Experience the ‘Joi of Giving’ this Christmas

Experience the ‘Joi of Giving’ this Christmas

More Christmas shopping inspiration … and one that works towards a fabulous cause!

This Christmas, JOICO will once again be lending a helping hand to the Starship Foundation with the release of JOICO’s Christmas holiday gift sets. For every specially marked JOICO K–Pak & Colour Therapy holiday gift set sold, $1 will be donated to the Starship Foundation.

JOICO have been working with the Starship Foundation since 2014, supporting the national children’s hospital.

“We are very grateful to JOICO and their customers who will help raise important funds for Starship, our national children’s hospital,” Chief Executive of the Starship Foundation, Brad Clark, says.

“The 2016 JOICO holiday gift set campaign will help with the refurbishment of the Starship Hospital’s Level 5 General Paediatrics ward, and will benefit our young patients and their families for years to come.”

Hair pamper lovers can help the Starship Hospital by purchasing one of five JOICO holiday gift sets:

Experience the 'Joi of Giving' this Christmas
The Classic Set
Experience the 'Joi of Giving' this Christmas
The Traveller Set

1. The Classic Set:
K-Pak Colour Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner

2. The Traveller Set:
K-Pak Shampoo, Conditioner, Intense Hydrator, Flip Turn, Heat Set and clutch

3. The Beach Lover Set:
K-Pak Colour Therapy Shampoo, Conditioner, Intense Hydrator, Restorative Styling Oil

Experience the 'Joi of Giving' this Christmas
The Beach Lover Set

4. The Miracle Treatment Set:
K-Pak Colour Therapy Shampoo, Conditioner, Luster Lock

Experience the 'Joi of Giving' this Christmas
Miracle Treatment Set

5. The Revitalisation Set:
K-Pak Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Penetrating Reconstructor

Experience the 'Joi of Giving' this Christmas
Revitalisation Set

JOICO holiday sets are available exclusively in salons nationwide, with gift sets starting from RRP $46.


Bad Hair Day Leaves Kiwi Women Angry at the World

Bad Hair Day Leaves Kiwi Women Angry at the World

New Zealand women say a bad hair day makes them feel angry at the world, want to stay home and hide, and that shampoo companies don’t keep their promises, according to new research.

The study of 1005 New Zealand women was commissioned by leading hair care brand Pantene to investigate Kiwi women’s attitudes towards their hair and their perception of hair care companies.

And while it’s no secret that hair can make a difference to how a woman feels about herself, few would have guessed the heavy toll it can have on an individual’s self-worth.

Just over one in ten Kiwi women said a bad hair day would leave them feeling “frustrated and angry at the world”, while 13% of us would actively avoid eye contact with people if our hair wasn’t up to scratch.

Twenty-three percent of women surveyed said if they were unhappy with their hair they’d rather stay at home than venture outside, with more than half of all respondents saying a bad hair day leaves them feeling embarrassed and self-conscious.

Having hair that looks good had widespread social benefits for respondents with 57% of women saying they are more likely to go out, and one-third claiming they are more likely to take a ‘selfie’ or have a photo with friends.

Good hair was also significant for Kiwi women when it came to the dating game with 6% of respondents saying they were more likely to ask someone out on a date and 15% saying they’re more likely to talk to a complete stranger.

Nearly 90% of women say they are unhappy with their current hair care regime, with two thirds of respondents saying they fall short or completely fail to deliver on what they promise.

Plus, 50% of all Kiwi women said damage is their number one concern when it comes to the condition of their hair.

Psychologist Sara Chatwin says the research clearly shows the importance we place on our appearance in our everyday lives.

“Whether this comes from within and is related to our own sense of self-worth; whether we have been conditioned by all the glamorous images we see of women with beautiful hair, or a combination of them both, who knows? The reality is that women are having ‘bad hair days’ and this is affecting how they perceive themselves and how they respond to different situations at home, socially and the workplace.”

Chatwin says hair can be a significant factor in self-definition for some women and men. “Even in Biblical times long, luxurious air was viewed as a sign of strength and virility for men and beauty for women, as an example Sampson lost his strength when his hair was cut. Today men often grow facial hair to appear rugged and virile while women pour a great deal of money into hair colour, cuts and products,” she says.

Jane Wecker, Pantene brand manager, says the company commissioned the study to understand the needs of New Zealand women and deliver a product line-up that truly meets what they are looking for. “We have taken on board the feedback from Kiwi women and have launched the Pantene Promise, a breakthrough formulation in hair care, in response,” she says. “We are confident the new formulation promises up to 100% damage protection with a lightweight feel so women no longer have to compromise.”




Hair : Adorn Yourself

Hair : Adorn Yourself

Hair : Adorn YourselfHair : Adorn Yourself

by Angela Ranee

Hair styling techniques and hair accessorising can be seen as far back as ancient Egypt. The Pharaoh’s and the Egyptian commoners are all believed to have decorated their hair with adornments and accessories.

When looking back through the centuries, hairstyles and their accompanying adornments were sometimes gargantuous, often requiring several hours work on the part of the hairdresser to create. Fantastical coiffures such as those in the late 1700’s were adorned with ships at sea, landscapes and even tiny villages! These vast creations were padded out with huge amounts of false hair and kept in place by grease or pomade.

An era we often refer to for bridal inspiration today is the 1920’s to 1940’s. Jewel-adorned ribbons and headbands were popular trends and, interestingly, tiara’s and ornamental combs were in vogue following the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1923. And how can I not mention the iconic scrunchy and banana clip of the 80’s when I recall some of my favourite hair accessories of the past!

Today the tiara and banana clip have taken a backseat. On-trend pieces such as bridal fascinators, box veils, vintage hair pins, combs, fresh floral garlands, and the simple veil are at the fore of bridal fashion. Whether it’s a piece to flatter your wedding gown or something unique to take centre stage, there’s an adornment to fit your personality, bridal style, and budget.

Hair : Adorn YourselfDress designers such as Vinka design and Natalie Chan have a wonderful selection available to purchase, and can also custom make pieces such as veils and fabric flowers to match your dress. Anita at Vinka design caters for every bride with accessories priced from $30 to $600.

Natalie Chan says her most popular piece is her bespoke silk rosettes that can be worn on their own, as a cluster, or matched with a veil. She is currently finding the “Bohemian Chic” look very popular with brides and hair adornments are reflecting this trend.

Millinery specialists like master milliner Caroline Gibson of Le Chapeau can custom make your bridal piece from any fabric, feather or gem. Personal elements such as granny’s broach, lacework and beading can be incorporated in one-off designs.

Another emerging trend is fabric or fresh floral hair garlands (from around $100). The added beauty of fresh fragrant flowers arranged into a hair garland for your wedding day has a special charm. Kelly of Blush flowers says the look is growing in popularity and that we will see more of these in the coming seasons. Always popular and timeless are single blooms, especially roses, in the hair (a cluster of three roses is around $60). When choosing single flowers, remember to communicate with your florist and your hairdresser the best way to attach Hair : Adorn Yourselfthem into your chosen hairstyle. Wired single blooms will last longer. Also, consider the season and what flowers will look their best the whole day. Roses, orchids, lisianthus, freesias and baby’s breath are usually the hardiest.

With all this in mind, adornments can take the place of an elaborate bridal hair-up and can be a welcome feature for brides with short hair. You also needn’t be limited with shorter hair by how you can wear the accessory. Even a veil can be placed successfully into a short cut with backcombing, hairspray and the right know how.

Brides with long hair, who love the look of a beautifully crafted hair-up, should remember that simple accessorising can be that added extra that wows your guests. Popular options are single diamanté or pearl pins that can be scattered throughout the hair-up and placed between curls.

Vintage jewelled brooch clips can be tucked into one side of the hair, or at the back of the crown. Both Diva and Lovisa have a good selection of inexpensive options.

For some bridal adornments, the hair needs to be styled around the feature piece. This is often the case for floral crowns, bridal fascinators and headbands that need to be placed into the hair first – then the hair-up takes its shape around it. It’s thus important to have put some thought into your chosen adornment in advance of your bridal hair trial. Hair : Adorn YourselfIf undecided, ask your hairstylist to advise you on accessories that best suit your chosen hairstyle.

It’s always helpful to collect images of hairstyles you love that have incorporated accessories.

Share your inspiration with your hairstylist, dress designer, milliner and florist. You may be unsure how all of your ideas can come together as one; it’s certain your team of professionals will know the right approach and talk you through your options. ♥

Angela Renee is an experienced freelance hairdresser and makeup artist as well as forming part of the team at www.bridalbeauty.co.nz


www.vinkadesign.co.nz | www.nataliechan.co.nz | www.lovisa.com.au | www.flowersbyblush.co.nz

Hair : focus on colour

Hair : focus on colour

Hair : focus on colourHair : focus on colour

By Angela Renee

Images: cut, colour and makeup by Angela Renee

Coffee blonde, chocolate brown or smouldering copper. You may be committed to your natural colour tone or change your hair colour with every visit to the salon. Whatever relationship you have with the colour of your hair, this is one area that needs some time and thought with your wedding date on the horizon.

The question to ask yourself when it comes to any of your pre-wedding beauty preparations is “how do you see yourself on your wedding day?” Start by re-evaluating. Talk to your hairdresser – they know your hair best and will be able to assess your options, or keep you on the right track with your current plan.

Ask yourself-“is it time to return to a more natural colour or do I need a colour restyle to tie in with my bridal theme and aesthetic?”

You will need to consider your colour 6-12 months before your wedding day if:

• You are going from a darker colour to a lighter colour

• From blonde to a depth 2-3 shades darker

• If the condition of your hair is challenged

• If you choose to have a fashion shade such as red and copper.

• Anytime when the colour is going to be a big change for you.

Often colour needs time to settle in the hair and some clients can experience the best colour results after 2-3 applications, especially if the end result is a darker or brighter tone. Everyone is different – ask your personal hairstylist for advice.

The placement of your colour is very important for your wedding day. It needs to be cohesive with your chosen wedding day hair style. Every foil needs to considered with special attention to the back where some hair-up styles can showcase the effect of the colour in the back, as much as in the front.

Colour placement can really individualise your wedding day hair-up. Highlights and lowlights in the right areas can enhance the detail of curls, marcel waves and textured hair-ups beautifully. On the other hand, a rich block colour with the focus on shine rather than colour variation can put the wow into a simple low bun or soft vintage victory rolls. Your colour needs to be thorough and thoughtful with its application with the wedding day in mind.

Are you getting married in the high season – Easter or just before Xmas? If the answer is yes, make sure you’re booked, not only for your wedding day hair but for your pre-cut and colour, too. It’s a busy time on the salon and makeup artist/hair stylist calendar so book all your appointments well in advance!

A great time to wrap up your pre-wedding cut and colour plan is with your final appointment 1-2 weeks before your wedding day. Take note of when you LOVE your hair following previous visits. It may be after the second shampoo, week three, or perhaps you find it best the day you step out of the salon. Go with this as your guide and know that most hair has a settling in period.

When it comes to products and your colour, it’s more than likely your pre-wedding treatment plan will be put in place with your colour in mind. I recommend adding a treatment to the menu on your last salon visit. This will give your final colour a welcome boost by smoothing the cuticle shut and locking in the colour molecules, promoting shine.

Hair that’s in great condition delivers beautiful colour results. Shiny healthy hair gives you long lasting colours that retain their depth and vibrancy and the results will be noticeable in your wedding album. If your wedding is in summer be sure to add a SPF anti-colour fade product to your routine to help preserve the colour pigment from fading in the sun, not only pre-wedding, but also on the beach during that island honeymoon. ♥


Brides can’t help feeling inspired by the beautiful hairstyles showcased by our newest style icon, Kate Middleton. Her signature low bun is in popular demand and is a flattering choice for many. This style can be personalised to suit most hair types with subtle pin curl, braid and twist detailing.

Kate’s half-up/half-down hair style on her wedding day is also a popular choice with Kiwi brides. This timeless look provides a softer option for those who suit hair around their face and shoulders, and works well with strapless wedding gowns.

Both styles can be worn with clip-in hairpieces for more fullness and volume and are also easily accessorised.

Angela Renee is an experienced freelance hairdresser and makeup artist as well as forming part of the team at www.bridalbeauty.co.nz

Hair: Home Colouring Worries

Hair: Home Colouring Worries

Hair: Home Colouring WorriesPut Your Home Hair Colouring Worries to Rest

Belinda Jeffrey’s Hot Hair Tips

We asked celebrity colourist and Nice’n Easy colour expert Belinda Jeffrey to share her expert advice to combat your hair concerns, and make colouring your hair at home a breeze! Here are her top tips for ideal at-home colour:


When looking for a shade, always choose close to your natural base colour, and only ever two shades lighter or darker.

Skin Tone

Your complexion is the key to making the right hair colour choice. If you have ivory or creamy coloured skin, you can be as adventurous as you like. However, if you have a pale pink-toned or ruby complexion, choose neutrals such as blonde, ash brown or dark brown.

Hair: Home Colouring WorriesPreparation

Before applying colour, use some papaw or hair gel around your hairline to help prevent staining on the skin and that ‘just coloured’ look.


When touching-up roots, always begin at the nape of the neck and work your way up to the front and hairline. Clairol’s Nice’n Easy Root Touch Up ($12) is great for this.

Ease of Use

If you find you need more control when applying the colour, try using Nice’n Easy Colour Blend Foam ($18) – the texture of the foam makes it easier to apply as the non-drip formula helps to prevent unwanted colour movement.


By following these tips, colouring your hair from home will be easy. For remarkable dimension, the Nice’n Easy Anti-Flat hair colour ($14.50) will help enhance every look to achieve your natural colour at its best.

“By adding dimension to your hair colour, you’re making a subtle change that can make a big difference, without dramatic colour change,” says Jeffrey. ♥


Your Hair: To grow or not to grow?

Your Hair: To grow or not to grow?

To grow or not to grow?

By Angela Renee

Photographs by Laura Evans

Your Hair: To grow or not to grow?Organising your bridal ensemble can be one of the most pleasurable aspects of your wedding arrangements. One detail that should be considered well in advance is how you would like your hair to look.

There’s no limit of eye-catching options. 1940s finger waves, brushed out barrel curl sets and victory rolls are all current bridal trends that can be achieved with shorter hair. Accessories like diamanté slides or a satin band are a great way to dress shorter styles. Ample volume is a must this season. I recommend experimenting with different blow waving and setting options while in the salon and asking the advice of your hairstyling professional well in advance of your wedding date. Growing an area of your hair, such as a longer sweeping front, can be a welcome change.

Flowing curls or a classic up-style?

If you usually wear a shorter hairstyle, do you hanker after long hair? When flicking through the pages of a bridal magazine you’ll find endless hair inspiration – from beautiful classic up-styles to elegant flowing curls of varying textures. Consider styles seen on the catwalk, on style icons or your favourite stars. Create your own lookbook with images of hairstyles that appeal and you’ll soon see a common thread. I love that bridal trends and fashion are merging – everyday garments are more glamorous; fabric such as lace has hit the high street; we’re exposed to a broader source of elegant looks to suit your individuality.

Start by talking to your hairstylist about hairstyles that suit your face shape and hair texture as this will influence your options. Many brides do choose the tradition of length, and some see the growing process before the wedding as a new opportunity to have long hair.

Steps for growing your hair

Everyone’s treatment plan is different – talk to your hairstylist about your individual needs. We usually begin with a regime of eight-weekly light trims to manage the split ends as we encourage growth. You need to allow at least a year before the big day for the growing process. Start your journey with a professional protein treatment to fortify and strengthen the hair, then follow up with a fortnightly moisture mask that helps seal the ends and hydrate the hair, promoting natural shine.

Flaxseed oil, vitamin B, zinc, and selenium are all great supplements to add to your diet to help to promote healthy hair growth, and a healthy scalp, too. A one-year plan should evolve – in summer add a UV protection spray; shampoo and conditioning products need to be reassessed regularly as your hair’s condition changes; and don’t forget colour! The need for a long-term plan that complements the cut, shape and condition is a must.

Already have long hair?

If long hair is your trademark, keep in mind it may be time for a very big trim or re-shape. Some hair-ups are best created on your wedding day with a cut that is suitable in shape.

The right style for you

Ultimately you need to wear a hairstyle that makes you feel amazing and suits your personality and individuality. Your wedding hairstyle will need to complement your dress and the setting. Don’t be afraid to challenge the bridal norm. Any length can work well and most hair-ups can be fashioned to suit your face shape and hair type.

There are plenty of on-trend styles, long or short. A great team of professionals can offer advice and make it all happen for you.

Bridal Trend report – Knots, braids and floral whimsy

Braiding and knotting – what better way to bring a twist (excuse the pun) to your bridal hairstyle than by adding one of these?

Versatile and romantic, a braid can be fashioned into any shape to work with your theme. Worn low in the nape of the neck, it evokes a 1920’s feel. Or try a global French braid with floating wisps of hair. Knots add a touch of rustic, an emerging trend with bridal themes this summer.

Adding some flowers is elegant and traditional. Small and subtle or big and bold – a floral hair wreath intertwined with your hair is romantic, timeless and fashion-forward.

If these trends aren’t your thing, they can be a wonderful way to individualise your bridesmaids or flower girls. Talk to your florist and personal hair stylist about integrating fresh botanicals with your hair.♥

Angela Renee is a freelance hair specialist and is also part of the team at www.bridalbeauty.co.nz


Image: Lucy Rice
Hair & Makeup: Angela Renee

Our bridal hair tips are brought to our readers by Bridal Beauty.

Do you want a formal updo, something loose and flowing or a vintage creation?

It pays to browse magazines and the internet before you go to your hair stylist for your bridal hair trial so that you have some idea in mind of styles you like. They may not all be suitable for you, your dress or the location of your wedding, but they will help your stylist to determine your likes and dislikes.

It’s also a good idea to take a photo of your dress along for your hair trial. Your stylist can take inspiration from the gown’s design. After all, if you have a drop-dead back to your gown, you don’t want it covered by long hair left loose!

If you recently attended a function and had your hair done just the way you like it, and you’d like to replicate that style, take along a clear photo of you as you were on the night.

If you’ve already purchased a hair accessory, such as a tiara or diamond clip, then it should be taken along to your trial too. Some accessories, such as a birdcage veil or tiara, will help guide the stylist into a suitable style to showcase that accessory. This is particularly important if the piece has wow factor, or is an heirloom.

Discuss your venue with your stylist, too. Outdoor venues can wreak havoc on some styles if there’s a bit of wind!

Be assured that a good stylist will work with you to determine the right style for you, your dress and your venue. They may suggest a fresh cut or adding highlights…be open to their suggestions. Remember that the majority of stylists have done this before.




By Alison Brewer

Images: Anais Chaine Photography

Who’d have thought getting braids and plaiting your hair would be acceptable to grown women…especially a bride!

Yet, when it comes to bridal hair styling, braids and plaits are more popular than ever, with the most intricate and artistic weaves being incorporated into some of the most elegant hairstyles. And it’s not just brides…check out any red carpet event these days and you’ll spot glamour girls like Blake Lively walking out with a weave or two.

Bridal BraidsIt’s best to start with a classic look, then by adding a braid it makes the hair itself become the accessory and artwork.

With many different kinds of braids and a range of plaiting techniques, these styles can take us on a journey full of glamourous, gorgeous, fun or playful ‘twists and turns’.

There are over 40 different styles and techniques to choose from including: Basket weave, fish tail, French braid, Mermaid, bread basket, insideout, fishbone, zigzag, cascade, waterfall, milk maid…the list goes on!

The style should reflect your bridal theme, and be chosen to suit the length, thickness and texture of your hair. From the boho to the vintage classic, a simple plait or an intricate weave will add just that little bit of originality to your look…plus a hint of girly glamour.

Turn your locks into a visual feast.



Extra Care BB 11 in 1 Hair Beautifier

Extra Care BB 11 in 1 Hair Beautifier

Extra Care BB 11 in 1 Hair BeautifierIntroducing the next generation in beauty multi-tasking; Schwarzkopf brings you the latest and greatest in product innovation with the launch of Extra Care BB 11 in 1 Hair Beautifier; your new handbag must have!

Encompassing both treatment and styling benefits, this incredibly lightweight, nourishing serum is naturally absorbed and is designed to transform hair back into its natural beauty, eliminating bad hair days for good!

“Mimicking the major trend in skin care, the innovation of BB Cream for hair answers the prayers of women all over the world who are seeking good quality multi-tasking products, in all areas of their beauty regime. Extra Care’s BB 11 in 1 Hair Beautifier is truly the Holy Grail for beautiful hair – the results are exquisite and the hair is healthy from the inside out, root to tip”, says Grant Withnell, Schwarzkopf’s Technical Director.

Created by the #1 treatments brand in the market, this revolutionary leave-in remedy is formulated with Liquid Keratin along with sensorial fragrances, to provide 11 dimensions of hair benefits in one easy step. Extra Care BB 11 in 1 Hair Beautifier repairs the hair, giving it instant suppleness and shine, for beautiful, healthy locks.

Luxurious yet affordable, and suitable for all hair types, this hair beautifying innovation provides:

  1. Anti-Breakage
  2. Split Ends Protection
  3. Silky Softness
  4. Diamond Shine
  5. Strength against Damage
  6. Frizz Control
  7. Immediate Detangling
  8. Deep Nourishment
  9. Natural Volume
  10. Moisture Sealing
  11. Supreme Repair

The perfect size to pop in your handbag, right next to your favourite lippy and sunglasses; Schwarzkopf’s Extra Care BB 11 in 1 Hair Beautifier is your all-in-one beauty solution making bad hair days a thing of the past!


STOCKISTS: Schwarzkopf Extra Care BB 11 In 1 Hair Beautifier is available at all leading department stores, supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.

Hair Tools from Remington

Hair Tools from Remington

Check out this great range of hair tools from Remington


Curl RevolutionRemington Curl Revolution RRP $119.90
Recreate Hollywood curls in the comfort of your own home with the new Remington Curl Revolution. The latest innovative curling is designed with a built-in motor that rotates the barrel automatically, enabling you to effortlessly achieve superior curls in just minutes. Perfect for tresses of any length, this hot want curls hair in both directions allowing you to create a polished look from any angle. Heating to between 120°C – 200°C, the Curl Revolution heats up in just 90 seconds and is made with ceramic technology to help evenly distribute heat, protecting your hair time after time.

Perfect WavesRemington Perfect Waves RRP $129.99
The ultimate tool for every season, Remington’s new Perfect Waves styler will achieve sexy deep waves or luxurious curls with minimum effort and maximum result. For cascading curls, a detachable heat-resistant cover cleverly guides air around the heated barrel, or for perfect, relaxed beach inspired waves, unclip the protective cover to reveal a deep hair waver. With its advanced ceramic technology protecting your hair, you can achieve ‘it-girl’ hair easier than ever.

Wet 2 StraightRemington Wet2Straight RRP $149.99
Delivering drying, styling and nourishment in one simple, beautifying step, prepare to combine blow drying, straightening and conditioning all in one thanks to Remington’s new Wet2Straight with Moroccan Argan Oil. Releasing Moroccan Argan Oil micro conditioners through to the hair when heated, moisture is not only locked into the hair strands instead of being blown away, hair is also smoothened and styled in half the usual time.

Silk Ceramic Heated Clips and RollersRemington Silk Heated Rollers and Clips RRP $149.99
Achieve old school waves and retro curls with these silky soft rollers. Included in two sizes, with Silk Ceramic infused clips, these innovative rollers utilise Dual Heating Technology that works to set curls in just five minutes. The Silk Ceramic Ionic Technology also works to seal in moisture and repel humidity for gloriously smooth salon curls.

Salon PowerRemington Salon Collection Hair Dryer RRP $119.99
For salon looking results the Remington Salon Collection hair dryer conditions and nourishes for soft, smooth and shiny hair. With Tourmaline Ceramic Technology, this hair dryer emits a natural source of ions to reduce frizz, while being ultra silent. With a three-year warranty, and 2300 watts for faster drying, blow dry your hair with total control for long lasting style.

Stylis PRO Straightener BlueRemington Stylis PRO Ceramic Straightener RRP $79.99
Welcome bright, loud and colourful into your everyday beauty régime thanks to Remington’s all new Stylis PRO Ceramic Hair Straightener. In twelve different colours, innovation meets edgy style with the latest technology in hair styling. The new Stylis PRO Hair Straighteners include the top features of high-end styling including ceramic floating plates, digital variable heat settings, automatic safety shut off and worldwide voltage. This new accessory from Remington is sure to be your best styling accessory yet.

Cordless WetDry EpilatorRemington Smooth & Silky Cordless Wet/Dry Epilator RRP $149.99
This powerful tool elevates epilating to new heights. The Remington Smooth & Silky Cordless Wet/Dry Epilator has four washable attachment caps and two interchangeable heads – including a shaver with dual trimmers and an epilator head – ensuring fuss free hair removal of all areas. Built with lithium battery, a pivoting neck and water-resistant functionality, you can now take your grooming from in-shower to on-the-go in an instant.