How to choose the right caterer

How to chose the right catererHow to choose the right caterer

The sheer anticipation of the sound of wedding bells is enough to fill the future couples with glee. Imagining the perfect venue, people dancing, everyone joyful, the two of you vowed to love each other forever; it is the stuff of pure bliss. However, once you actually get into planning your perfect day, things are bound to turn to the stressful side.

Planning a wedding is no picnic, as there are venue and catering decisions to be made, as well as those regarding the band, the dress, decorations, and these are just the tip of the iceberg. Nonetheless, with the right attitude, a strong vision, and good organisation skills, it can all be done with the minimum amount of nervousness. As great food and service are one of the key elements of a gorgeous wedding, we are here to lend a helping hand to make sure you make all the right decisions, so without further ado, let us begin with the steps.

Timely Planning

Do not wait until the last month before the big day to start scouting for a catering company. Wedding seasons are busy seasons, so book appointments with a few catering companies you like, so you can make sure they are actually available on the day you need them. Aside from that, ask family and friends who are married or have attended a lot of weddings for their opinion and a list of good companies that are worth meeting with.

How to chose the right catererBe Rational

When flying high on the buzz of envisioning your perfect wedding, you might be in danger of forgetting what your budget is. For that purpose it is highly important that you know your spending power. Prices may vary from company to company, and that is why it is wise to meet with a few of them before sealing the deal. Also, inform the caterer about your budget limits, that way they will be able to agree a package that is within your reach.

Taste Before You Haste

Before making a definite decision on a company, make sure the food that is to be served at your wedding is excellent in taste, as well as presentation. Ask to see a portfolio, which every reputable catering service should have, and arrange for a tasting session, so you can actually try the food before committing to it.

Personality Matters

In the wedding days of yore, all weddings were pretty much the same. Luckily, these times have changed and the copy/paste wedding scenarios are behind us. Since you now have a variety of choices, feel free to convey your personal vision. The food served should be in tune with the rest of your choices, and there are companies who offer specially designed catering, such as  Catering Project in Sydney, designed to follow your vision, and meet your every need. If you wish to have the appetisers you had on the night of your first date, or you two have different cultural backgrounds and you wish for the two worlds to meet on one plate, there is no reason you cannot get exactly that. After all, it is your day, so it should reflect your taste and sensibility.

How to chose the right catererRelax and Do Not Micromanage

Apart from checking in with your caterer to see how things are progressing before the wedding, on the big day you should not even be thinking about the food and service. Once you have hired a company you trust, it is your job to let them do theirs, while you groom, do makeup, sip champagne and simply remember that this is a joyful day and you should treat it as such.