Get Fresh Breath on the Go

Get Fresh Breath on the Go

ListerineGet Fresh Breath on the Go with New LISTERINE®GO! TABS™

Get fresh breath on the go in three simple steps with new LISTERINE®GO! TABS™ – a new way to have a whole mouth clean feel in today’s busy lifestyles!

Whether you’re on the road, hitting the gym or leaving your favourite café after a coffee date, LISTERINE®GO! TABS™ are the easy way to get a whole mouth clean feel on the go. The chewable tablets transform from solid to liquid in seconds, leaving your mouth feeling as clean as brushing and rinsing at home!

Simply chew, swish and swallow and you’re set for a super fresh day. Chew, swish & swallow your LISTERINE®GO! TABS™ whenever you need a quick pick me up – fresh breath has never been easier – or tastier.

Enjoy the confidence of a refreshed, whole mouth clean feel as you navigate the day with Listerine Go! Tabs. From office to supermarket, school pick up and beyond – no matter what you’ve been eating or drinking, get the speedy refresh you need with Listerine Go! Tabs.

Sugar free and containing zero alcohol, LISTERINE®GO! TABS™ are non-negotiable for any handbag, sports bag or glovebox. Simply chew, swish and swallow!

New LISTERINE®GO! TABS™ 8s & 16s are available now from your leading retailers NZ Woolworths, New World & Pak N Save. RRP 8 count $3.99 & 16 count $6.49

Brighten Your Smile This Winter

Brighten Your Smile This Winter

sonicareWith winter wedding season kicking into full swing it’s time for brides to consider preparing one of their most visible assets, their smile. On one of your happiest days, a gorgeous smile will be a focal point in your photos, but forget expensive cosmetic dental surgery, set yourself a strict oral health regime now and achieve that white smile you’ve always wanted:

1. Rethink your coffee and red wine habits
Coffee, red wine and black tea leave stains causing residue on your teeth. At least one month out from your wedding date you should cut back on these and consider alternatives that won’t affect your smile. Water is your best friend, but on trend Turmeric lattes for day and clear liquors when you’re at the bar are still a safer choice.

2. Break up with your old toothbrush
You wouldn’t wax your car without cleaning it, so you shouldn’t whiten your teeth without cleaning them. Plaque and bacteria will get in the way of achieving your best smile so to combat build up, make sure your toothbrush is doing the job right. Don’t hold onto one beyond 3 months and consider investing in an electric upgrade with greater plaque removal, invest in a quality toothbrush like Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Sonic electric toothbrush. You’re looking at densely packed central stain removing bristles that will help you to a whiter smile in just 7 days, while also improving your general oral health.

3. Refresh your routine
Are you a flosser? You’ll need to be to properly remove plaque build up or leftover food. Include mouthwash in your daily routine to prevent gum disease too. Start a rigorous oral health regime pronto and stick to it! Set reminders in your phone if you must. By the time the big day rolls around, you know you’ll be ready and without panic when the photographer says “smile”.

4. Consult the professionals
Consider booking in with your dentist for a check up and for a professional clean. Build on this foundation by maintaining it with your quality electric toothbrush.This will get you off on the right start towards a glistening smile.

For further information:
Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Sonic electric toothbrush (Pink)

RRP: $399.95

The Ultimate Shave

The Ultimate Shave

The Ultimate ShaveWhen it comes to enjoying the ultimate shave, it’s not just about the quality of the blade you’re using. The right preparation can so often be the difference between a good shave and a bad one. The last thing a groom-to-be wants or needs, is a bad shave on the morning of the wedding, leaving the skin red, irritated and looking like he’s just finished a game of rugby!

We spoke to the team at American Crew and got the inside info on how to get the best shave possible.

Start with Ultra Gliding Shave Oil to soften the beard. It will prepare the skin for a close and comfortable shave without leaving any oily residue.

Follow with Precision Shave Gel which will provide an accurate shave for normal or thin beard types. There’s also a Moisturizing Shave Cream is non-foaming. When combined with warm water, it creates a protective barrier on your skin, ensuring that the razor glides. You could also opt for their Protective Shave Foam, an extra creamy formula designed to protect and moisturise the skin.

Once you’ve rinsed your razor, the Revitalizing Toner will calm any irritation that may have resulted from your shave, moisturise the skin and close the pores.

So, before you blame your blade for your next bad shave, we suggest you stop using plain old soap and water, and fill your bathroom cabinets with American Crew’s shaving range. You’ll be blessed with the ultimate shaving performance with the benefit of great skin care … and isn’t that packaging just gorgeous!


Pro-Health Advanced Toothpaste

Pro-Health Advanced Toothpaste

A Dazzling and Healthy SmileIntroducing New Oral-B Pro-Health Advanced Toothpaste

Oral-B, the #1 toothbrush brand used by dentists worldwide, is proud to launch its Pro-Health Advanced oral care range helping New Zealanders to protect both their teeth and gums.

For the first time, New Zealanders will now be able to experience a full regimen of Oral-B products with Oral-B Pro-Health Advanced toothpaste. With three toothpastes, brushes and a rinse, this full dental regimen is clinically proven to tackle the key areas dentists check for most.

Pro-Health Advanced ToothpastePro-Health Advanced Toothpaste (RRP 4.49)
Oral-B Pro-Health Advanced Toothpaste range is like nothing else in the market. It combines two powerful ingredients, sodium polymetaphosphate and stabilised stannous fluoride, to deliver comprehensive care across all the areas that dentists check most – cavities, gingivitis, plaque, sensitivity, enamel, tartar, whitening and breath. Available in Enamel Strong, Gum Protection and Whitening

Pro-Health Advanced ToothpastePro-Health Advanced ToothpasteCrossAction Pro-Health Toothbrush (RRP 5.49)
Combining CrissCross and Power Tip bristles with soft gum massagers and a textured tongue cleaner, CrossAction Pro-Health helps you to achieve clean, healthy mouth whilst protecting enamel and gums.

Pro-Health Multi-Protection Rinse (RRP 7.99)

Offers 24-hour protection to help prevent and reduce plaque build-up and gingivitis as well as fight bad breath and kill germs.

A Dazzling and Healthy Smile

A Dazzling and Healthy Smile

A Dazzling and Healthy SmileNew Oral-B 3D White Luxe ‘Diamond Strong’ Toothpaste for a Dazzling and Healthy Smile

A stunning, white smile is your best accessory for standing out at any occasion, whether it’s a party, wedding, first date or job interview. But for many women, a beautiful smile is a healthy one, and you don’t want to compromise on protecting your teeth for the sake of whitening. Now you can achieve a smile that isn’t just white: it’s STRONG. The NEW Oral-B 3D White Luxe ‘Diamond Strong’ Toothpaste promises whiter teeth as well as stronger enameli for a dazzling and healthy smile.

A Dazzling and Healthy SmileCombining gentle stain-removing technology and a refreshing foaming action, the NEW Oral-B 3D White Luxe Diamond Strong Toothpaste protects teeth against cavities and strengthens enamel, promising a whiter and stronger smile. The paste removes stains and its unique Whitelock TechnologyTM prevents accumulation of new stains – so you don’t have to feel guilty about indulgences like your morning coffee or a glass of red wine!

The NEW Oral-B 3D Luxe White Diamond Strong Toothpaste (RRP $9.49) is available from all major supermarkets and pharmacies now.


Head & Shoulders – Biggest Innovation in 10 Years

Head & Shoulders – Biggest Innovation in 10 Years

Head & Shoulders - Biggest Innovation in 10 Yearshead & shoulders Unveils its Biggest Innovation in 10 Years

The world leaders in dandruff and scalp care reveal the new  head & shoulders 3ActionFormula, for unbelievably beautiful and up to 100 per cent dandruff free hair.

As the innovation leaders in superior scalp and haircare, head & shoulders is constantly researching and refining product formulations to deliver unparalleled effectiveness against dandruff without the compromise to beautiful hair.

Tested over 200 times and in development for 10 years, the new advanced head & shoulders 3ActionFormula, is clinically proven to go deeper and remove more dandruff, whilst achieving surprisingly soft and beautiful hair.

Driven to end the compromise that most of us make when it comes to scalp care and beautiful hair results, the exciting reformulation across the entire head & shoulders haircare collection, offers the dual benefits of up to 100 per cent dandruff free hair that’s beautifully soft and hydrated.

Head & Shoulders - Biggest Innovation in 10 YearsGETTING TO THE ROOT OF BEAUTIFUL HAIR

Pioneers in scalp and haircare, head & shoulders scientists discovered the use of Zinc particles in removing dandruff more than 50 years ago, but its scientists are constantly exploring how to optimise the patented formula to provide both unbeatable dandruff protection and great looking hair.

After 10 years of exploration, molecular modelling and countless clinical studies of particle distribution and deposition, head & shoulders scientists have now discovered the importance of smaller size Zinc for both improved hair benefits and scalp health. Inspired by sun care formulations that optimise particle size to deliver a pleasurable feel, the new head & shoulders 3ActionFormula optimises the active ingredient micro-Zinc, to 8x smaller than the previous formulation.

The micro-zinc particles have now been refined to offer a better cleanse, protection against dandruff causing bacteria, and moisturisation to the roots and hair. All creating a stronger foundation for more resilient, touchable hair that is flake-free, in one easy step.

NEW head & shoulders 3ActionFormula delivers three core benefits, all packed into one bottle:

  • CLEANSES – providing a rich lather that is deeply indulgent offering best in class unbeatable dandruff removal.
  • PROTECT – micro-minerals go deeper into the places where dandruff-causing fungus resides – even after rinsing, enabling unbeatable long lasting dandruff protection for up to 72 hours.
  • MOISTURISE – leaves the hair fibres feeling soft and instantly hydrated thanks to active ingredients that lock-in moisture for noticeably smoother, softer hair that is more manageable and beautiful.

Head & Shoulders - Biggest Innovation in 10 YearsDermatologist Dr. Natasha Cook says: “As a Dermatologist I know the most important thing about skin and scalp care is having the right ingredients in the right concentration, for real results. head & shoulders, the world leaders in anti-dandruff protection have achieved this with the new clinically proven 3ActionFormula, which cleanses, protects and moisturises, providing an easy solution for scalp care in one bottle. Often people are very diligent in caring for their hair and neglect their scalp because they are unaware of how important scalp care is for hair health. With regular use of the new head & shoulders 3ActionFormula, consumers will not only notice they’re dandruff-free, but equally have enviably soft and beautiful hair.”

head & shoulders 3ActionFormula collection:

  • head & shoulders 3ActionFormula Smooth & Silky
  • head & shoulders 3ActionFormula Clean & Balanced
  • head & shoulders 3ActionFormula Apple Fresh
  • head & shoulders 3ActionFormula Dry Scalp
  • head & shoulders 3ActionFormula Itchy Scalp
  • head & shoulders 3ActionFormula 2in1 Deep Clean
  • head & shoulders 3ActionFormula Old Spice 2in1
  • head & shoulders 3ActionFormula Damage Rescue Shampoo

head & shoulders with NEW 3ActionFormula (400ml RRP $12.49) is available nationwide in all major retailers.


Auto Pilot Grooming Shaken Up

Auto Pilot Grooming Shaken Up

Auto Pilot Grooming Shaken UpAuto Pilot Grooming Routines to be Shaken Up  with Gillette’s New ProShield Razor

With guys taking a surprising number of re-strokes during shaving causing irritation, Gillette has launched the new Fusion ProShield razor – with lubrication before and after the blades to shield against irritation.

According to recent studies, most guys take about 170 strokes every time they shave, and 120 of them are re-strokes over the same area of the face after the initial strokes have wiped away most of the protective shave gel. Despite all of the advances in blade technology, many guys still experience some irritation, largely due to these re-strokes.

Instead of expecting guys to change how they shave, Gillette has made its best cartridge even better to shield guys from irritation. The new Gillette Fusion® ProShield™ with lubrication before and after the blades shields against irritation during every shave – no matter how many strokes he takes.

Shaving over the same spot without lubrication can cause skin irritation, redness and bumps that keep guys from looking and feeling their best. Gillette’s Fusion ProShield razor is engineered to proactively shield against irritation, with new lubrication before the blades in addition to the Lubrastrip after the blades, while still delivering incredible closeness.

“With the latest razor technology, excessive re-stroking isn’t necessary for a close shave, but old habits are hard to break,” says Gillette R&D expert Kristina Vanoosthuyze.

“At Gillette, we constantly look for solutions to help improve the shave for guys, and that is why we are introducing Fusion ProShield with lubrication before and after the blades, to help shield from irritation during the shave.  We have changed our blade cartridges so guys don’t need to change the way they shave.”

Auto Pilot Grooming Shaken UpProduct features:

  • New ProShield Lubrication Bar before the blades, in addition to the Lubrastrip after the blades, shields from irritation.

With all of the features of Gillette’s most advanced ProGlide blade cartridges:

  • Our thinnest, finest blade edges with less tug and pull
  • Gillette’s most advanced blade coating
  • Blade Stability Bar maintains optimal blade spacing for exceptional comfort
  • MicroComb to help guide stubble to the blades
  • Precision Trimmer for accurate edging
  • On Gillette’s FlexBall technology handle:
  • FlexBall handle with innovative pivot to respond to facial contours for maximum contact2

Two varieties available:

  • Standard (Yellow)
  • Chill™ with Cooling Technology (Blue)

Gillette Fusion ProShield razors (RRP $26.49) are available from leading retailers.


The Key to Success

The Key to Success

 The Key to SuccessBraun Reveals the Key to Success

Braun reveals the key to success in work, life and love … in your morning routine. Partnering with world renowned sleep doctor and best-selling author, Braun unveils the secret to how we can all become better in the morning

  • Expert reveals a link between the morning routine and success in work, life and love
  • If optimized, a person’s morning routine can boost energy, focus and build confidence
  • Research* reveals that we all have the ability to become better in the morning with the right routine
  • According to expert, the best time of the year to change your routine is in autumn when the clocks go back
  • New theory supersedes previous thinking that people only have two types of chronotype (body clock): a morning person (the early bird) and an evening person (the night owl)

The research, conducted in partnership with sleep doctor Dr. Michael Breus (author of The Power of When), has revealed that by making subtle shifts in your daily morning habits we can manipulate our body clock to make mornings not only more tolerable, but help with our daily outlook.

According to Dr. Breus, if we get the routine right, we can greatly improve our potential for success in work, life and even love by significantly enhancing physical and psychological attributes such as confidence, focus, drive and energy.

We all have a genetically determined body clock personality known as our chronotype. Your ideal morning routine will be tailored to your chronotype which is rooted into your DNA.

Whilst previous thinking had focused on only two; an early morning person (the early bird) and an evening person (the night owl), Dr. Breus has discovered that there are in fact four distinct chronotypes common to all mammals, which Dr. Breus has labelled, The Wolf, The Bear, The Lion and The Dolphin.

According to Dr. Breus, very few of us fall into the extreme chronotypes groups originally believed to represent all of us (10% are early risers and 10% are late night people). The reality is that most of us fall between these categories so making shifts to our internal clocks is much easier. Getting that morning person feeling is therefore not as difficult as most of us realize, with a little dedication and the right routine we can all experience the morning benefits that many of us thought were impossible.

An area that has seen a large growth in morning routine This new research has allowed Braun and Dr. Breus to design a matrix allowing people to uncover their ideal morning routine. People can identify their chronotype and ideal morning schedules by answering the questions in the Morning by Design infographic.

The key isn’t just how you wake up, it’s what you do immediately after you wake up that sets the tone for the rest of your day. Whether it’s the day of a big interview, a dreaded dinner with the in-laws or a hot date, the new findings can help you set your objectives for the day and achieve them. Dr. Breus’ advice on using your morning routine to achieve success in work life and love; focus is in grooming. “Men have never been more under the microscope than we are today and are keen to ensure the grooming regime plays an integral role in their routine”, said Dr. Breus.

Braun Grooming Expert, Sascha Breuer, said, “Over the last few years we have witnessed a dramatic shift on the importance men place on looking their best before walking out of the door. Having a morning routine in place has proven to boost confidence for tackling the day ahead. Grooming is central to a man’s morning routine and is the key in boosting confidence because when you know you look good, you feel good. An underestimated, yet crucial factor is shaving, and the best shaving tool to achieve that every day is the new Braun Series 9 shaver, as it ensures the most efficient and an exceptionally gentle shave.”

And it’s the tools by Braun that make men achieve their sharpest look setting a new standard of excellence with the Braun Series 9. Thanks to its state of the art attention to detail and premium design, it is the ultimate tool for a great shave. The innovation of the collection is Braun’s NEW HyperLift and Cut trimmer. Customized with a Titanium coating used to coat precision tools, the trimmer provides a sleek ceramic finish giving the shaver an unprecedented sliding surface, making it highly biocompatible with skin, and helping reduce friction for an ultra-sleek shaving experience.

Dr. Breus’ tips for success at work

One of the strongest weapons to help you get ahead in the workplace is efficiency. The power of maximizing productivity with minimum wasted effort all comes down to taking a systematic and well organized approach to your day. To optimize your preparation for this, tighten up your morning routine, keeping each element down to 10 minutes. A fast structured routine from the moment you wake will set you on a pattern of efficiency for the day.

This new research has allowed Braun and Dr. Breus to design a matrix allowing people to uncover their ideal morning routine. People can identify their chronotype and ideal morning schedules simply by answering the questions in the Morning by Design infographic.

The key isn’t just how you wake up, it’s what you do immediately after you wake up that sets the tone for the rest of your day. Whether it’s the day of a big interview, a dreaded dinner with the in-laws or a hot date, the new findings can help you set your objectives for the day and achieve them.

Dr. Breus’ tips for success in life 

Life outside the work space isn’t any less stressful. Dinner with your in-laws or a shopping day with your partner can test even the most patient. To heighten your inner calm, make exercise a key factor within your morning routine. Spend a few extra minutes with exercises for the body and mind. It will help you build the focus and balance that you require to stay cool through the day.

Dr. Breus’ tips for success in love

If you are heading out on a date or looking for love, you might want to invest some extra efforts into your grooming routine to help you shine with confidence throughout the day (or night). When getting ready, try not to consider the grooming routine as something that just needs to be done. It’s all about nailing that shave and getting the outfit right. When you feel like you are looking your best, it helps you to be at your most confident.

Braun has developed Top 10 tips to work for every chronotype and, according to Dr. Breus, if followed, will help you become a morning person.

 The Key to SuccessDr. Breus’ Top 10 tips to designing your perfect morning routine:

  1. Go to bed at the right time (for you) every night, including weekends. The more consistent your sleep times, the easier it is to wake up. Start with your weekday wake up time and count backwards 7.5 hours (if you wake at 6:30am, your new bedtime is 11:00pm). You can then adjust this accordingly. If you stop needing an alarm after about 10 days, you found your ultimate bedtime.
  2. Never hit the snooze. The average snooze button is between 7-9 minutes long, your body cannot physically get into a deep refreshing state of sleep in this short period of time. Set the clock for that last minute before you need to wake up, to get all of your deep REM sleep.
  3. Get direct sunlight for 10 min before you do anything else. Melatonin (the sleep hormone) is still being produced in the morning, but it stops immediately when sunlight hits the optic nerve through your eyes. Go outside or in front of a window and soak it in.
  4. Drink an 8oz glass of room temperature water. While sleeping you breathe out about a liter of water, and you wake up dehydrated. HYDRATE, it is one of the fastest ways to give yourself a boost (not to mention kick in your metabolism).
  5. Let there be music. Turning on music is one of the easiest ways to invigorate yourself and get your brain going. Pick a song that is up-beat, even sing in the shower if you want.
  6. Don’t forget to breathe. Take 5-6 deep breaths in and out revitalizing you with some clean morning air. This increases your heart rate allowing your body to acclimatize to the day ahead more quickly.
  7. Exercise your body and mind. A bout of physical and/ or mental exercise increases your focus making you more alert and focused throughout the day. Consider 10-15 push- ups, and a 1-5 minutes morning meditation once out of the shower.
  8. Take a cool shower. While in the shower remember that hot water can raise your core body temperature which is a sleep signal to the brain. Make the water cool, not cold, to continue to bring on alertness.
  9. Start your day with a good breakfast. Studies show eating a high protein breakfast can improve memory and concentration levels, improve mood and lower stress levels. Like any other organ in the body, the brain needs energy to work at its best.
  10. Looking good is feeling good. Never underestimate the role your grooming regime and fashion choices have in your confidence. If you shave, then use a shaver that gives you the best results.

Braun Series 9 shaver (RRP $699) is available from leading retailers.


1 – Please see Braun Morning by Design report

2 – Tested on 3 day beards vs. leading premium tier products. Details:

About Dr. Michael Breus

Dr. Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist and both a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He was one of the youngest people to have passed the Board at age 31 and, with a specialty in Sleep Disorders, is one of only 163 psychologists in the world with his credentials and distinction. His latest book “The Power of When” will be published in September 2016 and presents Dr. Breus’ new program on how to identify your chronotype, reveal your body’s natural schedule and unlock hidden potential.


Braun – First Full Styling Range

Braun – First Full Styling Range

Braun - First Full Styling RangeBraun has unveiled their first full styling range allowing men to achieve the most precise facial hair styles with ease. Braun’s new styling products support a man’s grooming needs with precision tools to get the look he wants from head to toe.

Leading grooming brand, Braun, has further strengthened its style credentials with the launch of the brand’s first full styling line up for a man’s facial, head and body hair. The new range of styling tools features up to 9 in 1 versatile multi-grooming kits and two improved beard trimmers with up to 39 precision length settings for ultimate styling control. Simple to use, precise tools enabling men to create any look they want and express their individual style.

The new Braun multi-grooming kits, individually assorted for grooming the face, head and body, consist of up to 9 attachments. Whatever the styling job is, these tools make sure it gets done properly – fast and fuss free, even in the shower. They adapt to any styling preference and give men the freedom to create a variety of looks. Supplemented by the Gillette Fusion ProGlide with Flexball technology and the Gillette BODY razor featuring Gillette’s thinnest, finest blades further enhance the experience, ensuring a smooth shave and optimal comfort.

Braun - First Full Styling RangeThe enhanced styling range also features two improved Braun beard trimmers with up to 39 precision length settings for ultimate precision and 100% styling control. Two trimming combs create precise styles down to the very last millimeter while the extra small trimming attachment helps to define sharp lines and shapes. Lifetime lasting blades and batteries further highlight the quality engineering.

Braun understands that men want to achieve their desired look with precision and ease. With this in mind, Braun set out to update its styling range which is already trusted by millions of men worldwide who rely on its intuitive design, German craftsmanship and superior styling power. This is a product to cater to the specific needs of every modern man, offering the ultimate in precision for 100% styling control down to the smallest details.

Braun multi-grooming kits (RRP $119) are available from leading retailers from the end of April 2017.


Best Dry Skin Solutions for Men

Best Dry Skin Solutions for Men

Best Dry Skin Solutions for Menby Peter Minkoff

People with dry and sensitive skin are the ones who first experience the magic of winter – windy weather often makes their skin unbearably tight and dehydrated. If you’re one of those people – welcome to the club. Stay with us and find out about five dry skin solutions for men that’ll save you this winter!

Don’t go for long, hot showers – take short ones

We can all agree that a long, hot shower (or even a bath, if there’s time) is one of the best ways to finish off a day. However, the truth is that hot water is not nearly as beneficial as we think. In fact, it can do more harm than good by stripping your skin of its natural, protective layer of oils that stop moisture from vanishing from it. That can consequently make your skin even drier and flakier. The good news is that you can prevent that by shortening your shower time and using lukewarm water only.

Best Dry Skin Solutions for MenAvoid using soap and fragrances

If soap is your go-to product when it comes to taking a shower, you may want to rethink using it. First of all, soap can be very aggressive towards your skin – it dries it out to the max. Even the products that contain it are highly likely to make your skin condition even worse. The same goes for added fragrances – the more pleasant the smell, the more irritants it’s likely to contain. Just make sure to find an alternative and you’ll be fine.

Pay extra attention to clothes you’re wearing

Updating your winter wardrobe is a huge must for many men, and if you’re one of them – you’re at the right place! Choosing your perfect pieces such as stylish shirts and trendy sweaters is more than just keeping up with trends – fabrics matter more than you think! People with dry and sensitive skin are the ones who realise the importance of high-quality fabrics, especially during winter. If it feels itchy the moment you put it on, your skin’s reacting to the material, so it would be the best to take it off immediately. You can never go wrong with cotton, whereas wool shouldn’t perhaps be your first choice.

Best Dry Skin Solutions for MenSlather on moisturiser

Even though dry skin can appear almost everywhere – from abdomen, arms, and legs, to hands and feet – it’s commonly detected right on the face. A sensation of tightness is its first symptom. This can get extremely unpleasant and even painful, which is exactly why slathering on a good moisturiser is an absolute must as soon as temperatures drop. Hydrating masks are also a good choice, especially for those with extreme cases of dryness. Using Skinstitut products is highly recommended since they deeply hydrate and repair dull and irritated skin, which makes them perfect for men with extremely dry skin.

Quit smoking

Like it or not, the fact is that smoking affects your skin in more ways than you can possibly imagine. Besides accelerating the process of ageing, it will also worsen your skin condition by making your skin drier and even more sensitive. If you’re a smoker, your face inevitably spends a lot of time surrounded by smoke. The consequences won’t be visible immediately, but rather over time. Similar to your teeth and fingers that are highly likely to go disgustingly yellow, your skin will end up with enlarged, clogged pores, with an obvious discoloration and become extremely dry. That’s not exactly what you want, right?

Dealing with dry skin can be a bit tricky, especially during winter, when low temperatures and windy weather simply don’t let you stay nourished and hydrated. However, you can actually do something about it in just a few simple steps. Carefully picking materials, slathering on moisturiser, quitting smoking, and avoiding hot baths, as well as soap and fragrances, are absolute musts – you’ll see a magical improvement if you decide to follow these steps. Good luck!

 Ed: Peter is a men’s grooming writer (at High Street Gent & The Urban Manual) from Australia. Besides writing he worked as a grooming consultant for many fashion events around UK & AUS! Follow Peter on Twitter for more men’s grooming tips.