Em’s Power Cookies

Image_4286 2Much-loved New Zealand brand Em’s Power Cookies continues sustained energy mission with new look packaging

Em’s Power Cookies, arguably New Zealand’s most-loved natural energy bars maker, is forging ahead with new-look packaging on its mission to get more kiwis eating food on the go that tastes good, is healthy and provides sustained energy.

Em’s Power Cookies is the business of trained nutritionist and multi-sport icon Emily Miazga. Emily, who lives on the West Coast, has won the New Zealand Coast to Coast World Multisport Championship three times and has a lifelong passion for promoting healthy eating.

“Food needs to taste good and be natural, healthy and provide slow-burning energy,” says Emily. “Our cookies and bars certainly reflect that philosophy. We only use real, quality ingredients – the kind you would find in your own kitchen.”

New Zealand-made Em’s Power Cookies certainly has its share of ardent fans, including Cameron Brown (12-times champion of Ironman New Zealand), Hayden Roulston (NZ Olympic cycling medallist) and Kim Hurst (WEMBO 2014 Champion and Karapoti MTB record holder).

Em's Power Cookies“Our cookies and bars are beneficial for anyone who needs sustained energy – you don’t need to be a multisport athlete to enjoy them. They are like a log on the fire for your body. They appeal to anyone wanting a delicious and satisfying snack. From busy parents, sporty kids and tradespeople to trampers – anyone who is active and loves good food will love Em’s Power Cookies.”

Em’s Power Cookies’ new packaging is designed to illustrate the company’s use of great, natural, GMO-free ingredients.

“Our great cookies and bars haven’t changed on the inside. You won’t find soy protein, whey protein additives, superflous vitamin or mineral additives, or preservatives and colourings in our products and we source as many ingredients as possible from New Zealand.

“We chose softer colours for our new packaging to inspire a more natural look and feel. We used real food ingredient imagery to represent the key features of each product and to set apart the variants. The twisting fern device represents a trail to take you on your adventures, and of course the fern is a quintessential representation of New Zealand.”

Em's Power CookiesAbout Emily Miazga

Emily was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada and started making yummy cookies at age 14. She has always been a plant-based carbohydrate proponent (vegetarian since 1986). Her interest in nutrition and sport led her to compete in track and cross-country at University level in the USA and earned her a Master’s degree in Dietetics and Nutrition. After practicing as a Registered Dietitian in Oregon for four years, she left her job to travel in 2002. She stumbled into adventure racing while traveling and first competed in the Coast to Coast in 2004. Emily has 18 years clinical and practical experience as a sports nutrition consultant and registered dietitian.

About Em’s Power Cookies

Emily Miazga started Em’s Power Cookies in 2004, initially to provide yummy, slow-burning energy food to fuel her own sporting endeavours. Em’s Power Cookies have grown into a loved and trusted New Zealand energy food source. They are a great source of all-natural energy with no added soy protein, whey protein additives, superflous vitamin or mineral additives, preservatives or colourings. The Apri-Choc, Chocolate Cranberry and Chocolate Oat varieties are also available as 30g Power Bites (mini-versions of the Em’s Bars that are an ideal food during competitions or when travelling light – also great for lunchboxes).

Em's Power Cookies