Brighten Your Smile This Winter

sonicareWith winter wedding season kicking into full swing it’s time for brides to consider preparing one of their most visible assets, their smile. On one of your happiest days, a gorgeous smile will be a focal point in your photos, but forget expensive cosmetic dental surgery, set yourself a strict oral health regime now and achieve that white smile you’ve always wanted:

1. Rethink your coffee and red wine habits
Coffee, red wine and black tea leave stains causing residue on your teeth. At least one month out from your wedding date you should cut back on these and consider alternatives that won’t affect your smile. Water is your best friend, but on trend Turmeric lattes for day and clear liquors when you’re at the bar are still a safer choice.

2. Break up with your old toothbrush
You wouldn’t wax your car without cleaning it, so you shouldn’t whiten your teeth without cleaning them. Plaque and bacteria will get in the way of achieving your best smile so to combat build up, make sure your toothbrush is doing the job right. Don’t hold onto one beyond 3 months and consider investing in an electric upgrade with greater plaque removal, invest in a quality toothbrush like Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Sonic electric toothbrush. You’re looking at densely packed central stain removing bristles that will help you to a whiter smile in just 7 days, while also improving your general oral health.

3. Refresh your routine
Are you a flosser? You’ll need to be to properly remove plaque build up or leftover food. Include mouthwash in your daily routine to prevent gum disease too. Start a rigorous oral health regime pronto and stick to it! Set reminders in your phone if you must. By the time the big day rolls around, you know you’ll be ready and without panic when the photographer says “smile”.

4. Consult the professionals
Consider booking in with your dentist for a check up and for a professional clean. Build on this foundation by maintaining it with your quality electric toothbrush.This will get you off on the right start towards a glistening smile.

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