Travelling to NZ?

Things to keep in mind before traveling to New Zealand

New Zealand is among the most amazing countries in the world, loaded with the natural beauty of mountains, greenery, parks, and beaches. It has tons of activities to perform, and if you are a travel lover like me, then new Zealand must be a part of your travel goals.

When you visit this awesomacious country, apart from the mesmerizing views, there will be many things waiting for you. Some of the items might give you delightful omen, while other facts can give you some stress. Before visiting any place, you must have some cues about it. Otherwise, your exciting trip can turn into a complete disaster.

So, If you desire your trip to be free from regrets and unnecessary anxiety, then this article is a must to read. The following are some of the most important “things to keep in mind before traveling to New Zealand.”

  • Book a rental car

While traveling to a country, it is imperative to make pre-booking of flight tickets, hotels, and rental cars. Since no one plans to sleep in the airport, therefore, you should book your rental car from the airport. It will save you from the excessive stress and anxiety you can face at the airport.

New Zealand has many excellent rental car services like car rental at Auckland airport. You can make an advance booking of this service. They will pick you from the airport on time and will drop you to your destination safe and sound.

  • Get a sim card

If you have got a chance to read travel stories of new Zealand, you must have encountered one thing common in all of them, which is the “internet issues.” Although there has been some improvement due to the competition between different sim card companies. Still, it is a long way to go.

The internet service is better in the big cities like Auckland, Willington, and Queenstown, but the remote areas are still suffering from such issues. Although many hotels, restaurants, cafes do provide so-called free internet services. Whose speed and connectivity sucks.

Therefore, make sure you buy a sim card from the stores at the airport, online or from shopping malls. There are many suitable sim card companies, providing excellent internet packages that will be pocket-friendly for you.

  • Great planning

Whether it is New Zealand or any other country before going there, it is essential to plan each and everything. You can start by preparing the budget for your travel. New Zealand is not among the cheapest countries, so you should have the right amount of money to plan a visit.

You also need to make a list of places you are going to visit. Remember to plan the spot visits according to the days of travel, sometimes people expect a lot of things, and due to lack of time, they cannot enjoy everything. You should also have a checklist before packing your bags. This tip can save you from panic attacks of forgetting things.

  • Overcome the communication barrier

In New Zealand, the most commonly spoken language is English, but there are a few more languages like new Zealand’s sign language and Maori, which is spoken by the locals. You don’t need to know about these languages, but at the same pace, we all know that language is the best sign of expression.

When you are visiting a country, and you have a know-how about the local language of that area, it will create a very kind and loving gesture of yours. The more humble attitude you will develop for the locals, the more exceptional hospitality you will witness from their side.

Below are a few words that you should know before planning your next New Zealand visit

  • Kia ora means welcome.
  • Kai means food.
  • Dairy means local stores.
  • Haka means the tribal dance.
  • Tramping is the word used for spending the night in mountain range or hiking.
  • Whanau means family.


  • Knowledge about custom rules

Every country has some rules and regulations related to customs. Some countries show a bit leniency, but NewZealand is undoubtedly not among those. You might have heard about it that people have to pay fines if they do not follow the custom rules of a country. Yes! This is true.

According to new Zealand customs you are not allowed to carry any food or drink with you. Although luck by chance, they can leave you, but why one should take any risk? Therefore, make sure your luggage is food-free.

At the New Zealand airport, no matter your checking and luggage pass their criteria or not; you will be asked a few questions by their officers. You should also keep one more thing in mind that your footwear should be clean.

Yes, it does sound a little awkward, but the natural beauty of a place should be kept safe, so these measures for necessary. You will also find some shoe cleaning stations during your hiking adventures. No matter you like it or not, but rules are rules, and one should always respect them.

  • Prepare yourself for adventures

It depends on you that what is your preference? Luxury or adventure. Some people like you spend their whole trip in extravagantly lavish hotels or reports while others like to explore the true beauty of a place. New Zealand is the perfect place where you can satisfy your adventure craves by activities like hiking, mountain climbing, beach visits, and camping.

  • Emergency situations

Life is like a paper fold; you never know what it will reveal next. Sometimes our next step is an unpredictable tragedy waiting for us, but if you are well prepared about emergencies, you don’t need to get worried.

If you face massive emergencies that are out of your hands, you can dial 111 to call the police, ambulance, and fire service.

  • Protection against sunburn

No matter you are heading for hiking, beach picnic, camping, or mountain climbing, sunscreen is the most important thing. Sunscreen protects the skin from harmful UV radiation emitting from the sun. Therefore, whenever you step out during the day, always apply a sunscreen.

  • Unpredictable weather

the climatic condition of Newzealand is quite crazy. Make sure that your packing has a variety of clothes because you can experience all the weather in New Zealand on the same day. You should also keep some extra time margin during the trip due to sudden climatic changes.

  • Protection against insects

The pesky insects like sand flies are no less than an emergency, especially during the summer. So, if you are planning a South Island visit during the summers, always prepare yourself with extra layers of clothes and an insect repellant spray.


Final Talk

As I have said in the start that New Zealand is a beautiful country filled with natural sights, but like every other exquisite thing, the land also requires care. The recycling is a common practice in New Zealand, and if you do not follow this rule, you can face fines as well. Therefore, make sure you respect the clean and hygienic environment of this country.