Waxing Lyrical

waxing lyricalBy Ashlee Sturme
Image: Emphasis Beauty, using Arbre Wax, W: www.arbre.com.au

While most couples these days are living together pre-wedding, I’m sure you have every intention of, err, tidying yourself up before the big day.

Amongst the list of hair, nails, facials, pedicures and leg hair removal there’s likely to be a mental note at least to sort out the hair “down there” for the big day, and night!

I decided I needed to try waxing in a small dose before launching into the more sensitive areas, and had my eyebrows done, before going for a full-scale Brazilian.

Eyebrow Wax
I expected pain but was pleasantly surprised. The beautician was very pleasant and I lay back and closed my eyes. The wax was rather hot but it came away with only a quick sting. I couldn’t believe how quickly it was all done! The beautician tidied up the stray hairs with tweezers which actually hurt more than the wax.

Ashlee recommends: Yes, get your eyebrows waxed! It’s quick and easy and the right beautician can shape your eyebrows to frame your face, allowing your eyes to sparkle. Expect to pay between $15 and $30 for this service.
While you’re resting your eyes, grab some much-needed pampering and have a facial too!

There’s nothing sexy or romantic about getting a Brazilian, so let me dash any preconceptions now. It’s a very sensitive area of the body; one not usually shown off, and the first horror of the day is having to bare those ‘down-there’ bits and lay on the beautician’s bed in a paper g-string! I’ve had a baby, so I’m used to leaving my dignity at the door, but it’s a new experience having someone in gloves moving skin and hair to get better access to those tricky bits of hair.

The wax is applied in strips and, because hair is coarse and grows in several directions, the beautician will have to decide the best way to pull and may even have to do the same area twice. The top is actually the most painful; the skin I thought would be most sensitive was actually the least painful, though not painless, I might add!

Even more mortifying was having to raise my legs to have the … err…. underside waxed – but since this didn’t hurt nearly as much, I got over the shame quickly!

The beautician may use powders and antiseptic cleaners to help her job and will also wear gloves. When she’s finished, she will use a soothing cream to ease pain. The overall experience takes around half an hour, and you can expect to pay between $40 and $100 for the pain! The pain sticks around for a couple of days, so don’t plan this service for the day before the wedding!

Was it worth it? I’d have to say a very tentative ‘yes’. The response from my other half was amazing, and the general feel when you’re fully clothed even better.

The girls I spoke to (in hushed tones) agreed. Jamie said she felt cleaner and more feminine, while Anna swore she’d never go back to hair, despite being so hesitant to try the procedure in the first place. “I’m hooked!” Laura told me “yes, it’s worth it; firstly for the reaction you get from your boy, and secondly because it feels so much nicer.”

Beauticians recommend having the procedure repeated every 4-6 weeks, although my beautician did assure me that the more often you have it, the less painful it becomes and the less frequently you need to do it – it also gets cheaper in most places.

However, I must admit that I can’t bring myself to maintain it and go through that pain again. I’ll just leave it as a tick on the ‘experiences a girl must do in her lifetime’ list!

My Wedding Recommends: While waxing is not for the feint-hearted, it is worth it. Do it the week before the wedding, and you’ll be hairless for the honeymoon with no need for touch-ups! If you’re a little unsure, talk to your beautician about a ‘landing strip’ or having the hair shaped into a heart.

If you’re not up for the full experience, consider just getting a bikini trim instead.


Okay, so this isn’t strictly waxing, but I thought I’d throw it into the mix as an alternative. Using a small machine to remove hair is called epilating. A series of discs or mini tweezers rotate to pull many hairs at once, making it similar to waxing. The hair is pulled out of the root.

The pain factor? It depends on where … armpits, legs and bikini area can all be done with an epilator. The first time can be a little sore – rather like a ‘nip’. Try it on the back of your hand first. The more often you do it, the softer hair becomes and so the easier epilating is.

My Wedding Recommends: Epilators range from $60 to $140 and are made by top brands like Braun and Remington. They come with various features, may be corded or cordless and have different speeds. They are really easy to use, work out cheaper than waxing and the result is longer-lasting than shaving. Recommended for those shying away from waxing or after a cheap but long-lasting method of hair removal.

I have lost my innocence along with a fair bit of hair! Yup, it was a tear-inducing pain, as I expected, but the results were amazing!

Ed’s note: Ashlee also tried a depilatory cream but had an allergic reaction. We recommend you use these with care, perhaps patch testing first.