Get Fresh Breath on the Go

ListerineGet Fresh Breath on the Go with New LISTERINE®GO! TABS™

Get fresh breath on the go in three simple steps with new LISTERINE®GO! TABS™ – a new way to have a whole mouth clean feel in today’s busy lifestyles!

Whether you’re on the road, hitting the gym or leaving your favourite café after a coffee date, LISTERINE®GO! TABS™ are the easy way to get a whole mouth clean feel on the go. The chewable tablets transform from solid to liquid in seconds, leaving your mouth feeling as clean as brushing and rinsing at home!

Simply chew, swish and swallow and you’re set for a super fresh day. Chew, swish & swallow your LISTERINE®GO! TABS™ whenever you need a quick pick me up – fresh breath has never been easier – or tastier.

Enjoy the confidence of a refreshed, whole mouth clean feel as you navigate the day with Listerine Go! Tabs. From office to supermarket, school pick up and beyond – no matter what you’ve been eating or drinking, get the speedy refresh you need with Listerine Go! Tabs.

Sugar free and containing zero alcohol, LISTERINE®GO! TABS™ are non-negotiable for any handbag, sports bag or glovebox. Simply chew, swish and swallow!

New LISTERINE®GO! TABS™ 8s & 16s are available now from your leading retailers NZ Woolworths, New World & Pak N Save. RRP 8 count $3.99 & 16 count $6.49