Wise Words

weddingYour invite will set the tone for the entire wedding … a formal affair deserves a suitably elegant and tailored invite with more traditional wording. If you’re planning a more casual or funky day, this is the time to let your guests know that. Choose something modern, something that speaks of your personalities, or something that says a lot about the venue’s setting.

It goes without saying that the invite should have the couple’s names on it. The tone of your wedding will define whether you just put “John and Sue” or whether you include surnames.

You might also want to add the parents if you’re having a very formal wedding. It used to be common practice to have the bride’s parents as host as they were paying for the majority of the celebrations. Today, however, it’s often the couple themselves who are paying and therefore the hosts. A word of caution, however – if you mention one set of parents, it could cause ripples if you omit the others!

As for telling guests where the wedding will take place, you can only consider your wording once you’ve sorted your venues … yes, plural, as many couples will have their reception at a different location to the ceremony. If the location is hard to find, or many of your guests are coming from out of town, it’s handy to include a map and/or directions. If you don’t want to clutter the invite, the map could be printed on a separate sheet and tucked inside.

Don’t forget to tell everyone the date, and of course the time. Be careful of date formats if you have overseas guests – it can vary from country to country and cause confusion!

Your invitation is also the time and place to let guests know if there is a dress code, whether kids are allowed or not and any other “rules” you might want to impose … be very specific if you’re not inviting Plus Ones!

You also need to think about your RSVP’s … can they email or call you, or would you prefer them to complete a card and mail that back the old fashioned way?

It’s a lot to consider, but getting this all important step right will set you on the right path. By the time you have your venue and date sorted, defining your invitation style and wording will help to firm up more of your plans for the day itself and narrow a few of your choices.