Congrats to Anna Ross of Kester Black

Congrats to Anna Ross of Kester BlackOur heartiest congratulations go out to Anna Ross, founder of Kester Black who was recently named as the  2016 Telstra Australian Young Business Woman of the Year!

Upon accepting the award, Anna commented: “I have made aligning my own values with my business goals central to my approach, and am proud to demonstrate through this award that it has enhanced rather than hindered my success in business. I ask you to imagine what the world might look like if everyone incorporated their personal values into their work and leadership.”

Kester Black, a leading manicure and skincare brand built on beautiful design and uncompromising ethical values, offers consumers sustainable, Australian-made and vegan beauty products that a free from animal cruelty.

“From very humble roots, starting with $50 from my wages, Kester Black now produces more than 60 products, supplying in excess of 300 stockists globally, showing that purpose- and values-led business and commercial success are not mutually exclusive.”

An important aspect of her business is consumer inclusivity and bringing products to consumers who might otherwise be marginalised by the beauty industry, such as vegans and Muslim women.