Women make 15 decisions before breakfast

Women make 15 decisions before breakfastGillette Venus Global Survey reveals women are crying out for multi-functional beauty products that deliver.

From cleansers, correctors and conditioners to pastes, polishes and pomades, it’s little wonder women take an inordinate amount of time to get out of the house in the morning. A new Gillette Venus Global Survey has revealed the average woman makes 15 decisions during her daily rise-and-shine routine – or 2½ more times than we make when thinking about future work or school commitments!

When it comes to choosing the right products, she needs those that offer her the best results. Gillette Venus is taking everyday hair removal to the next level by inviting women to Choose to Smooth, offering a customised beauty experience that’s all about caring for their skin.

Most women (55 per cent1) define “smooth” as skin that feels soft to the touch; with nearly half (47 per cent1) saying this also includes no visible hair or stubble. And women are just as likely to shave when getting ready on a regular morning as they are before a special event, making it essential to have the right tools that can deliver smooth results.

Beyond just nixing stubble, ‘smoothing’ is the process of revealing smooth, sexy, touchably soft skin. In fact, more than 98 per cent1 of women believe how their skin looks and feels after they shave is important, with many going so far as to say it affects their confidence when leaving the house.

When women choose a Venus razor to smooth, they’re pampering, lathering, gently exfoliating and indulging to leave behind beautiful skin. Venus razors are designed to suit women’s specific lifestyle and skincare needs and wants – from best-in-class blade technology to on-the-go portability to built-in skin- conditioning elements.

“The Gillette Venus Global Survey tells us that women are looking for products that can give them an outstanding beauty experience every day to help build confidence and make them feel better when they walk out the door,” says local Skincare Expert Fiona Tuck.

“Smoother, softer skin is a great confidence booster. Smoothing is the next level in shave technology that requires advanced multi action products to deliver the softest, smoothest skin – something that we know women across the globe want from their shaving experience.  Women want ‘do it all products’ that can save them time – and they’re willing to upgrade to get it,” says Fiona.

When women Choose to Smooth with Venus, they are choosing the most effective tools to help reveal their skin’s most beautiful potential:

Women make 15 decisions before breakfastChoose Flawlessly Smooth: When asked what they would choose to get smooth skin, the top answer among young women was to use a razor that adapts to their curves, for no missed hairs. Venus Swirl helps women Choose to Smooth with five Contour Blades and a FLEXIBALL™ that contours to tricky areas with effortless glide from side to side to reveal flawlessly smooth skin. Now available in a new Sea Print design. RRP. $21.991

Women make 15 decisions before breakfastChoose Olay Moisture Smooth: Venus & Olay helps women Choose to Smooth with 5-blades and convenient built-in shave gel bars containing skin-conditioning elements found in Olay products for incredible glide and moisturisation. Venus & Olay appeals to the majority of women (51 per cent1) who said they would choose a razor with built-in shave gel bars for a better glide. RRP $13.49

Women make 15 decisions before breakfastChoose On-the-Go Smooth: Venus SNAP with Embrace helps women Choose to Smooth on-the-go with a portable mini-razor handle, water activated serum for incredible glide, stylish compact, and a full-size Embrace razor head that provides convenient smoothness when spontaneity strikes. Venus SNAP appeals to women who like to be ready for anything, anytime, anywhere – and with 80 per cent of women saying they bring a razor with them when traveling – a razor like that could come in handy!   RRP. $16.80

With this collection of products, Venus is celebrating the little choices that drive the great results that every woman deserves from her beauty routine.

1 Gillette Venus consumer online survey conducted among females 13-24 in 8 countries (U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Russia, Canada, Japan, Brazil) by an independent market research agency in August 2015