which helps plump and rm the skin, and quince seed extract, to provide a great source of hydration. The inclusion of colloidal gold in this serum will instantly have your skin looking younger and photo-ready, creating an amazing illuminated effect with re ective light particles allowing for de ned facial contours.

The company’s formulation helps to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles, giving skin a boost and also regulating discolouration. Another bene t of this product is locking in moisture and the maintenance of collagen in the skin by inhibiting the breakdown of elastin. Skin will appear revitalised with a stunning radiance, a feeling of rmness and a visible tightening.

“I have been using the Manuka Doctor honey line for many years … I couldn’t have wished for a better partnership,” stated Kourtney. “I am an advocate of products that use natural ingredients.”

Instint Tints

Instint Tints

hairIf you want to try a bright new hair colour for summer, but don’t want to commit or damage your hair, then Joico’s NEW InstaTint temporary colour shimmer sprays should be at the top of your list.

InstaTints come on strong, delivering dazzling colour for up to three days, before washing out with a single shampoo. Spray these directly onto hair for an instafabulous pop of colour here and there, or mix and mingle all ve shades to create your own custom tint.

Choose from Fiery Coral, Sapphire Blue, Orchid, Pink, and Mermaid Blue to give yourself a pop of colour. Why You’ll Love Them:hair

• Up to three days of bright, bold colour that washes out in one shampoo
• Brilliantly brushable with long-lasting hold
• Instantly refreshes the vibrancy of Joico Vero K-PAK Colour Intensity shades
• Temporary pigments mean no commitment or damage of traditional hair colour.

All ve of Joico’s new InstaTint Temporary Colour Shimmer Sprays are available in salons nationwide. NB: We recommend you wear protective clothing during application!

Get Summer Ready

Get Summer Ready

hairSpring has sprung and we will soon be toting shorts, mini skirts and bathers. It’s time to get your body summer ready, giving speci c thought to hair removal.

The thought of having hairy skin whilst donning a summer dress is as daunting as those springtime allergies and bee stings. Our skin’s transition through the seasons isn’t always an easy feat, but Remington has you covered with a roadmap of hair removal products that will suit any grooming routine.

The Trim & Shape Ultimate Body & Bikini Kit will have you hairlesshair in minutes. In the shower or out, this mini shaver uses the bikini and detail trimmers to remove the longer, stubborn hair, while the mini foil shaver and exfoliating brush head ensures a silky, smooth nish. It boasts up to 30-minutes of cordless runtime, and has three adjustable comb lengths.

hairWith the Smooth & Silky Deluxe Shave & Trim you’ll achieve results in record time. Containing both a shaver and a bikini trimmer, this premium hair trimming duo is both waterproof and cordless. To ensure carefree grooming, the titanium coated dual hypoallergenic oating foils reduce irritation on the skin, while the premium dual sided exible trimmer lifts and trims the longer hairs. It features an additional battery operated bikini trimmer, and a storage stand for recharging.

For a medium-term hair removal solution, the Smooth & Silky® Easy Epilator is a must have. Suitable for use on legs, underarms and bikini lines, the total-coverage tweezer system removes more hair in one pass, making epilation faster than ever. The perfect angle cap follows the curves of the body, ensuring optimal tweezing to catch even the shortest hairs – leaving you smooth and silky for up to 6

Permanent hair removal no longer needs to be left to the specialists. The groundbreaking, clinically proven i-LIGHT Pro+ Face & Body IPL system offers non-irritating, permanent and painless results in just four weeks. Utilising the same Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology as seen in salons, the device is suitable for all areas of the body, including a specialised facial attachment for those delicate facial areas. Break your hair growth cycle completely with this dermatologically tested device and leap into the new season with the skin you’ve only ever dreamed of having.

Get The Nude Look

Get The Nude Look

makeupA nude look is often favoured for general daywear and those who don’t like to be seen as wearing a lot of makeup. When you need to look perfect, but don’t want a heavy look, go “nude”.

Start with Designer Brands’ Luminous Perfection Cushion Foundation, the newest and easiest way to apply foundation. It’s a liquid foundation in a cushion sponge that delivers the perfect amount of foundation upon each press, so there is never any spillage, wastage or broken bottles on your bathroom oor! Great for application on-the-go and for day-to-night touch ups. Delivering a luminous, radiant nish, it provides medium coverage that can be built up to full coverage. Available in four shades: Classic Ivory, Nude Beige, True Beige and Warm

On-point contouring is made so easy with Designer Brands’ Cream Contour Kit. With three complementary shades, this Kit

is all you need to sculpt, de ne and highlight like a pro. The smooth, creamy shades are super blendable and make sculpting and shaping the face a breeze. The cream consistency means you can create natural looking contours with a dewy and radiant nish. Available in two shades: Light-Medium and Medium-Dark.

“Our powder contour kit is already hugely popular, but with the rise of the no-makeup-makeup look our customers are wanting to contour in a very natural looking way and cream is de nitely the best way to do this. So we created a contour kit in a cream formulation, makeupwith ingredients that melt right into the skin for a awless nish,” said Designer Brands CEO, Tony Rechtman.

Complete your nude look with Designer Brands’ Moisturising Lipstick that boast Vitamin E to help counteract dryness for soft and silky lips, as well as Aloe Vera extract to help repair damaged lips. Now available in four new nude shades to suit all skin tones: Nude Latte, Nude Rose, Nude Blush (Limited Edition) andNude Biscotti (Limited Edition).

Pair your favourite Designer Brands Moisturising Lipstick with Invisible Lip Liner, which primes and de nes lips. The creamy and long-lasting Lip Liner is the perfect base to apply to prevent bleeding, smudging and smearing.

Get The Look – Florals For Spring

Get The Look – Florals For Spring

makeupIt’s blooming spring! Capture those oral hues with fresh glowing features this season witha face of radiant makeup from Collection Cosmetics.

Start with a base of Naturally Matt Foundation for an all-over immaculate coverage. The fresh formula is mineral enriched and fragrance free, designed to reduce shine and provide an even skin tone. This matt nish foundation contains UVA and UVB sunscreens and is also available in three different shades: Porcelain, Ivory and Cool Beige.

The Illuminating Touch Concealer-is the perfect double use product to both conceal dark circles and blemishes and brighten your under-eye area. Apply a lighter shade of the lightweight formula with the ne tip brush to your cheekbones, jawline and even the bridge of your nose to highlight and add depth to your

For ushed spring cheeks, a simple stroke of the Gorgeous Glow Blush Block on the apples of your cheeks is all you need to enhance your glowing skin. Simply blend this mosaic tile from the cheekbones upwards to your hairline to add a healthy touch of colour.

makeupComplete the look of the season with a generous coat of the Lasting Colour Lipstick in Taffeta Bloom for baby-soft lips. Not only the perfect addition to your spring makeup bag following a chilly winter, this oral pink hue is guaranteed to increase your lip hydration by up to 20% – leaving you looking fresh faced and luminous all day long.