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Marketing analysis proves that increased advertising frequency produces an average of 65% higher scores in brand recognition … imagine how much you can improve that percentage if you have a targeted,  audience such as we can offer you!

My Wedding’s Partnership Programs are designed to get you even closer to our readers. Partners are able to co-sponsor events, partake in subscriber-only mailings, as well as a range of other benefits.

Talk to one of our advertising consultants today so that you can start benefitting from a closer relationship with your target audience in a cost-effective manner. Call us TODAY for more details.

Our sales team have creative solutions for your marketing dilemnas; and
 our production team can assist you in creating a fresh look for your marketing campaign.

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  • Awesome issue – packed with great material and visuals – Christina
  • My Wedding Magazine is beautiful and very tastefully done. My customers loved it – Faith
  • Stunning!!! Very classy, original, beautiful magazine – Olivia
  • A fabulous mag, loved the spread, so different to the other magazines – Cheyenne
  • I’m in love with the new magazine! When you presented it to us all those months ago I was trying to imagine what it would be like based on the little bits and pieces that you showed us, but this is just something else.  Such a step up from what it was – absolutely fabulous, just love it!  Funny, I don’t want to hand it over – seems like a book rather than a mag that you just throw around when finished. Excellent work Gayle (and your team), hope the reader response on it is great too – Jessica Rose
  • Love the new look ladies! It almost feels like you’re reading your favourite novel. My sister has just been over for lunch and she commented on how fresh and different your mag is compared to others available, and how the content is enticing rather than feeling pushy. Have just tucked the sick kids into bed for a snuggle while I get back to that cuppa and mag – Chantel