A Simple Wedding Feast

A Simple Wedding FeastA Simple Wedding Feast

by Ashlee Sturme

It is said that people will talk about the food at your wedding longer than any other detail – if guests are served less-than-wonderful fare, then this is what they will remember! That makes the dining experience for your wedding a somewhat huge responsibility.

There is simply so much to consider when it comes to food. The time of your event will command how much food you will be expected to serve – nibbles or a full meal? Your theme will dictate the style – canapés or sit-down affair?

Your budget will have a considerable impact on what you will be able to serve and how – whether it’s waiters toting individual portions of oysters, or a self-serve buffet of seasonal local fruits.

You also need to consider the dietary needs of your guests. Great-nan’s dentures may not appreciate toffee apples, and serving smoked salmon cakes to youngsters at a family wedding will likely be rejected.

Finally, your tastes and those of your fiancé will greatly affect what is served – are you a simple couple who appreciate home-grown foods, or are your tastes more extravagant and deli-style? Once you’ve sussed out all of this, you need to get a caterer in to implement your plans! Whew! That’s quite a checklist!

Since we haven’t yet set the time of our wedding (yes, I know, a little backwards!) I have turned instead to looking at our budget and theme. Fancy canapés don’t have a place at our event, and anything with a decent price ticket is out, too! We need easy, filling, family-friendly and good-value.

We’re serving everyone from a one year old to an 85-year-old; city dwellers and world-travellers as well as country bumpkins. With several chefs/restaurant owners in the family, we are fortunate to be able to access wholesale pricing, and our lovely family want to help prepare it, too. But I don’t want them to be spending the days beforehand frantically preparing food. I want it to be easy!

I would love to have canapés with handsome waiters serving guests, but that really isn’t the style of wedding we are planning (hmmm, occasionally I wish I was a city-gal!). So, the fare we have chosen is casual and simple, rather like us as a couple. I’m thinking lamb on the spit with simple salad greens; pasta, rice and potato salads; fresh bread rolls.

It’s the first decision we’ve made that we have both agreed on – I haven’t needed to coerce, cry or compromise to get what I want!

It’s on the dessert menu that I will be putting my energy into (ah, yes, I am a sweet tooth!). Google ‘dessert table’ and feast your eye upon delectable themed spreads, complete with mini-cakes, cookies, beautiful glass jars filled with coloured lollies, cupcakes delicately decorated in theme. Ah, bliss!

It will take a couple of weeks to get it prepared (if you only need red and white jellybeans, that’s an awful lot of yellow, green and blue ones that need to be eaten before the wedding!). I am certain the freezer will be filled with cookies ready to be iced the day before and cupcakes needing wings assembled on the day.

I’m convinced that a recipe of simple and fresh will ensure success with our mains – after all, everyone loves a good kiwi BBQ! And I am sure that the dessert table will wow – and keep my guests talking long after the dress has been hung, the flowers wilted, and the last lolly has been scooped from the glass jar! ♥